The success of The Wandering Earth proves that China is not able to shoot sci-fi blockbusters. The key is how to find the right direction and keep improving it. This year's Spring Festival, a Chinese movie is very popular, this is a science fiction film, which is about the destruction of the solar system. In order to survive, human beings must take the earth to wander and spend 2,500 years to find a galaxy in the universe to settle down. When passing through Jupiter, it was in danger of life and death. Finally, through the concerted efforts of all mankind and the self-sacrifice of the heroes, they succeeded and continued their long journey. This movie is The Wandering Earth rendered by Fox Renderfarm. It is considered to be China's first truly sci-fi blockbuster. From the Spring Festival release to the current more than 20 days, the heat has not diminished, and even some audience watched it for the second time, the third time.
Not only domestically, but also in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and other foreign markets, The Wandering Earth is also very concerned. As of February 26, the stray earth box office reached RMB4.391 billion. The film is still going on, and the box office number is still rising.   "Innovation" is the main reason for the popularity of The Wandering Earth. China has always lacked a real science fiction movie, and  The Wandering Earth can be said to be the first.
1. Wandering Earth set a new background for the story for the first time.
With 10,000 planetary engines pushing the Earth away from the solar system, under the guidance of the space station, humans are looking for new homes with the wandering earth.
2. Innovative hero image setting.
The earth is in a wandering encounter with a crisis that is about to collide with Jupiter. In response to this crisis, a joint command government was established around the world. At the time of the crisis, the Chinese rescue detachment, organized by civilians and professional soldiers, launched a call to people around the world.
3. Innovatively made a contradictory design that is no longer black and white.
In the film, after powerful calculations and analysis, the conclusion that the earth can no longer escape the destruction, the commander issued a command to the space station to abandon the earth with human genes to find a new home through the super-intelligent artificial intelligence system moss. However, Liu Peiqiang, a Chinese soldier who was played by actor Jing Wu in the space station, was unable to give up the earth with his own loved ones and many human beings. What should I do with the space station? The deep human destiny and the hero's self-sacrifice spirit have aroused the audience's strong emotional resonance.
Not only tells a good story, from the production level, Wandering Earth is also a conscience. As a sci-fi blockbuster, the audience saw a lot of unprecedented scenes for the first time.
In order to truly display these unprecedented scenes, the program group has made more than 3,000 conceptual design drawings, 8,000 sub-pictures, more than 10,000 items, and 100,000 square meters of real-life construction. Carriers, dungeons, space stations, engines, etc. These unprecedented things, the details are very delicate, and even the animation on each display in the space station is set.
Not only is the big scene, but the earth is also about to be destroyed under the crisis, the people's congress is in the extreme environment. For the best effect, when the Wandering Earth is filming, the actors' costumes are special armor, heavy and sealed. Breathing, these pose a big challenge.
In order to express the coolness of sci-fi movies, Wandering Earth also innovatively used a lot of stunts, a total of 2003 special effects shots, each one, the main creative staff are repeatedly polished. Director Guo Fan introduced that one of the shots of Shanghai's partial collapse was changed to the 251 version.
Adhering to "innovation" through big production, telling big stories and highlighting big feelings, Wandering Earth has been a great success. The sci-fi fever of The Wandering Earth has also brought about science fever. At the China Science and Technology Museum, Wandering Earth has been collected as the first sci-fi film, and a lecture on the scientific knowledge of Wandering Earth is held every week. At the same time, the popularity of Wandering Earth is also crucial to the development of the next science fiction film in China. Liu Cixin, the original author of The Wandering Earth said: "It has well established a trust in the face of Chinese science fiction and high-cost sci-fi movies."
For a long time, science fiction films are considered to be shortcomings of Chinese movies. Some attempts have been made, not too rough or too bad. Wandering Earth tells a good story with more mature production methods. This story has a great imagination, but it has the core of Chinese culture, which can arouse the emotional resonance of Chinese people and make foreigners feel good. Therefore, it is not accidental that it can win both the word of mouth and the box office. The success of Wandering Earth also proves that China is not able to shoot sci-fi blockbusters. The key lies in how to find the right direction and keep improving it. It is not a story, but how to carefully polish and tell a story.

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