Top 4 V-Ray Cloud Rendering Services Provider

Top 4 V-Ray Cloud Rendering Services Provider



As an excellent rendering engine, many people prefer to use V-Ray. But sometimes it can take a long time to render your work with just the rendering engine, so using a cloud rendering service can greatly speed up the rendering process. So what are the best V-Ray cloud rendering services to use? In this article, the best cloud rendering services provider and CPU & GPU render farm, Fox Renderfarm, will introduce to you 4 good V-Ray render farms.- What is Cloud Rendering or Cloud-based Rendering?- What is a Render Farm? 1. Fox Renderfarm - V-Ray Cloud Rendering Services Provider!Fox Renderfarm - The Best Blender Render FarmFox Renderfarm has been a leading service provider in the cloud rendering industry for a long time, offering professional and secure V-Ray cloud rendering services. With over 20 years of experience, Fox Renderfarm's core team serves more than 200,000 users and top leading visual effects companies and animation studios from over 50 countries and regions, and its clients include Oscar winners (Mr. Hublot). Fox Renderfarm supports many 3D software, such as C4D, Maya, Arnold, Blender, Redshift, 3ds Max, etc. And now he offers a $25 free trial to all new registrants. In addition, a real-time chat service is available, so you can always consult the customer service if you have any questions about the V-Ray online rendering service. 2. Chaos V-Ray Cloud Rendering!Chaos V-Ray Cloud RenderingChaos is a world leading company in visualization and computer graphics. The Chaos Group and Asgvis jointly developed V-Ray, which has become one of the most popular rendering engines in the industry. In 2018, Chaos launched Chaos Cloud, which is built into V-Ray, providing a one-click V-Ray cloud rendering service for artists and designers. You can get 20 free credits for your first registration.Watch the video to see how to do V-Ray cloud rendering using Chaos Cloud: 3. iRender - V-Ray Cloud Rendering Service!iRender - Great Blender Render FarmiRender, as an IaaS provider, offers a global cloud computing solution with GPU rental server services for 3D rendering. iRender supports 3ds Max, Maya, Cinema 4D, Houdini, Blender, Keyshot, Lumion, Enscape, Unreal Engine, Daz, and all other leading software. iRender is a GPU-accelerated cloud rendering service for V-Ray multi-GPU rendering with powerful render nodes: 2/4/6x RTX 3090/3080/2080Ti. iRender charges based on time of use and supports 24/7 live chat. 4. GarageFarm - V-Ray Render Farm Service!GarageFarm - Cloud Rendering Blender Render FarmGarageFarm is a fully automated cloud-based V-Ray render farm. GarageFarm allows you to easily upload and manage your projects. He supports most 3D software and plugins such as 3ds Max, Maya, Cinema4D, After Effects and Blender. GarageFarm offers prices according to the priority you choose, the higher the priority, the higher the price, but also the faster. GarageFarm offers a free trial for $25 and live chat with 24/7 customer support. ConclusionFox Renderfarm hopes you can find your best V-Ray cloud rendering services. But if you can't decide which cloud rendering service to use, try Fox Renderfarm, which is also a TPN-Accredited render farm and now is offering a free $25 trial for new users. Thanks for reading!

How To Submit Maya In Using Vray Plugin Task On Cloud Rendering

How To Submit Maya In Using Vray Plugin Task On Cloud Rendering


Maya Cloud Rendering

This is a tutorial shows you how to submit Maya in using Vray plugin project on cloud rendering for rendering. Steps1: Click the Register button: After finishing the registration then Login your Fox account, and then start to upload your assets. Press the Assets button on your left column and then press the upload button. Choose upload your assets folder or assets file. Note: All file path on Foxrenderfarm storage will be the same as your local path, including drives. Attention: Not support drive A, B, C, D, if you use absolute path on scene file. Not support IP path of your files,such as \\\..\\computer name\.. In these pics, I already upload my assets folder with E drive. When you press the upload button, This file transfer MessageBox will automatically pop out, So please make sure you have installed our transfer plugin, If you already install it please make sure to initiating it.Step2: Choose the Maya file you wanna upload. Then you'll see the transmission list and you could monitor the transmission speed. Step3: When you finished the transmission, Please Press the New Job button to submit your Maya assets (That mean to create a new Render Task on our farm.) Then Please select the asset directory and choose the render scene file you just uploaded, Press the Continue.And add render software and plugin version (in this case you need to choose the Maya 2016 and the plugin is Vray for Maya 3.10.01.) Then Save the config and press the Go Analysis button.Step4: When you finish the Analysis phase you might wanna some changes on the common settings You can modify all those common settings as you wish.(We Highly suggest you turn on the Pre-test frames and After a test has done Pause the job. When you turn that on, will running the three pre-test frames first, and when this three-frame finished, the whole job will pause, Then you can check if the results are what you expected. If everything is alright then you can start the rest of the frame.) When you finish all your settings, please click the Submit button to go the final render phase.

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