3 Films Rendered by FoxRenderfarm Eligible for 89th Oscar Best Animation Award


The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science (AMPAS) recently released the official notice that 27 animated films participate 89th Oscar Best Animation Award which creates the highest record.

To my surprise, 3 of these submitting animated films are rendered by FoxRenderfarm: Monkey King: Hero Is Back (China), Kingsglaive Final Fantasy XV (Japan) and Bilal (Dubai). Back to 2014, Mr. Hublot rendered by FoxRenderfarm won the 86th Oscar Best Animated Short Film Award. At this time, let’s hope animated films rendered by FoxRenderfarm can win this special award again.


As a great CG film in China animation history, Monkey King: Hero Is Back has won the 30th China Golden Rooster Awards for Best Art Film and the 16th China Ornamental Column Awards for Excellence Fearure Film. Now Monkey King: Hero Is Back sets Chinese animation record to compete with Hollywood film studios for Oscar Best Animation Award.


Produced by SQUARE ENIX, Kingsglaive Final Fantasy XV earned worldwide acclaim for its verisimilitude and stunning special effects.


Produced by Barajoun Entertainment in Dubai, Bilal is the first 3D Animated epic film in Middle East, telling a story of an immortal hero of Arabic history.

27 movies run for the 89th Oscar Best Animation Award as follows:

