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As we all know, many film and television production enterprises have done a very good job in information security, a variety of security means.Among them, the general choice of most enterprises is the closed extranet.Which brings us to today's topic, how to use the FoxRenderFarm client in the context of a closed enterprise extranet.

In the era of the Internet, no one can do without the network, even for the sake of information security does not use the production enterprises outside the network.So, in every enterprise, there is at least one external machine that acts as a bridge between the servers on the cloud and the internal machines.As long as enterprises complete the SOCKS5 proxy setup on the machine connected to the external network, artists can use the FoxRenderFarm client for cloud rendering services under internal network conditions.

Intranet Submit Job v001


1.1.Intranet submission rendering machine;

1.2.A machine that can connect the external network, that is, the external network machine;

1.3.Agent Procedure: download

1.3.1.Only support animation client version V5.0.10.3 and above, the agent has no IP configuration, and the client can switch freely between various platforms

II.Internet machine proxy Settings

2.1.Proxy deployment

2.1.1. Copy the above deployment program to the external machine, double click to open the application "RayProxy.exe".


2.1.2. Click "Start" directly, no need to check the corresponding IP of the platform, and keep the default port (if the port is occupied, you can modify it)


III.Client Settings

3.1.After installing the client on the Intranet machine, open the client and click "Proxy Settings" on the upper right corner.


3.2.Select the type "SOCKS5 Agent", fill in the IP and port of the external network machine (the port number is the same as that set by the Client in RayProxy), and click OK.


3.3.After logging in the client, click "Settings" in the upper right corner and select "Network Settings".Select the "RaySync" transport engine and make sure that the selected network line is the same as the line name in Step 2.

Intranet Submit Job v004

3.4.It's time to submit your assignment!

With these few steps set up, you can render your farm using FoxRenderFarm even if you can't connect to the external network.FoxRenderFarm rendering farms are the only way to improve efficiency while ensuring the security of enterprise information.

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