The FoxRenderfarm Cloud Rendering for SketchUp Launched


As we all know, SketchUp is a popular and outstanding software for 3D architectural designing, it is called the “pencil” in CG designing industry for the reason of its extremely easy using feature. With Sketchup, the designers can easily and quickly visualize their conceptions.

And now, we are proud of declaring that Fox Renderfarm has supported Vray 2.0 for SketchUp 2015-2016. You can freely choose multi machine sequence for rendering to save more time, so that you can devote yourself to the unlimited creative designing with limited energy and time. Besides that, you can also freely choose the needed scenes to render with just a few simple clicks when submitting jobs.

Well, here are the features supported by Fox Renderfarm cloud rendering as below:

1.Support multisequencing rendering
2.Support freely choosing scenes
3.Support enabling pipeline settings by force
4.Support full path rendering
5.Support Vray renderer
6.Support SketchUp 2015 and SketchUp 2016
7.Support non-ABCD driver path
8.Support loading photon rendered task
9.Support choosing the resolution, input and format

At last, here are some artwork created with Vray for SketchUp as below, enjoy yourself!

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These Useful SketchUp Tips You May Not Know
These Useful SketchUp Tips You May Not Know
In this article, Fox Renderfarm, a leading cloud rendering service provider and render farm in the CG industry, will introduce some useful tips to you about SketchUp axes.As you know, in SketchUp, when you create a new document, the file has a default 3-axis orientation. When you work with this default setting, drawing faces or push-pull blocks will automatically snap and draw in the three-axis direction. Also, when the blocks are grouped together, selecting a model will look like the one shown on the right side of the image below, while selecting a block that is not parallel to the three axes will look like the one shown on the left side of the image below:!These Useful SketchUp Tips You May Not Know 1Then such a situation will bring two inconveniences:1. The zoom tool does not work properly, as follows:!These Useful SketchUp Tips You May Not Know 22. When you draw on this model again, the new lines or faces cannot be drawn in the direction of the model, but still follow the default three-axis settings of the file.!These Useful SketchUp Tips You May Not Know 3To solve the above two problems, we need to redefine the three-axis orientation of the model. There are two operation methods to achieve the reset of the three-axis orientation, but both require access to the group for the operation, as follows:!These Useful SketchUp Tips You May Not Know 41. Enter the group, click on the face, then right click and select "Align Axis".!These Useful SketchUp Tips You May Not Know 42. After entering the group, select the "Axis" tool in the toolbar on the left to reset the three-axis orientation of the model:!These Useful SketchUp Tips You May Not Know 5Both of the above methods can be used, but I personally recommend using the second one, because the second one allows the three axes of the model to always keep the direction you reset, and when you enter the group again for editing, you don't need to set the three axes direction again. The first method requires you to reset it every time.The model after the three-axis reset will not have any problem when using the scaling tool again:!These Useful SketchUp Tips You May Not Know 2Author: An Ran
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