How Maya adds sequence maps, when the camera is projected, the projected video is converted to a sequence map. Next, I will talk about how Maya adds sequence maps and their points of attention.
01. Identify the texture map
Go to the Material Editor and give a texture file "masterLayer.0001.exr" file on the Color. Here, why not identify the sequence map.
(Note: The Property Editor window in the Maya Hypershade is incomplete.)
Two solutions:
The first method: display the property editor, check Use Image Sequence. Identify the sequence map. The second method: in the Direct Property Editor window, change "masterLayer.0001.exr" to "masterLayer.<f>.exr" (in English input mode) Note: If your sequence format is: "masterLayer.1.exr;masterLayer.2.exr;......;masterLayer.10.exr;" This mode, you can use the second method directly. Checking the “Use Image Sequence” option is still not recognized.
02. Window display mode
After the map is identified, pressing the 6 buttons in the window still does not display.
Because Maya displays the window, they clicked on the Maya default material display. (use default material) Solution: Remove the default material display mode and press the 6 key.

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