3ds Max web submit tutorial

Terms of Use

I. Preparations for 3ds Max web submission:

1.1 In the case of web login, please visit web login for details.

1.2 In the case of web transfer, please visit web transfer for details.

1.3 Compare the local and could asset directories.


II. 3ds Max web submission process (4 steps: submit > analyze > render > download):

2.1 Click “Submit” button on the left, select the software for submission > set a project path (Note: this project path contains all the materials used for the Max file) > select the document for rendering, then click “Next”.

3ds Max-web-submit-en1

2.2 Select software version and hardware configuration corresponding to the file (Note: selection of the rendering system), click "Go Analysis", and wait patiently for the analysis to complete.



2.3 Click the job with “Analysis Done”, set render parameters and then submit it for rendering (Note: the actual rendering starts only at this job).

When submitting a 3ds Max scene for rendering, you can configure the following parameters:

Note:Due to the large number of parameters, some parameters need to be set by sliding the panel.

1.Cameras: camera numbers determine how many cameras to be rendered, camera names determine which cameras to be rendered.

2.Frames : input the range of frames you want to render.

3.Output name: customize the name of the output files.

4.Output type: choose the desired output type, including: .tga/.tif/.Jpg/.png/.rla/.rpf/.exr.

5.Element type: choose the desired element type, including: .tga/.tif/.Jpg/.png/.rla/.rpf/.exr .

6.Elements active: enable or disable Elements active, by default it is enabled.

7.Lock aspect: enable or disable lock aspect, by default it is enabled.

8.Width/height: customize width and height.


9.V-Ray setting: When V-Ray plugin is configured, enabling the V-Ray switch allows you to set up V-Ray for the selected camera. Different cameras support different settings. You can also synchronize the V-Ray settings from one camera to others.

However, it's important to note that when selecting photon mode and secondary texture, these configurations cannot be synchronized to other cameras.



2.4 On the rendering page, click the job > export the file > download.


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