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Fox Renderfarm is the industry’s premier cloud rendering service provider, delivering high-quality, reliable, and cost-effective solutions for your creative projects. Since 2011, Fox Renderfarm has established a solid reputation for its excellent performance, customer satisfaction, and flexible pricing scheme.

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  • Thousands of rendering nodes are available.
  • Up to 360Gbps Storage Throughput.
  • CPU & GPU rendering are both available.
  • Automatically detect IT environment and match cloud infrastructure service.
  • $25 free render coupon for every new register.
  • As low as $0.0306 per core hour.
  • Up to 50% off discount for Diamond customers.
  • Education pricing is available for teachers, educators, students and educational institutions.
  • TPN-Accredited Vendor.
  • ISO27001 Complied.
  • Secure data transmission via proprietary protocol.
  • Banking security level data center.
  • Partner of multiple-award-winning teams.
  • With Hollywood level production experience for years.
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Join SIGGRAPH Asia 2024 this December in Tokyo with Fox Renderfarm!
Join SIGGRAPH Asia 2024 this December in Tokyo with Fox Renderfarm!
This December, from the 3rd to the 6th, the largest computer graphics event, SIGGRAPH Asia 2024, will unite the global computer graphics community for an exceptional gathering in Tokyo, Japan. Fox Renderfarm, as the leading cloud rendering service provider and render farm in the CG industry, continues to attend and sponsor SIGGRAPH Asia this year!For those who want to connect with the leading CG and tech communities, it is a good opportunity to showcase your innovations and have a conversation with the best in the industry. Don't miss this amazing event!© SIGGRAPH Asia 2024For more information, please visit the SIGGRAPH 2024 website.
Houdini 20.5: Where Art Meets Innovation in VFX
Houdini 20.5: Where Art Meets Innovation in VFX
The latest version of SideFX's well-known visual effects (VFX) program, Houdini 20.5, has the digital art community abuzz. With its revolutionary features that address the constantly changing needs of artists and studios, this upgrade is not just a stride, but a huge leap forward.Material Point Method (MPM) Solvers: A Game-Changer for Simulation Image sourced from SideFXA revolution in simulation capabilities has occurred with the introduction of Material Point Method (MPM) solvers. The MPM solvers add a new dimension of realism to your materials, bringing them to life on screen, whether you're creating a flowing gown or a collapsing skyscraper.Crowds at Your Command: Procedural Crowd Generation Image sourced from SideFXWith Houdini 20.5's procedural crowd generation tools, creating an army or a busy city square is now a breeze. Create intricate situations with ease, and see as your virtual extras interact in a believable, genuine way.Karma XPU: Rendering at the Speed of LightImage sourced from SideFXThe most annoying thing about scheduling a project can be rendering failures, however Houdini 20.5's Karma XPU improvements cut those hours down significantly. Discover a renderer that maximizes your workflow and allows creativity to flow unhindered—one that is not just faster but also smarter.Feathers and Wings: Rigging Made Real For character painters, the new feather and wing rigging tools are a dream come true. These days, creating avian or legendary creatures with feathered limbs is as easy as it is beautiful.Animation Unleashed: Non-Destructive Animation LayersImage sourced from SideFXHoudini 20.5 offers non-destructive animation layers, which are crucial for animation flexibility. A real credit to the software's dedication to the artist's vision is that you can edit, refine, and polish your animations without worrying about losing your earlier work.Vulkan Geometry Rasterization: Performance Meets Precision Image sourced from SideFXHoudini 20.5 uses Vulkan geometry rasterization to make sure your projects are not only very efficient but also very visually stunning. By streamlining geometry processing, this functionality conserves valuable time and resources.KineFX: The Backbone of Character Animation The improvements made to the KineFX framework are very remarkable. These powerful character rigging and animation tools have been honed to satisfy even the most exacting production specifications.With Houdini 20.5, the possibilities for digital art and animation will be expanded. It's more than just an update—it's a blank slate for your creativity. Are you prepared to let your creativity run wild now?Source: SideFXIf you're interested in animation and visual effects, you might want to check out Fox Renderfarm - the leading cloud rendering services provider and render farm in the CG industry. Fox Renderfarm has provided cloud rendering services to countless visual effects and animation studios, allowing them to get the best quality results in the shortest time. A $25 free trial is available to let you speed up the rendering of your 3D projects.
