First, let's take a look at a work released by Tyson Ibele on Instagram. Perhaps you can hardly believe that such accurate rigid body collision and fragmentation calculations are actually simulated inside 3DS Max? Even using Houdini to simulate is also difficult, and the use of Particle Flow. Particle Flow is a new feature in the Max 6 version. It was also Max's first particle tool to break the no-node function. In the years that just came out, the utilization rate was still relatively high. However, with Houdini and some Max plug-ins more and more stronger, the PF is slowly weakened, and PF has become not very important in Autodesk.
There are Max users who want to replace PF, so Max and Houdini have a fight, some people think that it is impossible, after all, the advantages of each of Autodesk's products are there, it is impossible to develop a block separately.
Tyson Ibele is an animator who has lived in Toronto, Canada for a long time. He rewrote the ParticleFlow in 3ds Max and got a tool called tyFlow.
The physical flow of tyFlow is inseparable from its bound skin system. By combining them, it is very easy to simulate effects like rigid body deformation. In this video, the car's outer casing is a rigid body that combines with the PhysX constraint of tyFlow. The tyFlow constrained deformation system is capable of local deformation when the pressure on certain parts of the constrained mesh reaches a certain amount.
Every part of the system is controlled by the tyFlow program, so it is easy to iterate and tweak.

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