Steps for C4d aces customization

Confirm the path of the aces file and the preference file path

(1).C4D preference file path: As shown below:Open the c4d program and follow the steps in the figure to find the corresponding preference file path. The path in the red box is the preference path. Click "Open Configuration Folder" to open the preference folder path location. The "prefs" folder is the folder we need to upload to the platform.


Aces file path


Copy the path and open it with a folder. What we will upload later is the entire "aces_1.2" folder


Note 1: The aces folder cannot be placed on the two disks C-D. If the customer uses this two drives , it is recommended to move the file storage path location and re-specify the new path in the scene. Then continue to follow this tutorial.

Note 2: If there is only C-D drive letter locally, how to deal with it. As shown in the figure below: Create a folder named E in Disk D. Press win+R, enter cmd and click "ok" Enter subst E: D:\E in the cmd window that pops up .At this point you will get an E drive.


As shown in the figure below: You will get an E disk. Just follow the operation of note


Step 2: Upload files according to the original local path (1).As shown in the figure below:Confirm to switch to the region you prefer to render


(2).As shown belw:Click “Keep local path” and select “upload folder”


(3).If the transmission plug-in is not opened in advance after clicking, a prompt box will pop up . As shown in the figure below: When the transmission plug-in is installed, click "Click here to enable transmission plug-in" If it is not installed, click "Download the latest version of the transmission plug-in" and follow the prompts to install it.


(4).Since we have installed the plug-in. Click "Click here to transfer the plug-in" directly (if not installed, please install the transfer plug-in before proceeding) Below: In the pop-up "Choose Files or Directories", enter the preference path found in the previous step, select the folder "prefs" and click OK.


(5).Now you can see the transfer list in the lower right corner of the screen, prompting that a folder such as "prefs" has been uploaded. And in the asset, we can also see the "prefs" folder in the corresponding directory. So far we have completed the "Upload preference folder by local path


(6).Now we need to upload the aces folder again in the same way. Upload the “aces_1.2” folder as shown



(7).Once the upload is done, you can update the customer service that the preferences and their aces files have been uploaded according to the original path, and advise the C4D version and Octane renderer verion used. (8).The customer service will arrange TD for customization. Once it is ready , you will be informed.

Note: Customization only takes effect in the region where the file is uploaded.

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