Interview with Henrik Lein: The Winner of CGTrader Space Competition

Interview with Henrik Lein: The Winner of CGTrader Space Competition


Henrik Lein

As one of the sponsors of CGTrader's Space competition, Fox Renderfarm is so honored to have the opportunity to interview the winner of high-poly category in this competition, here are the questions and answers as below:Fox Rendrefarm: Hi Henrik, would you please give a short self-introduction? Henrik Lein: I am Henrik and my passion was - ever since I can remember - the creative craft. Whether as a child with self-built and coloured wooden cars or in the present with modern 3D technique on PC. Fantasy or creative development has always been my reatest pleasure.Fox Rendrefarm: You must be a born artist : ) So how did you step into the CG industry?Henrik Lein: At the end of the 90s my best friend -who did an apprenticeship as a 3D graphic designer – demonstrated to me the tremendous possibilities of Maxon's Cinema 4D offered to him to realize his ideas. I was immediately hooked regarding the seemingly endless opportunities.Fox Rendrefarm: Haha, that's an interesting story. While what's your favorite 3d software and renderer? Why?Henrik Lein: Cinema 4D has stayed my favourite software ever since. The user friendly user interface and its convincing operating principle is of great surplus value to me.Fox Rendrefarm: OK, did you participated in any other CG competition besides the CGTrader Space competition? If yes, got any prize?Henrik Lein: I attended some smaller contests just for fun and for the sake of the competition itself in a playful sense. My chief concern is to obtain the opportunity to showcase my work. I always hope that my projects will be to some people liking and that they get inspired by it, just like it gives pleasure to me to learn from other creatives.Fox Rendrefarm: Sounds reasonable, the most important is to enjoy the process. Would you please share your thoughts for winning the 1st prize in the high-poly category?Henrik Lein: The positive feedback on my futuristic MFP 3D Disc Driver spurs me to implement further creative ideas which will also be located in the sci-fi area.Fox Rendrefarm: Good for you : ) What problems you met and what you learnt from this work?Henrik Lein: Problems occur seldom during my free projects as I am not bound to rigid concepts. If it happens, solutions often come up along the way nearly automagically.Fox Rendrefarm: Good point! Is this your own most favorite work? If not, which one is?Henrik Lein: My favourite work is always the next work coming. Currently, I collect my thoughts on a flying vehicle. My inspiration will run in the direction of M.A.S.K, an 80s cartoon series, which I enjoyed to watch as a child.Fox Rendrefarm: Sounds great, we are quite expecting your next artwork. How do you think about the other entries? Any work that you thought is awesome?Henrik Lein: I'd like to be non-committal here, there were so many submissions that deserve appreciation. The bottom line is that everybody can improve and learn something new. That applies to the beginner as well as to the professional. I appreciate that more and more people realize their ideas and concepts with a 3D software, everybody at their current level. That makes me happy.Fox Rendrefarm: Anything you would like to share in the last?Henrik Lein: Yes, the movie industry - as generally known – can't imagined without 3D technique anymore. And the images look better year after year. Of course this puts the studios to higher expenses to allow the audience to view this imagery. However I see for myself the reverse of the medal. The studio's high expenses for CGI paralized creative freedom when it comes to profound screenplays, due to the fear the movie couldn't cash in enough. To my mind, this is why investors bet on mainstream, right now it's no great time for visionary minds.Fox Renderfarm: Thanks so much for your time, hope we can have some cooperations in the near future.

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