In recent years, many companies have paid more and more attention to animated short film projects in addition to making feature films. These short films can be used as a platform for training new directors, as well as testing new animation tools and techniques. For example, DreamWorks Animation opened their short film project last year - Bilby, which is also one of contenders in 91st Oscar for best animated short film.    The 8-minute, non-contrast film tells a story about persistence and companionship. In the Australian outback desert, a desert-dwelling marsupial(aka bilby) not only survives in a hostile environment, but also endures the daily harassment of deadly natural enemies. On the way to escape, I happened to meet a young bird. Bilby, who didn't want to gossip, turned out to be a "guardian". After many trials and tribulations, she protected and accompanied the young bird until it could fly.
   The storyline of the animated short film is simple and clear, and the various details depicting Bilby's inner struggles, fears, and ignorance of the young birds.     Bilby is the transformation of DreamWorks' three animators to the directors. They are animators, storyboards and character designers Pierre Perifel, chief animated characterist Liron Topaz and animation director JP Sans. While using montage expression techniques, they tested the light renderer Moonray, discrete tools Sprinkles, wind systems for grass and hair, and animation tools for looping animations.
Director Pierre said that using montage to achieve two goals.
The first is to express that Bilby is very reluctant to take care of the young birds when they meet, and to the accompanying and caring of the young birds. The second goal is to play in a playful way. It is dangerous and terrible to show the world.    Moonray is a physics-specific renderer developed by DreamWorks, and Bilby is its first testing platform. Prior to this, the producer had to fake to achieve realistic results, but with Moonray's inference of light, reflected light, and physics, rendering can start with a physical basis, which is completely different from before.
The production process of "Bilby" is actually the basic test process of Moonray. Problems, debugging, and problem solving. In order to be able to apply this physical rendering engine to the production of other films, the production team conducted various trial and error and debugging work.
The Sprinkles system played an important role in the production of some near-ground shots.
It captures existing preset assets such as small gravel, branches, leaves and other things on the ground. Filling these assets on the ground with commands like a 3D brush avoids complex manual operations and makes the picture more authentic.
Bilby story version show:

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