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Fox Renderfarm News Roundup for May 22, 2020

Fox’s Got Talent April Winner

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Fox’s Got Talent April Winner recreated the Vista of Cliff from ‘UP’

How to create a lifelike spectacular cliff scenery in Houdini? Nguyen Hoang, a VFX Supervisor & CG Artist from Vietnam, creates the beautiful oil-painting-style artwork...


Fox's Got Talent!

Exclusive Interview

Interview with Usamah Zaid Yasin, Creator of Ejen Ali Series and Ejen Ali The Movie

Ejen Ali, The Highest-grossing Malaysian Animated Film Surpasses RM30mil Mark

Ejen Ali, Malaysia's beloved 12-year-old super spy is well known by its TV animation series and its first animated feature film broke Malaysian’s box office records and ranked the highest-grossing local animated film ever in Malaysia...


CG Chanllenge

The 3rd Prize Winner in Baby Robot Challenge

Creating a Hyper Futuristic Robot Under an AI Generative System in Blender

In the “Baby Robot” challenge, Karel Schmidt, the 3rd prize winner, created his baby robot in a creative way. The image stands out for its simplicity and suggestive quality...


Lastest Customer Case

Keep In Touch © Memie Osuga

A Senior Thesis Animation Film by Harvard Student, Showing the Communication Between Digital Natives

The ambitious work, Keep In Touch, is a senior thesis animation film created by Memie Osuga from Harvard University and rendered with Fox Renderfarm. Encountering a range of obstacles along the way of making it, finally, the film is here!


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Wanna know Daniel Vesterbæk Jensen behind the vivid artwork ‘Courage’?
Wanna know Daniel Vesterbæk Jensen behind the vivid artwork ‘Courage’?
Car crashing, smoke uprising, engine roaring, crowds shouting… Though the picture is still, don’t you feel the sound and moves just like it’s in front of you?Wanna know the creator behind the vivid artwork ‘Courage’? He is Daniel Vesterbæk Jensen, 2nd place winner in the Hum3D.com Car Render Challenge. Through 3D, he recreated the dramatic scene in F1 when Ayrton Senna jumped out, running to rescue Erik Comas, who was in deep coma in his high-roaring crashed automobile.More details about Daniel’s inspiration, production and his passion for 3D are unveiled in our interview, for more info:Telling the Legendary Story of F1 Driver Ayrton Senna through 3D Artwork
Jared DuBois, the Grand Prize winner of Renderosity 2019 Animation Halloween Contest
Jared DuBois, the Grand Prize winner of Renderosity 2019 Animation Halloween Contest
A long night drive without any sleep, eyesight blurred with vague shadows behind your back. Goosebumps rising?Jared DuBois, Grand Prize winner in the Renderosity 2019 Animation Halloween Contest which is sponsored by Fox Renderfarm, made the short animation film based on the creepy night. We are glad to have a talk with him, in which the elements and techniques used were revealed with an abundance of details.Late Night Drive by Jared DuBoisFor full article: Interview with Grand Prize Winner of Renderosity 2019 Animation Halloween Contest
Exclusive Interview with Mr. Leonard Daly and Mr. Aaron Daly
Exclusive Interview with Mr. Leonard Daly and Mr. Aaron Daly
Speaking of VR, the idea of wearing heavy headset, grabbing 2 controllers and waving arms to play games like Beat Saber might occur to you. While in the CG industry, VR development plays a gradually irreplaceable role, 2 of which are WebXR standard and VR’s utilization in virtual production. Wonder about how VR will change our future life? Check out the Fox Renderfarm’s exclusive interview with Mr. Leonard Daly and Mr. Aaron Daly in SIGGRAPH 2019.Mr. Leonard DalyStutter-free VR experience would not be a dream anymore, as Wi-Fi 6 has launched today! Saying about VR, Independent Internet consultant Mr. Leonard Daly would have something to share, who is specializing in web technologies and focusing on 3D graphics - designer of XSeen - an Extended Reality (xR) language for web browsers. Check out the cool demos and more insights~Mr. Aaron DalyWas Chris Evens shot in the real apocalyptic battlefield while fighting with Thanos in Avengers 4? Did Neel Sethi actually go to Africa for the shooting of The Jungle Book? The answer is NO. Virtual production not only makes these scenes breathtakingly real but also streamlines the production process. Check out our interview with Mr. Aaron Daly, VFX Technical Artist for Netflix, who would introduce more aspects in virual production.
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