Short Films shooting follows the process: ‘Pre-production’-Shooting-‘Post-editing’. Completed the front two steps, only 2/3 of the entire short film production is completed. However, post-editing is the crux of many people. Short cuts, rough picks, and compression time are all tests of the maker's skills and abilities. 
The following several post-editing tips are cloud rendering recommend:
1. Cut: When synthesizing, replace the 1-2 frame with a simple cut, and the transition will be smoother.
2. Flash white: In the editing of the clip, if you do not directly use white frame overlay, post-editing can try to increase the gamma and brightness on the original material to make a simple animation, and then re-stack. In the picture thus formed, the bright part is first white, and then the whole picture is white (it is better to keep something visible even in the whitest).
3. Composition: In addition to serious, authoritative and other performance scenes, try to use asymmetric composition method; consider the composition as much as possible from the perspective of video production editing and articulation, not too obsessed with single-screen composition, should consider dynamic, time and Space has a changing stereo composition.
4. Sound and picture: For the ambient sound, it is not necessary to strictly correspond to the production and editing of the video screen. Generally speaking, the ambient sound first enters and exits. It is better to stagger the 1-2 frames according to the waveform and the cut point of the picture. Use the eyes and ears to feel it. Don't be too persistent with the waveform and the cut point. Sometimes it is necessary to consider that the sound of the environment corresponding to the sound transmitted to your machine may be slightly delayed than the "environmental scene". For the live radio and post production of some large scenes, we should pay attention to this, after all, the transfer speed of light and sound is vary greatly.
5. Picture color: pure black or pure white picture try to avoid, if you want to use black, you can use a very dark red or blue instead. If you feel that the film is not bright enough or not dark enough, you can use the relative method of increasing the area or proportion of the bright part, but try to avoid the absolute method of overall highlighting or darkening. For the texture of metallic luster, the main principle is that “gold is not afraid of black”, that is to say, the metal texture must have dark parts. Try to use moving lights to create a flowing high-gloss effect instead of reflective texture. It can be made with negative light in dark part.
Render farm hopes to help you in the short films post-editing by the five tips recommend above.
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