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    24/7 Support | CPU & GPU Supported | Massive Render Nodes | TPN-Accredited Vendor

    Customer Stories

    Some testimonials from our beloved clients, including Animonsta Studios, Wau Animation, Giggle Garage, Arcana Studio, Assemblage Entertainment, Les' Copaque Production, Student Volunteer from ACM SIGGRAPH, and more.

    Over 200,000 happy customers from 50+ countries and regions.

    Industry Leading Cloud Render Farm Service

    Fire up thousands of rendering nodes instantly

    Automatically detects IT environment and matches cloud infrastructure service

    Production pipeline integration via API

    High availability, no waiting necessary

    CPU & GPU rendering are both available

    High performance SSD storage

    Simply Upload Your Project, Render and Download with Fox Cloud Render Farm

    • 1. Use Raysync high-speed transmission, to achieve portable real-time file uploading & rendering
    • 2. Available to use on Windows, Mac and Linux
    • 3. The cloud rendering service availability is up to 99.99%
    • 4. TPN-Accredited Vendor
    • 5. Possesses massive SSD storage system to solve the I/O bottleneck

    Fox Renderfarm Supports Most Popular 3D Software, Renderers and Plugins All Over the World

    Contact Us for Details
    3ds Max Cloud Rendering

    3ds Max

    Maya Cloud Rendering


    Cinema 4D Cloud Rendering

    Cinema 4D

    Blender Cloud Rendering


    Unreal Engine





    Octane Cloud Rendering




    Forest Pack






    Sounds Great, Right?

    Register and try rendering your artwork online now!

    Get $25 Free Trial

    Flexible Cloud Render Farm Pricing

    Free Trial

    Register and receive $25 of free rendering credit.

    Competitive Pricing

    As low as $0.036 per core hour.

    Render More, Save More

    Volume discounts available up to 50%.

    Industry Care

    Special discounts for teachers, students, educational facilities, and freelancers.

    Cost Estimator

    Easily estimate the cost before you start rendering.

    Learn more details for render farm pricing.

    Industry Care From Cloud Render Farm

    Fox Renderfarm is deeply committed to supporting CG Artists and making it accessible to everyone around the world.

    GoCloud Program

    Education Program to help CG
    students and educators realize
    their dreams.

    Learn More >

    GoSpark Progarm

    Get Sponsorship for Your

    Learn More >

    GoCreation Program

    Freelancer Program to empower
    CG freelancers to focus more on

    Learn More >

    FGT Community

    Welcome to join our FGT ART
    campaign and FGT 3D challenge
    to share your artwork and win
    great prizes.

    Learn More >

    • Partner of multiple-award-winning teams
    • With Hollywood level production experience for years
    • 24/7 Live customer care & technical support
    • Response time: within 15 mins
    • Contact available via Skype/Email

    Dedicated Service Team of Fox Renderfarm

    Fox Renderfarm's professional and dedicated customer service & technical support team are waiting for you!

    Fox Renderfarm is Absolutely Secure & Confidential for Customers

    ISO27001 Certification

    Fox Renderfarm is ISO 27001 certified to keep your assets and information secure.

    TPN-Accredited Vendor

    The Trusted Partner Network (TPN) is owned and managed by the Motion Picture Association (MPA) a leader in third-party entertainment industry assessments.

    NDA Available

    Non-disclosure agreement is available for customers to protect their rights and interests.

    Fox Renderfarm News Center

    Transformers: Rise of the Beasts transports viewers on a journey back to the '90s, where the Autobots continue their ongoing battle for Earth. Additionally, a new group of Transformers called the Maximals will join forces with the Autobots as their allies.Recently, MPC has released the VFX breakdown of this beloved movie, where the thrilling action sequences and character transformations are brought to life again.More than 1000 artists and crew members worked together across MPC's studios located in London, Montreal, Bangalore, LA, Toronto, and Adelaide. They produced 896 shots with 18 characters from the movie such as Arcee, Bumblebee, Mirage, and others. The major sequences during the breakdown include the beginning of the story in New York, the abandoned warehouse scene where the heroes meet the Autobots, the Ellis Island Battle, the Switchback mountain chase, and when the Autobots meet the Maximals.!VFX Breakdown of -Transformers Rise of the Beasts- by MPC 1Image via MPC!VFX Breakdown of -Transformers Rise of the Beasts- by MPC 2Image via MPC!VFX Breakdown of -Transformers Rise of the Beasts- by MPC 3Image via MPCCheck out the VFX breakdown: Renderfarm is a leading cloud rendering service provider and render farm in the CG industry. We offer a free $25 trial for every new user. Thanks for reading!Source: MPC & Paramount Pictures


    Diwali, a festival important to our Indian friends, is coming up, and to celebrate it, Fox Renderfarm has launched a Diwali Special Offer.Date: September 25th to November 12th, 2023 (UTC+8)Detailed Rules:1. Indian users who recharge from September 25th to November 12th (UTC+8) will receive an additional 50% CPU render coupon or 25% GPU render coupon.2. There is no minimum recharge amount or recharge times limit for this event.3. The render coupons offered will be validated for 12 months from the recharge date.4. The offer only applies to Indian users within the official pricing scheme. For any special requirements, please contact your business manager.5. The render coupons can be used directly for rendering.6. Fox Renderfarm reserves the rights to alter, amend or add these conditions at any time without prior notice.As a leading cloud rendering service provider and render farm in the CG industry, Fox Renderfarm stays focused on developing the CG community for the benefit of all 3D artists. Happy Diwali to all our Indian friends and enjoy your rendering!


    Autodesk has released the latest version of its 3ds Max software in March this year with exciting new features and improvements. 3ds Max 2024 rendering is temporarily available with V-Ray 6.1.2 and Corona 10 until more rendering engine updates are released. You can now choose 3ds Max 2024 on the cloud rendering platform of Fox Renderfarm to render.!Fox Renderfarm Now Supports 3ds Max 2024Image via Autodesk3ds Max 2024 brings many updates, including updates to Boolean Modifier, Array Modifier, Material Switcher, Color Management, Transform List Controllers, Compound Nodes, and more, which can be found in the full list.As a leading cloud rendering service provider and render farm, Fox Renderfarm has been Autodesk's partner for a long time, supporting Maya rendering, 3ds Max rendering and Arnold rendering. Our team is at your service 24/7 and you can start rendering your work any time you want.

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