Desktop client job management

animated-client-job-management-en v4-001

I. Account and settings area

1.1 set the account

animated-client-job-management-en v4-002

1.2 set the client (e.g.: booting, plugin installation and transfer setting).

animated-client-job-management-en v4-003

II. Job management area

2.1 [Analysis List]: right click the menu for the operation of the analysis jobs.

animated-client-job-management-en v4-004

2.2 [My Uploads]: right click the menu for the operation of the upload jobs.

animated-client-job-management-en v4-005

2.3 [Render Jobs]: right click the menu for the operation of cloud job; meanwhile, right click the “classification bar” to operate on the display column.

animated-client-job-management-en v4-006

animated-client-job-management-en v4-007

2.4 [My Downloads]: right click the menu for the analysis of the download jobs.

animated-client-job-management-en v4-008

2.5 Search the job by job ID or scene name.

animated-client-job-management-en v4-009

III. Auxiliary functional area

3.1 Login platform, transfer engine, job statistics, upload speed and download speed are displayed. 3.2 Web entry.

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