Cost estimator formula

I. Cost Estimator Formula

CPU Regions=(unit price x cores x performance parameter)x(1+ extra percentage with 128G ram)x render hour + software cost

GPU Regions=(dual cards unit price/2 x cards x performance parameter)x(1+extra percentage with 128G ram)x render hour + software cost


1.1. Unit price:the clients' current price status

1.2. Core:the nodes' cores distributed during rendering

1.3. Performance parameter:Node performance coefficient

1.4. 128GB RAM percentage:CPU 40%;GPU 20%

1.5. Render hour:the render time to finish one frame with one node

1.6. Software cost:the default value is 0

II. Node Configuration

For CPU Regions

Region Physical Core Performance parameter
CPU Region 2 16 1
CPU Region 6 16 1
CPU Region 10 24 1

For GPU Regions

Region Node Type Performance parameter
GPU Region 1 1080Ti 1
GPU Region 1 2080Ti 1.35

III. Notes:

3.1. The default value of nodes' performance parameters in CPU Regions is 1.

3.2. The value of the nodes' performance parameters in GPU Regions depends on the specific machine model selected by the customer when submitting the job.

3.3. when you choose Default, the job will randomly allocate nodes for rendering, and the deduction will be based on the actual configuration.

3.4. If the memory is changed from 64GB RAM to 128GB RAM while rendering, the unstarted frames will be charged according to the price of 128GB nodes.

3.5. While rendering, only the memory configuration can be upgraded, and cannot be downgraded after the upgrade.

3.6. After we use the new cost estimator, users who have not updated the Client can only select the Default nodes type to calculate the fee deduction by default.

3.7. There are tasks using Redshift 2.5.X and the Fstorm plug-ins can only choose 1080Ti or Default nodes configuration.

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