3ds Max desktop client submit tutorial

Terms of Use

1.Sign in the desktop client to enter the main interface

3dsMax-animated-client-submission-en v4-001

3dsMax-animated-client-submission-en v4-002

2.Drag the max file to the job area in the client, thus to trigger the submission and start the scene analysis.

3dsMax-animated-client-submission-en v4-003

3.Add or select the software plugin version corresponding to the file and click “Next” to enter the analysis page.

3dsMax-animated-client-submission-en v4-004

3dsMax-animated-client-submission-en v4-005

4.Click “Next” when the analysis is done (Note: corresponding prompt will appear in case of any error in the analysis results or warning thereof) and set render parameter setting (including: common settings and Vray settings).

3dsMax-animated-client-submission-en v4-006


4.1. Common setting:

3dsMax-animated-client-submission-en v4-008

4.2. Vray settings:

3dsMax-animated-client-submission-en v4-009

5.Click “Submit” to start the uploading. The rendering is automatically started upon the completion of submission, and hence the submission job is successful.

3dsMax-animated-client-submission-en v4-010

3dsMax-animated-client-submission-en v4-011

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