In the maya production scene, it is more common to use transparent maps, such as leaves, generally do not specifically engrave the leaf model when making the leaf model, but through the texture, a patch can be saved. Model engraving time, because making in large scenes is very time consuming, and small places such as leaves do not take too much time to process.
1. Create a patch in the scene 2. Create a camera and lights, then we directly render with arnold in a gray patch. 3. We went to find a texture of the leaves, down from the Internet, there is no alpha, we posted to try, we create an aiStandardSurface1 shader ball.
4. We put our leaf texcure on the color and give this shader to our face. 5. Now, rendering work as below, we put a thing under the patch to facilitate observation. 6. Then consider how to remove the extra white next to the leaves, we need to deal with transparency in this parameter we can paste a black and white textures, black is no data information, that is, the value is 0, pure white is 1, so you can make the texture transparent, and then we will process the image of our leaves, make the thing you don’t need black, and make the one you need into white. In the nuke inside, here you need to pay attention to the difference, the lower version is processed in semi-transparent like the Transmission deal with Weight in pictrue, , I am using a high version of Arnold.     7. We put the processed image in the opacity channel. Now we have the leaves, and there are no edges.

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