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    As we navigate through 2024, the art of animation continues to undergo transformative changes, driven by technological advancements and shifting audience preferences. We're observing significant shifts in animation trends 2024, with creativity being pushed to new heights.One of the key animation trends of 2024 is the increasingly widespread use of 3D animation. Previously a novel concept, 3D animation has now become a mainstream technique across various media. This growth in 3D animation is attributed to its prowess in creating detailed, immersive environments, transcending traditional boundaries and enhancing viewer engagement with its depth and detail.Image via MarvelMoreover, the blending of 2D and 3D animation techniques is one of the standout hybrid techniques gaining momentum. This innovative approach merges the nostalgic allure of 2D animation with the dynamic realism of 3D. These hybrid techniques offer a distinct aesthetic, providing creators with new opportunities to experiment with textures and perspectives. Movies such as "Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse" and "The Mitchells vs. The Machines" are excellent examples of this trend, showcasing the possibilities of these hybrid animation techniques.Image via NetflixLinking to 'Oni: Thunder God's Tale' - A Netflix Series Showcase The Netflix series "Oni: Thunder God's Tale" exemplifies these emerging animation trends 2024, blending various styles and techniques in a contemporary setting. The series is a visual celebration of hybrid techniques in animation, merging traditional methods with modern digital tools.Image via NetflixThe creators of "Oni," in collaboration with Megalis VFX and other studios, have pushed the envelope in combining stop-motion and CG environments. Their advanced approach in hybrid techniques, which involved using deep images and compositing tricks, has set a new benchmark in animation, blurring the lines between traditional techniques and modern digital tools. The result is a visually captivating series that respects traditional animation while embracing the advancements of modern technology. Fox Renderfarm: Powering the Future of Animation This seamless integration of different animation styles in "Oni: Thunder God's Tale" highlights the importance of powerful rendering solutions, and that's where Fox Renderfarm comes into play. As a leading render farm in the CG industry, Fox Renderfarm offers cloud rendering services that are crucial for projects like "Oni." Fox Renderfarm plays a pivotal role in realizing projects like "Oni: Thunder God's Tale" that epitomize the animation trends of 2024. As a leading render farm, Fox Renderfarm's cloud rendering services are essential for handling complex, hybrid techniques in animation. Their infrastructure ensures precision and efficiency in rendering, making them an invaluable asset in the animation industry's journey towards a more technologically advanced future.The success of "Oni: Thunder God's Tale" and the integral role of Fox Renderfarm in cloud rendering services underscore the evolution of animation trends in 2024. As we continue to witness groundbreaking developments in hybrid techniques and other innovations, Fox Renderfarm stands as a key enabler, powering the creative visions of animators across the globe.Fox Renderfarm's Customers' WorkSome other Fox Renderfarm’s key benefits include:Rapid Rendering: Minimize delays in production with faster rendering capabilities.Batch Rendering: Handle large volumes of rendering tasks simultaneously.Cost-Effectiveness: Reduce expenses compared to maintaining local render farms.24/7 Service: Constant availability to keep projects on schedule.Expert Technical Support: Professional assistance to ensure smooth operations.TPN-Accredited Vendor: Guarantees top-tier security and data protection.In conclusion, as we delve into the fascinating world of animation in 2024, it is clear that the industry is moving towards a more integrated and technologically advanced future. The success of series like "Oni: Thunder God's Tale" and the pivotal role of cloud rendering services like those offered by Fox Renderfarm are testaments to this evolution. As we continue to explore new horizons in animation, Fox Renderfarm stands as a beacon, powering the dreams and aspirations of animators worldwide.


