In the Guide of V-Ray Rendering Manual Model (2), when you work hard on the lights and the lens, you suddenly find that the lack of details is a big problem. Finally, let's talk about the details of the drawings.
About the details, one to point out is that if you still have the passion for learning and the desire to know, you should do it in 3d MAX and MAYA, or even ZBrush and Houdini.
Try to use high-quality textures, in addition to the resolution of the touch, more importantly, it usually provides more than diffuse reflection, but also provides textures used by other important channels, which saves you the time to go to PS .
Use texture to create a material similar to the following (gravel floor)
But in most cases of architecture, there is no need to be so complicated, too complicated and sometimes make your material look worse.
In this wooden hand model, the wood part Rifle does not even add reflection. As for the glass, a dirt texture is used, which is attached to the transparency of the diffuse reflection.

Another point you need to be aware of is: avoiding repetitiveness. By adjusting the texture UV of each face, the regularity is disrupted.
Any manual model has a logical structure of basic production. Keeping these frameworks in a timely manner is a common way to improve the credibility of the model, and it is simple. Manual models always leave some hand marks in the production. For example, in the position where the plate is joined, the cut position or the corner portion, there will be signs of wear or stains. In V-Ray, the dirt program texture is usually used to simulate. Essentially the dirt map works the same way as AO. What it looks like in the model. The wood map is used in the regular part of the dirt map, and the dirt part is given a white color directly.
 Although we can use permutations to increase the detail of the model surface, the most fascinating beauty maps are all used for full-mode rendering.
For most of the partners who already have some experience with V-Ray, the picture does not show the feeling, not that you will not use the software, sometimes focusing on the secondary aspect, losing important aspects, such as: life ps Material, but not willing to work hard on modeling. I hope that the guide of v-ray rendering manual model compiled by Fox Renderfarm can help you.

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