Terms of Use

a. Coupons offered or repaid by Fox Renderfarm after recharging are not allowed to be refunded or returned, including GPU coupons, CPU coupons and general coupons. Meanwhile, the coupons should be used within the validity period, and will be automatically invalidated after expiration. The validity period of coupons covers 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year or 2 years, which depends on the time marked on the coupons.

b. Invoices only contain the recharged amount, while the credit and coupon offered or repaid by Fox Renderfarm shall not be included.

c. If users need to open a sub account in addition to the master account, the user can only recharge the master account instead of recharging the sub account directly. The credit, quota and coupon amount of the sub account shall be only allocated by the master account.

d. If render jobs stop due to time-out or arrears, users shall bear the extra cost caused by any of the above reasons.

e. Users can update maps, caches, models and other asset files with the same name and path through the client or the web page. If the asset files are lost or covered, the users shall bear the loss caused by any of the above operations.

f. If users move, copy, rename, or delete any asset files, resulting in abnormal or wrong rendering effect, the extra cost caused by any of the above operations shall be borne by the user.

g. If users perform operations such as “render full job”, “start job”, “stop job”, “resubmit”, “clone”, “upgrade RAM”, “switch between one card and double card” and others, the extra cost incurred shall be borne by the user.

h. Fox Renderfarm keeps the asset files and output files for 20 days by default, and will automatically clean up after the time expires. If it is necessary to extend the retention time, please feel free to contact the customer service.

i. In case of Fox Renderfarm’s background server failure, abnormal rendering process and misoperation of employees, the extra cost shall be borne by Fox Renderfarm.

j. In case of anything wrong with the model, texture, lighting and render settings made by users, the extra cost caused by the abnormal rendering time shall be borne by the user.

k. Users shall bear the extra cost caused by configuring the software version, plug-in version and renderer version which are inconsistent with the submitted job.

l. Users shall bear the extra cost caused by account password leakage due to the negligence of user account management by themselves. Fox Renderfarm kindly suggests users properly managing account passwords and updating regularly. If the account is abnormal, please contact the customer service in time.

m. Since render settings of tile-based rendering are limited, there may be gaps in the final render. Hence, it is not recommended by Fox Renderfarm in non-emergency situations.

n. If users cancel the account in the process of uploading on the client, the uploading files will be terminated; if users switch the account into another in the process of uploading on the web page, the uploading files will continue to be uploaded to the asset directory of the previous account instead of to be terminated.

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