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Fox’s Got Talent April Winner

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Fox’s Got Talent April Winner recreated the Vista of Cliff from ‘UP’

How to create a lifelike spectacular cliff scenery in Houdini? Nguyen Hoang, a VFX Supervisor & CG Artist from Vietnam, creates the beautiful oil-painting-style artwork...


Fox's Got Talent!

Exclusive Interview

Interview with Usamah Zaid Yasin, Creator of Ejen Ali Series and Ejen Ali The Movie

Ejen Ali, The Highest-grossing Malaysian Animated Film Surpasses RM30mil Mark

Ejen Ali, Malaysia's beloved 12-year-old super spy is well known by its TV animation series and its first animated feature film broke Malaysian’s box office records and ranked the highest-grossing local animated film ever in Malaysia...


CG Chanllenge

The 3rd Prize Winner in Baby Robot Challenge

Creating a Hyper Futuristic Robot Under an AI Generative System in Blender

In the “Baby Robot” challenge, Karel Schmidt, the 3rd prize winner, created his baby robot in a creative way. The image stands out for its simplicity and suggestive quality...


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Keep In Touch © Memie Osuga

A Senior Thesis Animation Film by Harvard Student, Showing the Communication Between Digital Natives

The ambitious work, Keep In Touch, is a senior thesis animation film created by Memie Osuga from Harvard University and rendered with Fox Renderfarm. Encountering a range of obstacles along the way of making it, finally, the film is here!


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Rendering Consumes Graphics Card or CPU? How to Optimize 3D Rendering?
Rendering Consumes Graphics Card or CPU? How to Optimize 3D Rendering?
The question of whether rendering consumes graphics cards or CPUs depends on the situation. In the case of real-time rendering, the vast majority of rendering is done with the graphics card, or GPU; in the case of offline rendering, mainstream 3D rendering still consumes the CPU. Of course, whether to use CPU rendering or GPU rendering depends mainly on the renderer used. Today, as a leading cloud rendering service provider and render farm in the CG industry, Fox Renderfarm is here to give you a detailed analysis of various rendering situations to help you solve this problem. Two Types of 3D Rendering: Real-time Rendering and Offline Rendering!Rendering Consumes Graphics Card or CPU How to Render 3D Efficiently 1Real-time rendering currently has two concepts, one is what you would normally see when playing games on the following devices: computers, tablets, phones, consoles, smart TVs, etc. The images are generated instantly on the hardware used to play the game, and for this kind of rendering, in the vast majority of cases it will be more consuming in terms of GPU arithmetic power. Of course, this can also be done with the help of a real-time rendering cloud platform, which relies on cloud GPU arithmetic power, and users get real-time rendered images pushed to local devices while playing games. The second is the case of using the Eevee renderer, Blender's real-time rendering engine that uses OpenGL to achieve rendering goals while focusing on speed and interactivity. PBR Eevee can be used interactively in the 3D viewport and can also generate high-quality final renders.Offline rendering (or pre-rendering) can be used for animated movies, visual effects, architectural visualization, etc. In this case, the image is rendered in advance and the result comes out like a movie when presented to the viewer. For example, Cycles is a ray-trace based production render engine for Blender that uses offline rendering techniques to create realistic scenes and high-quality animations.For offline rendering, both CPU and GPU can be used to render images, but this depends on several factors: the 3D software used to create the image, the size of the scene, the rendering speed, etc., although in the majority of cases CPU rendering is used.Note: You need to determine whether your project uses CPU rendering or GPU rendering based on the type of rendering you want and the 3D production software and renderer used. It is important to choose the correct rendering method to improve rendering efficiency and optimize 3D rendering. What is the Relationship Between Cloud Rendering and 3D Rendering?You should know what 3D rendering is through the explanation above. Then what is cloud rendering that you often hear about? Rendering consumes a lot of computer power, and cloud rendering is equivalent to gathering many computers together to achieve a high level of performance of a supercomputer (like render farm), helping you to render your files on non-local computers for the purpose of accelerating rendering, saving local resources, etc. In short, cloud rendering can accelerate your 3D rendering.So, whether it's CPU rendering or GPU rendering, if you want to optimize 3D rendering, the most convenient way is to use a cloud rendering farm for batch fast rendering. Fox Renderfarm is an efficient cloud rendering farm that focuses on 3D rendering. If your project is an animation with a large number of frames, you can choose Fox Renderfarm's CPU/GPU rendering services to use multiple or even hundreds of machines for simultaneous rendering according to your needs. If is a project that needs a long rendering time for a single frame, then you can choose 4 or even 9 machines to render a single image in chunks at the same time to get your 3D rendering results efficiently. If you have never used a render farm before, we will also provide a free $25 rendering voucher for you to test, and you can choose whether to continue using Fox Renderfarm's cloud rendering service after the test.
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