If you have a higher pursuit of rendering, you need to pay attention to two aspects (lights and lenses), let's start with the light. It's important to note that we don't have a complete set of lighting parameters for you. Each scene is completely different. If you want to get some kind of once-and-for-all parameters, you can't do it! In each of the following examples, we have debugged the number, intensity, and angle of the lights more than twenty times. It is right to master the correct logical thinking.
Lighting is very important for visual experience!
Strong contrast between light and dark, can draw lines and increase the geometric readability of the model, which is the most common form of manual model performance. The lighting arrangement in this case is also the easiest, you only need to arrange a V-Ray artificial light source in the right place. Directional Light is the most preferred.
As follows, Ando's Koshino house has only one directional light source. Yes, there is only one. As for the location of the lamp, look at the producer. We rendered 72 different angles of lighting effects and assembled them into a gif, hoping to inspire you. Of course, it is not necessary for the manual model to make the light too dark. It can also be brighter. To render a bright scene, first you need a bright background. Although it may not be necessary, there is no harm in understanding the lighting of the products in the studio. Try to understand the three points of lighting? Use the primary three-point lighting knowledge to add three or more light sources and coordinate the brightness relationship between them. Usually, like this In fact, not so complicated. We are actually the light of this cloth Globally covers the brightness of 200 gray, the rendering mode check light is as follows Add wood material, wood material only uses diffuse map, then, render it. HDRI
Since the V-Ray artificial light source will "small" the large-scale model on the look and feel, then the manual model must use artificial light source? Of course not, the effect of ambient light is also very good. Compared with artificial light sources, the ambient light is less excessively carved and more natural. We made a model with reference to it. All ambient light is turned off, a V-Ray Volume Light is added, and an HDRI image is loaded as a light source. At the same time, a face was added outside the window, and a self-illuminating material was made from an outdoor photo. Give the appropriate intensity of hdri, adjust the desired angle of sunlight, and then render the model to check the lighting. Then add the material, this time the wood material, added a little reflection, but it is very weak. Slightly added some ambient light occlusion (AO), global subdivision.
2, other parameters remain the default Lens
After talking about the idea of lighting, let's talk about the lens. For the manual model, the core of the lens is a word: depth of field. Depth of field can make the rendering result more in line with the camera's usage habits. Usually the model is small and the shooting distance is close. The proper depth of field effect can highlight the model itself and shape the sense of space on the macro.
After turning on the depth of field and adjusting the appropriate aperture size, the wooden house above is rendered into a picture. When you work hard on the lights and the lens, you will find that a maddening problem is highlighted: when the model is displayed without reservation, the details are displayed with unreserved .
Handmade models leave scratches, breaks, and stains due to cutting, sanding, and pasting. These details not only make the model more realistic, but also give the model a unique temperament.
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