    CG Katha Studios is a Mumbai-based CG studio representing the vibrant storytelling tradition of India. The company has created an animated commercial video for Impact Mints India’s limited edition cricket-themed mints, which is absolutely stunning!As the industry's top cloud rendering service provider and render farm, Fox Renderfarm has provided the cloud rendering service to the team and helped make this animation a reality. We’re also honored to have an interview with CG Katha Studios. Let’s look behind the scenes of this amazing animation!Fox Renderfarm: Hi CG Katha Studios! Thank you so much for accepting our interview! Could you please introduce your studio to our readers?CG Katha Studios: Hello and thank you for having us! CGKatha Studios is a Mumbai-based studio rooted in the vibrant storytelling tradition of India. The name "Katha" is derived from Sanskrit, India's ancient language, and it translates to "storytelling." At CGKatha Studios, we believe that every project is an opportunity to tell a unique and compelling story, and our chosen medium for this narrative exploration is computer graphics (CG).Fox Renderfarm: This animation is created for Impact Mints, can you tell us a bit about this collaboration? Why did you decide to collaborate?CG Katha Studios: We partnered with Impact Mints because they admired our previous work. The client trusted our unique style, and our clear communication made the collaboration seamless. and he expressed a high level of trust and belief in our ability to bring that vision to life. resulting in a successful and impactful animation project. Impact Mints © CGKatha StudiosFox Renderfarm: How did you come up with the overall design for this animation?CG Katha Studios: For this project, given the time constraints, we opted for a simplistic design approach. The characters' proportions were adjusted to match dynamic poses from the product pack artwork, ensuring a cohesive and impactful look. This approach allowed us to meet the project's demands effectively and deliver a visually striking animation within the given timeframe.LookDev © CGKatha StudiosFox Renderfarm: There are flashes of black-and-white moments in the video, what does this sudden change of color represent? Why did you make this choice?CG Katha Studios: The black-and-white moments in the video were intentionally crafted to highlight impactful scenes, like characters hitting the ball or a batsman's forceful batting. We drew inspiration from anime techniques to emphasize the impact and intensity of these moments, adding a dynamic touch to the overall visual experience.Fox Renderfarm: How did you use colors, materials, and lighting setup to promote the product in the animation?CG Katha Studios: We chose vibrant colors aligned with the brand packaging and fresh visuals. Incorporating the cricket theme, we used India's cricket blue for the players. Our material approach was simple, avoiding photorealism. The lighting setup simulated stadium lights for an authentic feel. All achieved in Blender, a versatile tool that translated our creative vision seamlessly.Lighting Breakdown © CGKatha StudiosFox Renderfarm: Could you please tell us about your pipeline for this work? And how long did it take you? CG Katha Studios: Our pipeline was tailored to Blender, an open-source tool offering great flexibility. The process, from concept to the final video, took approximately 45 days. This timeline included ideation, design, production, and rendering phases, ensuring a comprehensive and well-executed project.Animatics to Final Stage © CGKatha StudiosImpact Mints © CGKatha StudiosFox Renderfarm: Are there any challenges that you encountered during the process of creation? If so, how did you overcome them?CG Katha Studios: Yes, we faced a challenge with the camera aspect. We aimed for a specific distorted feel to enhance the impact of character performances. To achieve this, we used wide-angle views with camera focal lengths of 12 and 18. It was a bit challenging, but through careful compositing of shots, we successfully managed to create the desired style.Impact Mints © CGKatha StudiosFox Renderfarm: Are there any moments you enjoyed during the creation process? And what was the most memorable?CG Katha Studios: The entire creation process was enjoyable and memorable for us. At our studio, we cherish the journey itself from concept to completion. The satisfaction lies in the creative process. Once the video is done, our focus shifts to the audience's reactions. It's the journey that we truly relish and find the most joy in.Fox Renderfarm: How do you balance the customer company’s requirements and your own creativity when making a commercial video?CG Katha Studios: At the beginning, there may be some mismatches, but ultimately, both the client and our team share the same goal of creating the best video. Throughout the process, we engage in a collaborative exchange of ideas. We present various options to provide the client with a clear understanding of how specific shots can be executed. It's a give-and-take approach where we work together to find the most effective and creative solutions.Fox Renderfarm: Any favorite works in the past that you would like to share with us?CG Katha Studios: We have a few favorite projects from the past, though they haven't been shared online yet. We're excited to showcase them soon and share the creative journey with you all. Stay tuned for updates.Fox Renderfarm: How do you feel about the cloud rendering services of Fox Renderfarm?CG Katha Studios: We have had an excellent experience with Fox Renderfarm. Previously, managing renders within a specific time frame was challenging, but Fox Renderfarm provided a seamless solution. The platform is user-friendly, efficient, and reliable. The 24/7 support from their team, especially Rachel, has been exceptional. A big thank you to Fox Renderfarm for simplifying our rendering process.Fox Renderfarm: What is the future plan for CGKatha Studios? Are there any new ongoing projects?CGKatha Studios: Yes, we have some exciting plans ahead at CGKatha Studios. Currently, we are actively engaged in several commercial projects, each offering unique creative challenges. Additionally, we're working on an in-house 3D animation short film, and we're eagerly looking forward to sharing more details about it with you soon. Stay tuned for updates on our upcoming projects.CGKatha Studios’ Social Media:YouTube:


    Pixar has released a trailer for "Inside Out 2," an animated film produced in collaboration with Disney, and it serves as a sequel to "Inside Out" (2015), scheduled to be released on June 24, 2024 in theaters. The film is directed by Kelsey Mann, produced by Mark Nielsen, starring Maya Hawke, Amy Poehler, Phyllis Smith, Lewis Black, Tony Hale, and Liza Lapira.Image via DisneyThe following is the official synopsis:"Inside Out 2" returns to the mind of newly minted teenager Riley just as headquarters is undergoing a sudden demolition to make room for something entirely unexpected: new Emotions! Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear and Disgust, who’ve long been running a successful operation by all accounts, aren’t sure how to feel when Anxiety shows up. And it looks like she’s not alone. Check out the official teaser: Tips:To speed up the rendering of animation and visual effects, cloud rendering plays an important role in it. Fox Renderfarm, the leading cloud rendering services provider and render farm in the CG industry, has provided cloud rendering services to countless visual effects and animation studios, allowing our users to get the best quality results in the shortest time. Try our $25 free trial now to speed up the rendering of your 3D projects!Source: Disney & Pixar

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