The Angry Birds Movie


April and the Extraordinary World




Finding Dory


Ice Age: Collision Course


Kingsglaive Final Fantasy XV


Kubo and the Two Strings


Kung Fu Panda 3


The Little Prince


Long Way North


Miss Hokusai




Monkey King: Hero Is Back




Mustafa & the Magician


My Life as a Zucchini


Phantom Boy


The Red Turtle


Sausage Party


Sausage Party










25 April


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Oscar winning Mr. Hublot: Small step for Fox Renderfarm, giant step for China
Oscar winning Mr. Hublot: Small step for Fox Renderfarm, giant step for China
Mr. Hublot is a Luxembourg/France co-produced 11 min sifi animated film won the 2014 Oscar for Best Animated Short Film. Produced, written and directed by Mr. Laurent Witz and co-directed by Alexandre Espigares. Designed by sculptor Stephane Halleux, the story is set in a realistically world that is a combination of steam punk and a bizarre futuristic world. The silent film is about Mr. Hublot, an agoraphobia and obsessive compulsive mechanical man with clockwork counters running in his forehead. He's scared of change and scared of the outside world. His entire world starts to change when he saved a lonely and abandoned terrified robot dog from a cardboard box and turns his life upside down in the sweetest and heartwarming way. This visually and emotionally beautiful film uses full CGI (computer graphics imagery) to give us a futuristic steampunk environment for its title protagonist, the realistic and super detailed world realized with artful and breathtaking detail is easily another character in the film. The gorgeous mechanical and cluttered metropolis with magnificent details requires the use of massive computing power. While everyone is in the Oscar parties congratulates the winning directors and producers. No one knows that the super computing power supported this beautifully created Luxembourg/French production came from China. As (child division of the Rayvision Shenzhen) silently supported the feature to its success. Located in the software park in Shenzhen 1st, the area where over 200 public traded tech companies are head quartered, is the highest concentration of tech companies in China. Rayvision has been in the rendering business for years. The sister division renderbus is currently the largest available, also the largest in the world. With more than 30000 cores and expanding rapidly, host of rendering experts and research team, RayVision’s advanced technical ability and high level support enables any production company be able to produce the highest quality master pieces without worrying not getting the power they needed. With clients and projects over 30 countries, hundreds of thousands studios and projects are being computed here in both Rayvision’s China and International divisions `renderbus.com` and `foxrenderfarm.com`. RayVision’s client industries expanding from 3D animated features, live action special effects, advertisement, architectural renderings, game cinematic, theme park ride films, large scale displays. With RayVision’s computing power, only sky is the limit for your creativity. Rayvision’s advance of super computing technology envisions progression of China’s foreseeable expanding film and entertainment market and is the first small step coming out of long way into the international entertainment. A small step for RayVision, a giant step for China. 1st Shenzhen is the first development city in China, right next to the border of Hong Kong.
Three Kinds of Paintings Get Together, Animated Films Explosions Come?
Three Kinds of Paintings Get Together, Animated Films Explosions Come?
In 2018, the Chinese film market successfully broke through 60 billion in the carnival and confusion, heat wave and cold winter, and set a new record. Among them, animated films have become the most stable year in the past years. Although there are not many works that make people shine, they bring unexpected surprises to the audience. Although the number of animated films has decreased a lot compared with previous years, the number of works with over 100 million box office has reached 4 (the best in the past years), and domestic animated films have gradually developed into fine products. The film market, which has just entered 2019, is also very lively, and 14 films will be released at the same time on the second weekend of January. Fox Renderfarm's three animations recommended today are not only well-made, but also unique, and are likely to become the 2019 explosion! Let's take a look! White Snake A Chinese-American co-production animation with Chinese mythology as the background. The theme of the film is "Yangqi", which focuses on the story of the White Snake and Xu Xian's past life. Although it is rooted in the well-known IP of White Snake, the content and plot are based on ancient books. Originality carried out. Produced by Light Chaser Animation Studios and Warner Bros., the film takes advantage of CG technology and not only creates an oriental aesthetic world in the work but also the first attempt to target adults. Judging from the feedback from the previous period, the film is likely to become the highest-selling work of the follow-up animation box office. Director Huang Jiakang said that it is actually quite difficult to complete an animation project. Warner gave the team some objective opinions and valuable resources in the production process of each edition, which made every link very smooth. At the same time, they will also create a sequel based on the box office performance. The Breadwinner Adapted from the world's best-selling novel The Breadwinner, produced by Cartoon Saloon, the film won the 90th Oscar nomination and defeated Coco in the Los Angeles Film Critics Association Awards to win the Best Animated Feature Film Award. The production team has become one of the most respected animation studios in the world in an amazing hand-painted style. The protagonist of the story is an Afghan girl, Parvana, whose family lives under the control of the Taliban. The father was a scholar. He was unemployed under tyranny. He was accompanied by his 11-year-old daughter, Parvana, and wrote letters to the market. One day, his father was forcibly taken to prison by soldiers. In order to make a living, Parvana decided to cut her hair, transform herself into a small magnolia, secretly dressed in men's clothing, buy water, buy food, and make money on behalf of her father. Director Nora Twomey created this unique girl image. “Afghan children’s sense of responsibility towards family and friends is completely different from our individualistic culture. This story is very fresh to me and is very common in that environment.” There are many social realities, and the subject matter is deep and suitable for adults to watch. Fate/stay night: Heaven’s Feel The film is the third plot line in the text adventure game Fate/stay night: Heaven’s Feel released by TYPE-MOON, referred to as “HF” or “Sakura Line”. The Fate/stay night series is a national-level IP in Japan. Since 2004, the series has launched different forms of derivative works such as games, animations, comics, and novels, creating a broad and imaginative world view. The film was released in Japan for two days, harvesting 413 million yen at the box office, winning the first week of the box office champion, and actively promoted the film in the B station to become the first series of works on the mainland cinema, currently occupying the pre-sale box office on the day of release Top of the list. However, the audience of the film is mainly fans, and the general audience may have a certain threshold. In addition to animated films, there are many other types of works that are rushing to release at the beginning of the year, so let's get together with your friends!
