Alien And The Governor Appeared In The Predator

Alien And The Governor Appeared In The Predator


The Predator

**The** **Predator** directed by Shane Black has already released Blu-ray and DVD, and fans have been able to see some of **the** behind-**the**-scenes productions of this new film from 20 Century Fox Film Corporation. One of **the** things worth mentioning is that in **the** film's undergoing reshoots, **the** story of **the** third act ended have been revised. We can see several different alternative endings, as well as **the** **predator**’s mask that is also specifically mentioned.	At first, **the** concept of this ‘**Predator** Killer’ will not appear in this film, perhaps for **the** future sequel. Shane and Fred Dekker’s original script ends very differently. “In **the** original script, Quinn McKenna (Boyd Holbrook) and his son Rory (Jacob Tremblay) and DR. Casey Bracket (Olivia Munn) all survived **the** final attack of **the** Super **Predator** (called "Upgrader" in **the** script).	A helicopter descended from **the** sky, and Dutch Schaeffer (Arnold Schwarzenegger...) climbed out, his face was extremely painful, and **the** three heroes followed him. When Rory asked, “I am going too?”, **the** governor with iconic smirk said, “Especially you”.	In **the** final scene of **the** public version, **the** **predator** killer replaced **the** position of **the** governor's character, which means that a "civil war" will soon be born between **the** **predator**s. One of **the**m wants to help humanity. **The**y hope that we can help **the**m fight with **the** bigger, stronger and faster ultimate **predator**s. **The**se "friendly" **predator**s have sent some high-tech equipment to humans. We saw at **the** end of **the** movie that Quinn wore **the** **predator** killer’ armor that looked like Iron Man's armor, and his son Rory helped to search for new information. 	At **the** end of **the** o**the**r version, two of our familiar characters will wear this kind of **predator** killer mask - Ripley and Newt, and **the** audience familiar with **the** original Alien must know what **the**se two names mean. After all, Sigourney Weaver played Ripley for a whole episode of Alien 2 to save **the** little girl Newt, although at **the** beginning of Alien 3... , it is still a secret now.	However, I don't understand this operation of Fox Film, because Ripley is not born until 2092, and **the** story of **The** **Predator** is set in **the** contemporary. Newt has to wait 150 years to be born, but her current style has been an adult woman in this film...? Are **the** two people crossing? ?	  "We made three different endings for **The** **Predator**. In this unused final version, Ripley wears **the** mask of **the** **predator**&x26;nbsp;we created for **the** film. You can see her brand name on **the** costume, also **the** actor as Ripley&x26;nbsp;it&x3C;span>’&x3C;/span>&x3C;span>s &x3C;/span>Breanna Watkins instead of Sigourney Weaver.&x26;nbsp;But **the** moving 'finger' and 'tail'&x26;nbsp;on **the** mask look too much like a worm, and&x26;nbsp;were cut off by us."    	"In this unused ending, **Predator** Killer Newt, also known as Rebecca Jordan, wears **the** mask we created for **the** film, you can see her name on **the** display, Newt played by Breanna Watkins. But **the** 'finger' and 'tail' that move on **the** mask look too much like a worm, and removed by someone"	In any case, although it may not be logically reasonable, it sounds like **the** Alien’s Ripley and **the** governor's appearance are more interesting than **the** end of **The** **Predator** we are seeing now.

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