As one of the world's best collaborative art creation tools and art communities, Masterpiece VR provides global users with the ability to easily create 3D content in virtual reality. They used practical actions to solve the problem of "whether it is a newcomer or a practicing artist who has some experience, it will take some time in the process of Rigging, Skinning and Posing".
Recently, Masterpiece VR has released a new VR rigging tool, Masterpiece Motion. This "sports creativity" software is the first professional VR software for content creation, providing the most convenient way to rig animations and games, and is suitable for any 3D model. Click on the video to get an idea. Users can not only draw bones in a 3D environment, import existing rig, but also experience auto-rig of software. After the rig is created, the skin weight can be manipulated and drawn in the VR, or the role action can be modified according to the rigg in the VR environment. ■ Rigging process is simpler Drawing bones in a virtual 3D environment is a convenient and simple process. Import a pre-bound model or use the auto-rig feature to speed up this step.
Skinning process is more convenient Connect the rig to the mesh with smooth motion, change the size of the tool to control the skin weights, move the bones to preview the pose, or perform skin editing.
The Posing process is more intuitive By grabbing and moving 3D model bones, you can easily create dynamic poses for character creatures, etc., and save and export multiple poses.

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