Visual Effects To Create a Real Pokémon, Live-action Movie Detective Pikachu Is Released

The live-action movie Pokémon: Detective Pikachu was released on May 10th! Created a real Pokémon in visual effects, the English dubbing of the much-watched Pikachu character is played by Ryan Reynolds, and even Ryan posted an information about Pikachu on his social media platform by himself.

Pokémon: Detective Pikachu, using visual effects to create a real Pokémon, many people who have seen Pokémon must remember the line, "Go, Pikachu!". I know that a lot of person want to have a Pokémon as a partner in their really life, including me.

The live-action movie Pokémon: Detective Pikachu was adapted from the game of the same name of Nintendo 3DS. It mainly tells, in Ryme City, a metropolis populated between the bonds of humans and Pokémon alike, a 21-year-old former Pokémon trainer named Tim Goodman comes into contact with a talking Pikachu that once belonged to his father, Harry Goodman, who went missing after an accident. Tim and the talking Pikachu, who calls himself "Detective Pikachu", investigate to find his whereabouts with the help of a reporter, Lucy Stevens, and her Psyduck, until they come across something that endangers the Pokémon world.
In the movie, the magical skills in the Pokémon is restored. The special effects scene is amazing, which greatly satisfies the fans' watching experience. The blood of the watch is boiling, and there are almost 31 Pokémon in the trailer. Most of them are in the trailer. It is familiar to everyone.

The most classic Pokémon like Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, etc. will appear in the movie.

Lucy Stevens and her partner, Psyduck.

Jigglypuff, who still love to sing and easy to get angry.

When Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures released the trailer, the skin on Pikachu caused a lot of comments from netizens. In an interview with the movie VFX team, we learned that the process of turning a cartoon character into a reasonable real person is not easy.
First of all, Pokémon 's skeleton design is a huge challenge. Erik Nordby, the film's visual effects supervisor, said that the proportion of Pokémon's cartoon body: head to torso, limbs to torso, eye to face, is objectively wrong. Usually their arms are too short to feed themselves, the size of the head, the huge weight of the skull, meaning they either fall or cannot move.

But we need to believe that Pokémons can eat, find shelters and communicate with other creatures, and need to feel their lives in some way, so their body proportion is a huge challenge. In this production, like learning anatomy, we need to figure out its muscle skeleton, bones, the amount of fat it has, the way the fur, the fur moves, and its response to light.
In the early stages of the design process, the visual effects team only considered the 3D models that made the original 2D characters, but they didn't play a key role. They looked too cartoon. On the other hand, they invited the artist RJ Palmer, who made a deep impression on the surreal Pokémon painting.

The final visual effects team reached an agreement with The Pokémon Company, the character's eyes, maintaining a large, oval cartoon form, but moving like real eyes. Director Rob Letterman chose film shooting and used as many real-life scenes as possible to put more surreal elements into real life, but the process of communication and production was not very good.
The visual effects team exemplified the Pokémon Machamp, which is a huge four-armed muscle-powered treasure, wearing shorts and a wrestling belt. The visual effects team thought they had a good balance with his design until they showed it to the Pokémon company.

Machamp official drawing and film comparison
Some dialogue was as below during the production。
The Pokémon Company: We think it's good, but it looks like he is wearing clothes, but he can't wear clothes.
Visual effects team: Emmm, it looks pretty wearing a tight-fitting swimsuit and wearing a wrestling belt.
The Pokémon Company:This is his skin.
Visual effects team: Ok, if this is his skin, why is it shiny?
Discussions like this are frequent, but Nordby and Letterman are still willing to give in. Nordby said: This may not make sense, but there are certainly reasons for such a rule.

Mr Mime official drawing and film comparison
When dealing with the texture part of Mr Mime, the first reaction of the visual effects team is: What is this? In the end they took inspiration from children's toys. For example, his arm is based on a rubber ball. Nordby admits: The character is difficult to control, has a "creepy atmosphere", and then we need to pull it back to a very cartoon style, but the style is very different, and we have to design it back.
Many of their abandoned designs have proved the great challenge that Pokémon brings to real-life shooting. The visual effects team said: I hope that one day, we can disclose all the discarded versions of Mr Mime.

The film of the live-action movie "Detective Pikachu", which was created by visual effects, was released. Let’s go to the cinemaand count how many Pokémon there are.

