Prior to the Maya 2016, it is automatically created a layer selection (Create Layer Override) when opening or closing object properties in bulk. But since Maya added the Render Setup layering settings, the automatic creation of layer selection features has disappeared for the layered approach of older versions of Legacy Render Layers. This is confuse many people who don't know the existence of the Create Override for Selected feature. Today, cloud rendering will tell you that if the automatic layer selection disappears, how to use the Attribute Spread Sheet tool. 
For example, I want to make a layer selection of the object's Primary Visibility property.
Step 1: Select the object you want to make the layer selection and open Maya's Attribute Spread Sheet tool.
 Step 2: Select the Primary Visibility property in the Attribute Spread Sheet.
 Step 3: Click Layer - Create Override for Selected in the upper menu bar.
 Step 4: Change on to 0 (off).
 Step 5: Check the Primary Visibility under the Object Properties and you will find that it made the layer selection automatically.
 However, cloud rendering want to note that, in fact, the previous version of this feature is also available, but the Maya automatically created the layer selection in the previous version, and now you need to manually click it.)
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