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NE ZHA, The First Chinese Animated Film Released in IMAX


As the first Chinese animated film released in China's IMAX theater, NE ZHA(哪吒之魔童降世) has assembled China's top domestic animation team, and produced for three years. The film has more than 1,400 special effects shots, nearly 80% of which are composed of special effects shots, and this well-received animated film will be released on July 26, 2019, in mainland China.

Ne Zha, which is one of the most rebellious young heroes in Chinese legends, the film NE ZHA is adapted from the classic Chinese mythology, but the subversion of the traditional image has been subtly adapted to tell the story of what happened. The story of the devil Ne Zha, who refuses to admit life. This animated film is directed by Yu Yang (Dumpling), a brilliant director in Chinese animated film industry, launched by Horgos Caitiaowu Pictures Co., Ltd, Chengdu Coco Cartoon Co., Ltd. and Octmedia. At the same time, Fox Renderfarm also provided cloud rendering services for the film, escorting the final result of the production.

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The animated film ZE ZHA subverts the traditional image, which has been well received by everyone since its publication, and the production team is really painstaking about this film. As the film's release time is approaching, it has also released official trailer and posters. After the film Monkey King: Hero Is Back and White Snake: Origin, will ZE ZHA become another good work at the Chinse animated film history? Let’s looking forward to the box office.