Watch the Good Finalists of 2018 Oscar Animated Shorts Films
Watch the Good Finalists of 2018 Oscar Animated Shorts Films
At the end of the awards, the dust was settled and there was only one winner, but we also had to applaud other finalists. LOU written and directed by Dave Mullins. Pixar's latest moving animation! 7 minutes to recover lost childhood. LOU is a computer animated short film produced by Pixar Animation Studios. The film tells the story of a little monster in the “Lost and Found” box. It covers the topic of campus bullying andhelping others. It is a classic Pixar chicken soup. LOU is a wonderful creature hidden in the lost and found area of the park. He helps the children to retrieve the items lost in various places in the park every day so that they can find the next time. Until LOU meets a naughty boy who is bullying others, in order to help the children to get things back, a fight between the LOU and the boy, the end of the story, the return of the original, the naughty boy also got redemption. All lost children, if they can meet the same guidelines as LOU, recognize their mistakes, use actions to apologize, slowly accept themselves and learn to reconcile with themselves. Dear Basketball by Glen Keane Surprise a lot of people, Kobe is the biggest black horse of Oscar this year. The film was personally dubbed and supervised by Kobe, directed by internationally renowned animated master Glen Keane, and the film's original vocal master by John Williams, also his son Max Keane is the producer. The short film tells Kobe's basketball career in 6 minutes. In the film, we can see how Kobe became a superstar of the league from a child who loves basketball, and slowly grew old after the killing of the Quartet until he retired. The whole film condenses the classic moment of Kobe's basketball career. For countless fans, every picture is as good as yesterday. Revolting Rhymes directed by Jakob Schuh & Jan Lachauer Revolting Rhymes is based on the work of Roald Dahl, the cartoon is directed by Jakob Schuh and Jan Lachauer, and Magic LightPictures' Martin Pope and Michael Rose are involved in the production. Jakob Schuh was nominated for the best animated short film of the 83rd Academy Awards. The prototypes in Revolting Rhymes are all from Grimm's Fairy Tales. The characters in Little Red Riding Hood, Snow White, Cinderella, Three Little Pigs, Jack and the Magic Bean and Frog Prince are combined to let them meet, know each other, and even fall in love. The animation completely subverts the relationship between the characters and characters in the classic fairy tale, and reshapes a rebellious fairy tale world that is closer to reality. The beauty of this short film is that it has carried out two "rebellions". Once is a rebellion against the fairy tale itself, telling you that the prince does not exist in the fairy tale, only to be able to redeem herself. Another rebellion stems from the abandonment of Uncle's revenge, and the animation completes the rebellion against its own dark style. The fairy tale returns to the fairy tale itself. Although the plot is dark and singular, it is a warm core. Warmth and thought-provoking, everyone in the fairy tale is like real in our life, The good and the evil in reality can be summed up in a few words. According to the production team of Revolting Rhymes, this film was mainly made of Maya, using a custom Maya toolset. Modeling uses Blender, the composition uses Nuke and Shading, and therendering uses Arnold. The clip starts with Premier and ends with Avid for final editing. Garden Party by Florian Babikian, Vincent Bayoux, Victor Caire, Théophile Dufresne, Gabriel Grapperon, Lucas Navarro With a fake CG picture, the end of the story is shocking. In a ruined mansion, rotten meat, moldy desserts, dirty silver tableware scattered all over the place, a group of amphibians playful and play in the abandoned bustling, inadvertently unveiled along-lost secret. Under the seemingly relaxed and even a little dark and humorous picture, there is a hidden truth. The short film involves seven sins of lust, greed, and gluttony. In a blank way, the suspenseful story is sung, and the clues are presented through delicate and realistic pictures. The truth gradually comes to the fore, and the pleasure brought by imagination is the ending to the point is infinitely enlarged. Garden Party uses the Maya software from the idea to the image to the sound design, and the Arnold used for rendering, and finally edited in Adobe Premiere. This project is very challenging, but everyone in the main team likes it. They think that animation is the perfect medium to feel the truth and feel the story with the realistic aesthetic. Negative Space by Max Porter & Ru Kuwahata The film is adapted from the American poet Ron Koertge's 150-character prose poem. The content of the poem is the narration of the film. It tells a story about the relationship between the father and his son Sam. Different from the way of playing basketball, talking about cars to enhance the feelings of father and son, the father who is on a business trip at any time to establish a relationship between father and son through the process of teaching sam's packaging skills. The son helped his father to organize the suitcase, and the father put his son in his heart. It can be said that the thoughts and feelings between father and son are a neat suitcase. The short film opens with a lively finishing process to enhance the fun. When the son was put in the box, the scattered clothes flooded like the tide, and the son played in the water with the scattered clothes. So sorting out to him is not a task, but a fun game and an interaction with his father. At the end of the film, the son did not realize the hysterical sorrow in the face of his father's departure. Looking at the thin father in the coffin, the phrase "look at the wasted space" is a godsend. One shows the way the father teaches himself to look at the problem; the other is to suggest that the father is alone in the coffin and expresses his own disappointment for his father's departure. Animation director Maxport and Jaku Wahart are a pair of animated creative partners. They started to appear at the Sundance Film Festival in 2011. This is the first time that Oscar has been nominated. The whole film adopts the form of stop motion animation, which shows the process of storing luggage in a true and meticulous manner. It also expresses the reality of “space”. The creative team hopes to arouse people’s love through these tiny and realistic details.

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