Client analysis error

I. Analysis file stuck (win10 system)

Open “Control Panel” > “User Accounts” and restart the computer to make this setting effective.

cliwar 01 01 cliwar 01 02 cliwar 01 03

II. Analysis stop


“Analysis stop” pops up during the analysis.

cliwar 02 01


  1. Right click the job and click “Copy the command line”.
  2. Open “Start” in the lower left corner and input “cmd”, right click “Paste” and press “Enter” key.
  3. Feedback the results to the customer service and meanwhile contact the R&D staff.

III. Inability to drag the file to the client

__Phenomenon: __

This is caused by the limitations of the Win10 system itself on software drag and drop, which also may occur to some users of Win7 system.


  1. Turn off UAC: enter Control Panel > User Accounts > Change User Account Control settings > Never notify, then restart the computer. Be sure to restart the computer after the setting is completed to make the setting effective. Or, if the problem remains unsolved after the first step, then continue the following operations.
  2. Double click the client directly, don’t open it by right-clicking “Administrator”. Or, if this second step still fails, contact the customer service for the R&D staff on duty to check it.

IV. Failure to initialize the local project database

  1. Confirm whether the disk C is full or not first, or if not, then proceed to step 2.
  2. Open the computer, input %appdata%\RenderBus\RenderbusVFX2018\3004\Profiles and press Enter key. Back up the users’ directory, delete the users’ folder and then try to log in again, if it still fails, then proceed to step 3. Contact the online customer service for solution.

cliwar 04 01

V. Analysis termination

  1. Install the client in the English directory, and then log in to the client for reanalysis.
  2. Failure to obtain the plugin information within 1 minute will also prompt the user to check the network and terminate the analysis.
  3. Contact the online customer service for solution.

VI. Abnormal script startup

  1. Please switch to 64-bit system for reanalysis.
  2. Contact the online customer service for solution.

VII. Get job number and return to “-1”

  1. Try the reanalysis first if the job number can’t be obtained from the server.
  2. If it still fails, enter the installation directory (right click the desktop icon of app, select “Open File Directory”), double-click Cleanup.bat to turn off the client, and then restart the client. If it still fails after several tries, while there’s nothing wrong with the network, then exit anti-virus software such as 360, uninstall the client to reinstall it as it may be that file is blocked by 360 during the installation.
  3. Contact the online customer service for solution.
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