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Hi, North America, Australia, New Zealand, Ne Zha is Coming
Hi, North America, Australia, New Zealand, Ne Zha is Coming
Ne Zha, China’s Biggest-Ever Animated Movie, rendered by Fox Renderfarm, is coming to North America, Australia, and New Zealand. Ne Zha will meet the audience in North America on August 29th with its IMAX 3D version, and will fully release on September 6th. And he will also be showing on screens in Australia and New Zealand from August 23rd and 29th respectively. Ne Zha says: If the destiny is unfair, then I am the destiny. Let’s see what his ‘destiny’ will be like in North America, Australia, and New Zealand!Ne Zha(2019), is about a young boy, Ne Zha, is birthed from a heavenly pearl by the Primeval Lord of Heaven. Born with unique powers, Ne Zha finds himself as an outcast who is hated and feared. Destined by prophecy to bring destruction to the world, the young boy must choose between good and evil in order to break the shackles of fate and become the hero.Here is the official trailer,On August 22, 2019, Ne Zha ranked as the NO. 3 at the China box office, 27days after release in China, the film has reached more than 4.24 billion yuan at the box office (over US $601 million), surpassing Avengers: Endgame, listed NO.3 at China box office, and the NO.1 animated film!The current top 3 box office smashes in China: Wolf Warriors 2, The Wandering Earth and Ne Zha, are all rendered by Fox Renderfarm.We are delighted and honored to provide effective and quality cloud rendering service to help studios around the world to concentrate on the creativity to create beautiful visuals for the world to embrace!
Animation "White Snake 2: The Tribulation of the Green Snake" Tops Chinese Box Office
Animation "White Snake 2: The Tribulation of the Green Snake" Tops Chinese Box Office
Chinese animation "White Snake 2: The Tribulation of the Green Snake," the latest cinematic production centered on the ancient Chinese legend of the White Snake, topped the Chinese mainland box office chart on Wednesday, the China Movie Data Information Network reported on Thursday.Fox Renderfarm is glad to provide cloud rendering service for White Snake 2, animated by China’s Light Chaser Studio and directed by Amp Wong. The 3D CGI pic is a sequel to 2019’s White Snake, which earned $61.6M worldwide on top of a global festival run which included screenings at Annecy, Fantasia, Animation Is Film and Sitges.
Tutorial: How Does Pixar Create Great Characters (2)
Tutorial: How Does Pixar Create Great Characters (2)
In this article, the best CPU &x26; GPU cloud render farm service provider, Fox Renderfarm, will continue sharing with you how Pixar creates great characters.How Character Design BeginsAfter scrutinizing character backgrounds, there are other important visual elements that character designers need to keep in mind when starting production. Most of these considerations are audience-related, and character designers will want to understand how audiences perceive characters.Firstly, the first impression is everything. Character designers must consider how to express the character's personality by exaggerating certain characteristics.Character designers usually spend a lot of time on this initial step, creating countless versions of the same character, changing detail after detail, until they have a sketch that best describes the character's essence and background.Second, character designers need to get creative for their work, but they must also obey basic natural rules. Of course, if some creature is a completely whimsical mythical beast, it may not correspond to any existing human or animal proportions.However, all characters must eventually fit into the universe - where their particular story takes place. Armed with a solid understanding of how a character will look, a designer can start creating thumbnails, which are basic versions of sketches that communicate important details about a design to the audience.At this stage, designers tend to focus on the silhouette of the character.In other words, if a pirate's entire shape is a shadow, and only the shape (no color or detail) defines it, will its thumbnail still look like a thief on a ship? Or does it look like a big black lump?To answer these questions, designers must pay attention to white space (empty space around a character) to ensure that the character is easily recognizable by the audience—even if it is shrouded in shadow.After completing the thumbnails, the character designer can start filling in the gaps. Make the characters more dynamic by making various outfits and experimenting with some different poses.Essentially, designers can bring characters to life in the process. At this point, the character designer must remember not to stray too far from the character's original goals. For example, the color of the costume must match the mission and setting of the character.Finally, the designer will do light and shadow design, light and shadow make the character three-dimensional. When adding light to the initial character design, the designer needs to choose the light source. This determines the angle at which the light hits the character, and it also dictates where the character's shadow falls.8 Tips For Character DesignBuilding character designs from scratch does take a lot of work, and whether you're just starting to design your first character or have been creating your own for years, here are 8 tips to help you improve your character design skills and abilities.1. Choose few but critical colorsThe color choices will ultimately help you create more realistic and unique characters. But when a character has too many colors in one design, it can be difficult for the audience to impress. So focus on the colors of each character design (about three or four key colors) that will help the character develop a unique style.2. Create a unique character lookOne of the most fun parts of creating your own characters is giving them wacky body shapes and styles. You can certainly stick to traditional, human, or animal-like characters. But when you're building a fantasy world, there's nothing stopping you from using a variety of shapes to create a unique look to each character's character.In fact, a character should be recognizable from their silhouette. For example, anyone can simply name Maggie Simpson from the outline of the hairstyle.3. Exaggerate key parts of your characterWhen you think of favorite characters, I can guarantee that certain exaggerated traits come to mind immediately. Whether it's a huge nose or crazy hair, adding emphasis to certain parts of a design is one of the best character design techniques to help character creation stand out.Emphasizing physical features is a great place to start, and you can gain insight into a character's personality from how they look.4. Form an exclusive design styleYou may feel like every design has been done before, but like stories, the topic may have come up, but no one is going to tell the story the way you do. The same goes for your character.Everything you observe and how you understand will be incorporated into your art, helping you create unique character designs. Drawing inspiration from different sources and your own imagination will eventually develop a style of your own.5. Focus on the character's facial expressionsHave you ever noticed that when you meet a stranger you have never met, you first remember their faces and expressions. Even encountering people with deeply hidden emotions cannot prevent their facial expressions from revealing their emotions.The same should be true for character design, especially when you're creating a 2D or 3D fictional character, it's important to incorporate some life and personality into their design so that the reader or viewer has something to relate to reality .Emotions can be expressed on a character's face in different ways, for example, try different eyebrow positions to show surprise or concern, or tilt their head to the side for a sarcastic look.6. Consider the influence of character background on designHaving a strong backstory is especially important if you plan to integrate the character into a larger narrative and can use that story to guide some design.Think about what experiences the characters might have had before we initially met them - how did that affect the facial expressions they made or the clothes they wore.Building character mood boards is a great way to gather all those ideas and keep your thoughts organized before you start drawing, especially when designing multiple characters at the same time.Setting up the scene before you start drawing, even if it's just a reference for yourself and never actually mentioned in the story, can give your character a more believable depth.7. Make sure characters can be reusedIf you intend to design characters that do not exist only on drawings, such as forming a complete animated story, it is critical to be able to recreate the design of each character over and over again.When you first design a character, you can create several key poses that are usually easy to use, such as standing, walking, or running. Later, you can use these design sketches as templates for other designs in the future.Imagine the scenarios where these characters will be used (animation, movie or game, etc.) and how the characters will be replicated in the future and remain as originally designed.8. When things get tough, keep it simpleLike keeping each character's color to a minimum, when you're having a hard time choosing, go back to simplicity.Keeping the design simple and straightforward not only makes it easier to reproduce, but also helps you focus on the key parts without getting bogged down in details. Start by sticking to simple lines and silhouettes until you feel more comfortable.ConclusionCharacter design is a creative and challenging job. Creating a character from scratch is a lot of work and difficult, but when you see the end result, you know all the hard work is worth it.Whether you're just starting out with your first character, or have been working on your own for years, I hope this article has provided you with some character design tips and ideas that will help you improve your skills and ultimately design a character you're proud of.Fox Renderfarm will always be your most faithful partner on your journey of creating 3D characters and we are always committed to providing the best cloud rendering services.
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