Recently, Chaos Group released the Maya version of the V-Ray Next update, which is the latest version of the renderer, adding a new system for tracking and reporting scene memory usage, compatible with Maya 2019.
Also added support for curvature maps, gloss Fresnel effects and V-Ray AlSurface skin textures in the V-Ray GPU rendering engine, and Cryptomatte support for V-Ray proxy sub-objects. A new memory tracking system for troubleshooting scenarios. This version is the first non-patch version of the Maya version. The main addition is the new memory tracking feature, which provides detailed reports on the peak memory consumption of the scene, broken down by asset type and individual assets. New features should help users identify rendering performance bottlenecks in complex scenes.
Update GPU rendering. The V-Ray GPU is the new GPU rendering architecture introduced in V-Ray Next, and this time it has also been updated to support curvature maps and gloss Fresnel effects.
It now also supports V-Ray AlSurface, which implements the original Arnold alSurface skin shader.
Users can also pause and resume rendering using the GPU sampler. In addition, the update adds support for the popular ID mask generation system Cryptomatte on V-Ray Proxy sub-objects.
New lighting features and performance updates. Other changes include a new "Lighting Analysis" render element that can be used to generate a false color map that shows the value of the illumination intensity in the render.
There are three new indirect lighting modes in the Light Select rendering element. As usual, there are many performance improvements, and the Chaos Group picks out light samples in many light sources and IPR performance scenarios in complex scenes.

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