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Big News, Pokémon: Detective Pikachu Come To China On May 10
Big News, Pokémon: Detective Pikachu Come To China On May 10
Hollywood live-action film Pokémon: Detective Pikachu, produced by Legendary Pictures, Warner Bro. Pictures and The Pokémon Company, released a preview and poster in China today. The detective Pikachu and Tim Goodman joined hands to break through the difficulties, revealing the truth in Ryme City. In the poster, Pokémon made the first appearance of the whole show, which is the most anticipated film of 2019. The film, dubbed by Ryan Reynolds, will be released in China Mainland and North America on May 10.Ryan Reynolds contrast dubbing super cute Pikachu. Ryan Reynolds sent a greeting to the Chinese audience and officially announced the film Pokémon: Detective Pikachu will be on screen in China Mainland on May 10, 2019. The film was adapted from the Nintendo 3DS game of the same name. Ryan Reynolds voiced detective Pikachu not only perfectly restored the uncle's tone in the game settings, but also contrasted with Pikachu's cute shape, full of joy. The film tells the story of detective Pikachu and Tim to uncover the hidden behind his father, Harry Goodman, to pursue the truth. In the trailer, not only Pikachu in the process of exploring the case, in order to protect the scene of Ryme City and the fire-breathing dragon and the violent dragon "battle", Pikachu was touched by the chin and changed back to the cute little super cute picture. People are embarrassed! The netizen shouted: "Pikachu is so cute!" "I want to hold Pikachu in my arms!" "This is the movie I am most looking forward to in 2019!" Detective squad chasing the truth, detective Pikachu sprouts to the lameIn the finalist poster, all the Pokémons that appeared in the movie were assembled for the first time. Pikachu stood in the middle of the absolute C position, each Pokémon's expressions were different, and also hinted at their different experiences in the film. And what kind of adventure story will the detective squad and Pokémon launch? How will they solve the mystery? Stay tuned for the movie to be released on May 10.In the early days of Pikachu and Tim looking for clues about Harry's disappearance, the two met Lucy (Kathryn Newton), a journalist with an internship at Ryme City's largest news network. Lucy is full of passion, never give up, she also brought her own partner Psyduck, their participation makes the adventure of the detective squad full of more unknown possibilities.Movie Pokémon: Detective Pikachu is co-produced by American Legends and Warner Bros., directed by Robert Letterman, Ryan Reynolds as the voice and motion capture of Detective Pikachu, starring Justice Smith, Kathryn Newton, Chris Geere, Suki Waterhouse, Rita Ora, Rob Delaney, etc. Ken Watanabe and Bill Nighy special starred.
Live-Action Aladdin Movie Is Coming
Live-Action Aladdin Movie Is Coming
In addition to Dumbo, another live-action movie that will be seen this year is the same classic Aladdin as Disney. Its animated version was released in 1992, and the new director is a very "hardcore" British director Guy Ritchie. In the original story, the flying carpet juvenile Aladdin met a beautiful princess who dressed as a civilian and ran out of the palace. He also encountered a magic lamp that can help people realize their wishes, and opened an adventure trip against the evil national teacher.Live-action Aladdin seems to be taking the path of Lion King. The trailer's scene and rhythm almost restored the original settings.In the trailer, the classic characters in Aladdin all appeared, and a batch of high-definition official pictures were released online.In addition to the villain Jafar (Marwan Kenzari)'s live-action version is too young and less evil, the rest of the other characters are still very high.However, the final version of the Will Smith version of the Magic Lamp Jinn in the trailer made the netizen blast. First of all, everyone said, "So bule as Will Smith", and the decoration is too exaggerated. In the animated version, the image of Magic Lamp Jinn was originally designed with the inspiration of “smoke” and “water droplets”. It is easy to achieve the “longing for freedom” that he represents with minimal detail and abstract painting in changeable body shape. Many people worry that live-action will lose the feeling of Jinn when they appear in the magic lamp. It’s not just the star face of Will Smith’s, but also it’s look like a blue Huck from the back!Netizens also use all the blue characters that can be imagined to spoof the Will Smith version of the Jinn, such as "Avatar" and "sonic the hedgehog".But in any case, this magic lamp make the sense of humor burst. After seeing everyone's reaction and spit, Disney also confidently assured that "After the film is released, you will definitely let everyone fall in love with this new Magic Lamp Jinn!".
Live-Action Movie Dumbo, All-Star Lineup To Help Out
Live-Action Movie Dumbo, All-Star Lineup To Help Out
This year's upcoming Disney movie will include Captain Marvel, Avengers: Endgame, Frozen 2, Toy Story 4, and The Lion King, Dumbo and Aladdin, both of them are live-action movies based on animation.The Dumbo animated version premiered in the United States in 1941 and is one of Disney's first classic animations. In the story, the circus' newborn elephant Dumbo is regarded as a laughing stock by everyone because of its oversized ears. But with the help of friends, Dumbo gradually embraced his own uniqueness and became a well-deserved superstar.Dumbo poster, 1941The Disney live-action movie Dumbo, which will be released this year, will be directed by Tim Burton.Unlike the original version, in the live-action Dumbo movie, Dumbo found his "flight" potential and the friend who always accompanied, encouraged him, to become human characters, and of course the All-Star lineup.There are former circus stars Holt Farrier(Colin Farrell), and a French trapeze artist, Colette Marchant(Eva Green).There is also a bad-hearted circus owner, Max Medici (Danny DeVito), and V. A. Vandemere (Michael Keaton), who looks sultry but equally disgusting. What Tim Burton is best at is creating a fantastic, weird atmosphere. In the Dumbo trailer, the design and atmosphere of the original circus in the 1940s truly presented Burton's style - a mysterious sense of darkness.Dumbo magically found himself flying when he was playing with two children. The trailer also saw mouse friends who had been encouraging the help in the original animation. Tim in Dumbo, 1941Of course, if there is no tears, it is not disney’s style, and the trailer has not let everyone's tears. There’s something particularly depressing about seeing the Momma Elephant’ trunk stick out of the bars to wrap around poor little Dumbo, as the chilling tones of Norwegian singer Aurora’s “Baby Mine” waft over them. There is also a illusion of Dumbo's drunkenness in the trailer. Compared with the old illusion of childhood shadows, the new version is both psychedelic and beautiful. At the end of the original story, Dumbo became the super star in the circus and rescued the imprisoned mother. This time, netizens expressed the hope that in the new edition, Dumbo will have a better ending.In an interview a few years ago, Tim Burton also revealed that he really wanted to give the newborn elephant a true "happy ending" - no need to perform for humans, but to leave the circus and return to the nature life they should belong to.However, if the outcome is as satisfactory as expected, we will not know until the end of March.
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