Interview with Paolo Gardelli: Channeling Nature's Influence in Architectural Visualization
Interview with Paolo Gardelli: Channeling Nature's Influence in Architectural Visualization
Meet Paolo Enmanuel Gardelli, a 28-year-old CG artist from the vibrant city of Milan, Italy. With a recent win in the "Image Student" category at the esteemed CGarchitect 3D Awards, Paolo's talent and dedication to his craft have not gone unnoticed. Paolo's journey in the realm of architectural visualization began just a few short years ago during his master's program in architecture visualization.In an exclusive interview with Fox Renderfarm, the industry's top cloud rendering service provider and leading render farm, Paolo opens up about his creative process and the inspiration behind his captivating piece, "Loneliness". Join us as we delve into the mind of Paolo Gardelli, a young talent making waves in the world of CG artistry.Fox Renderfarm: Hi Paolo! Thank you so much for accepting our interview! Please introduce yourself to our readers.Paolo: Thank you so much for the invitation! I'm Paolo Gardelli, I'm a 28-year-old Italian CG artist living in Milan.Fox Renderfarm: Congratulations on being the winner of the CGarchitect 3D Awards' "Image Student" category! How do you feel about it?Paolo: It's quite incredible for me because I started my journey in archviz not so long ago, around 3-4 years with a master based in Venice, a MADI architecture visualization master. On my first day, they showed us the image of the winner of the year and I was thinking like it's impossible to reach that level, at least not in a short time because I started at zero and everything was new for me. So if I think of my journey where I started and where I'm now, I'm quite proud of my achievements.Fox Renderfarm: Can you describe your inspiration and the narrative you intended to convey with "Loneliness"?Paolo: Inspiration struck me while I was talking with my supervisor during my internship, I was aiming for images with a strong presence of nature. After he showed me this photo, I basically tried to replicate it because I aimed to represent the feelings that the photo evoked in me. Knowing that nature reigns supreme and we are guests in that image, I sought to create a place where one can find complete tranquility.Loneliness © Paolo GardelliFox Renderfarm: How did you decide on the composition and framing of this image to best reflect the theme of loneliness?Paolo: In this image, nature reigns overall. For me, the composition was quite simple as the small island with the house at its center is overshadowed by the presence of nature, which I consider the true protagonist of the scene. So I focused primarily on the surrounding nature, with the house itself being the last focal point. Placing the house at the center was my way of emphasizing the living space, while also highlighting nature as the central theme of the project.Fox Renderfarm: Could you please tell us about your pipeline for this work? And how long did it take you?Paolo: It took me a few weeks to produce the image because of work and other interruptions, so it was not a linear process. Initially, I concentrated on the isle, beginning with a low-poly composition of the entire image. Progressing from the isle, I shifted focus to the water and the bottom of the lake, then to the surrounding land that framed the composition. Lastly, I turned my attention to the house and the small details surrounding the image.Process © Paolo GardelliFox Renderfarm: How did you achieve the realistic water effect in the lake, particularly the reflections and the variations in depth color?Paolo: It is crucial for me to accurately depict the essence of a real lake in my work. Therefore, I pay close attention to details such as the rocks and vegetation at the bottom of the lake. Additionally, I emphasize the reflection of the surrounding vegetation and the impact of sunlight on the overall image. It was essential to model the bottom of the lake correctly in order to utilize the Corona Distance effectively. This allowed me to achieve varying shades of blue in the lake, ranging from deeper to lighter tones.Process © Paolo GardelliFox Renderfarm: Could you elaborate on the lighting setup for this scene? How did you balance natural light to achieve the desired mood?Paolo: I wanted a natural light that is able to transfer a calm state of mind. For me, the morning light is perfect so my goal was to have a light like that. With the sun positioned above, it facilitated the reflection of the vegetation on the lake and water surface. This illumination also allowed the proper reflection of all the trees, showcasing the translucency and diverse colors of the vegetation.Fox Renderfarm: What were the biggest technical challenges you faced while working on this project, and how did you overcome them?Paolo: Probably the biggest issue was managing all the many elements I had to put inside the vegetation. Managing various Forest Pack elements and ordering tasks such as creating the vegetation, water, and rocks required careful planning. Keeping an order and having the right schedule to work was not that easy and I've lost a lot of time because of managing all these elements. These different elements were not too difficult by themselves, but it was the accumulation of these elements that was quite difficult to manage.Process © Paolo GardelliFox Renderfarm: Are there any moments you enjoyed during the creation process? And what was the most memorable?Paolo: Well you know for me every image has their own phases. Initially, there is a surge of enthusiasm as expectations are high, and you want the image to be the best in the world. In my case, I always start slow until I reach a breakthrough, and then the image starts to resonate with me. That point is when you begin to work in a different way and you start to enjoy what you're doing, at the same time you you can see what you want to improve. This stage, following a challenging beginning, signifies a significant transformation in the creative journey.Fox Renderfarm: As a student artist, what resources or learning paths have you found most beneficial in developing your skills in 3D art?Paolo: You can follow many resources, in my case, I learned a lot at my school. When you finish a course, there are always opportunities to learn from others. While the internet offers a wealth of information for image creation, I find it more important to listen to those around you, colleagues and friends can always give you advice. So for me, it's important to not work alone. Always try to work with other people who can give you advice because that's the way to get better. While making your own decisions is important, receiving diverse ideas is very inspiring to me.Fox Renderfarm: Have you tried Fox Renderfarm’s services before? If so, how do you feel about Fox Renderfarm’s cloud rendering services? Paolo: I've not tried yet but I am thinking of doing so. I can't wait to start using this service because when you don’t have an incredible workstation, this could be a life changer. In my case, I still have to assemble my computer for images like these that are very difficult to render, so I think it's very useful and important for everyone who wants to work in this sector.Fox Renderfarm: What advice would you give to other students or aspiring artists who want to create impactful and award-winning 3D artwork?Paolo: My advice is to look to those who you think are the best or simply are better than you because it's essential to draw inspiration and continuously strive for self-improvement. Don't be shy to seek assistance; it's perfectly fine not to be the best in the group. I am definitely not the best, I'm surrounded by colleagues and friends who are very good at what they do but I always ask for help. So for me, it's crucial to heed advice while making your own decisions, persist in your efforts, and eventually, your moment to shine will arrive.Paolo’s Social Media:Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/paul_gardelli/Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/paolo-enmanuel-gardelli-58089a25a/
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