In addition to Dumbo, another live-action movie that will be seen this year is the same classic Aladdin as Disney. Its animated version was released in 1992, and the new director is a very "hardcore" British director Guy Ritchie. In the original story, the flying carpet juvenile Aladdin met a beautiful princess who dressed as a civilian and ran out of the palace. He also encountered a magic lamp that can help people realize their wishes, and opened an adventure trip against the evil national teacher. Live-action Aladdin seems to be taking the path of Lion King. The trailer's scene and rhythm almost restored the original settings. In the trailer, the classic characters in Aladdin all appeared, and a batch of high-definition official pictures were released online. In addition to the villain Jafar (Marwan Kenzari)'s live-action version is too young and less evil, the rest of the other characters are still very high. However, the final version of the Will Smith version of the Magic Lamp Jinn in the trailer made the netizen blast. First of all, everyone said, "So bule as Will Smith", and the decoration is too exaggerated. In the animated version, the image of Magic Lamp Jinn was originally designed with the inspiration of smokeand water droplets. It is easy to achieve the longing for freedomthat he represents with minimal detail and abstract painting in changeable body shape. Many people worry that live-action will lose the feeling of Jinn when they appear in the magic lamp. Its not just the star face of Will Smiths, but also it’s look like a blue Huck from the back!
Netizens also use all the blue characters that can be imagined to spoof the Will Smith version of the Jinn, such as "Avatar" and "sonic the hedgehog".
But in any case, this magic lamp make the sense of humor burst. After seeing everyone's reaction and spit, Disney also confidently assured that "After the film is released, you will definitely let everyone fall in love with this new Magic Lamp Jinn!".

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