When a friend is working on a project in the company, he has a problem. There are four or five characters of the same material in the scene. In order to facilitate adjustment, each character needs to be distinguished by a different ID. Each of the characters has its own materials and displacements, so I studied how to quickly create object IDs and distinguish roles of the same material. 
    To create Arnold's object ID in Maya, you need to assign the material ball separately. If you consider the Displacement, we need to manually connect the displacement to the SG node of the ID’s material ball. Here's how to quickly assign an object ID.
1. Switch the Arnold Translator property under the Arnold menu in the Object Attribute to Mesh Light.
2.Change color in R, G, B value you need.
Exposure changed to 20, considering the brightness of self-illumination, you can increase it.
Check Light Visible
Remove the Cast Shadows’ hook (do not let it produce shadow)
Change the parameters such as Diffuse, Specular, sss, Indirect, and Volume to 0.
Everyone knows that this is the self-illuminating property of the object, so first we have to let the object show its intrinsic color, all need to check Light Visible.
Secondly, since it is self-illuminating, it will definitely affect the surrounding environment, so we need to turn off the self-illuminating Diffuse, Specular, sss, Indirect, Volume and other attributes, while not letting it produce shadows, remove the Cast Shadows hook.
    And this method also fully considers the displacement, Normal and Bump.
 (This method may not be used in the new version of Arnold and layering with Render Setup. The new version of Aronld has a crypto method for distinguishing IDs.)
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