Softimage Render Farm Services by Fox Renderfarm

Softimage Render Farm Services by Fox Renderfarm




This is also a good news for everybody whohas used Softimage, Fox Renderfarm has supported the Softimage render farmservices, not only 3ds Max, Maya, Cinema 4d, Blender, and so on. Open the Fox Renderfarm official website -login - select Softimage Complete the above steps to be a member ofthe private render farm's prestigious Softimage user throne We also prepare ten methods for you toeasily use the Softimage in cloud rendering, directly skip the bronze to become the king, like youplay a games. Note on submitting Softimage files: 1. Check the integrity and reduce the errorrate before uploading the file; 2. The relevant textures, caches, etc.should be placed according to the sub-files corresponding to the projectdirectory. For example, the textures are placed in the Pictures directory, andthe cache is placed in the Simulation directory. 3. The settings of the Render Manager areset in advance, whichever is in the file; 4. Please package the complete projectdirectory (.scn file in the Scenes directory, cache file in the Cachedirectory, etc.) The following is the standard project directory of Softimage: 5. About the scene map, save the path, pleaseuse disk non-A-D (disk A-D node machine has been used) to avoid mappingconflicts. Analysis about the failed: 1. Check if the right Softimage version isinstalled in the analysis machine image; 2. Check if you or your customers has usedthe path of the A-D; 3. Please compare the file size with thecustomer local, confirm whether the upload is complete, it is best to packagethe complete project directory upload. About the failed rendering: 1. Check if the corresponding Softimageversion is installed in the analysis machine image; 2. Check with the customer the versioninformation such as the renderer and plugin, and configure the correspondingversion on the web page. The rendering effect is incorrect: 1. Texture problem: Check if a specialsymbol is used in the corresponding directory or texture; 2. Whether the renderer or plugin isconfigured with the corresponding version; The raiders have been put on both hands, whenyou follow the methods, you are the “king” of the Softimage render farm services in Fox Renderfarm.


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