DC Heroes Together In Film The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part

DC Heroes Togethe**r In Film The** Lego** Movie 2: The** Second Part


**The** Lego Movie 2: **The** Second Part

**The** Lego Movie 2: **The** Second Part will be released on March 2**2 in China, it is produced by **the** Warner Animation Group and distributed by Warner Bros. Picture. It is a 2019 computer-animated adventure musical comedy film. A direct sequel to **The** Lego** Movie (2014), **the** fourth film in **the** franchise. **The** new trailer on March 2**2 reviewed **the** whole process of alien invasion. Emmet and Lucy had no counterattack in **the** face of **the** bombing. DC heroes came to **the** public and Batman went deep into **the** enemy camp Slay. Nine major characters posters are fully exposed, domineering and igniting expectations! Emmet's fighting spirit with sugary coffee, Lucy's eyes are more and more courageous, Unikitty brows and wrinkles are not close, MetalBeard's eyes are domineering, and Batman King Kong is glaring and murderous. **The**re is also **the** ingenuity of Queen Watevra Wa'Nabi, General Sweet Mayhem, a melodious astronaut Benny and a handsome and sleek Rex. In addition, **the** distinctive character image, combined with **the** profound background, **the** plot highlights are fully spread, and **the** story is revealed. Behind Emmet, Lucy and Unikitty are bright yellow doomsday cities, but **the** wind and sand are bright and bright. **The** rest of **the** crowd are in outer space. Watch carefully, **the** background of **the** nine posters can also be horizontally combined into a long picture, **the** scene is a perfect transition, **the** location is hidden. In **the** new notice, **the** alien invasion speed is so deep and deep, **the** sugar-coated shells do not catch up, and **the** counterattacks are all seen. Under **the** comprehensive pressure of disparity, **the** city of Doomsday fell again, and a group of residents such as Lucy were taken to **the** Xista Galaxy. **The** surviving Emmet had to call on all **the** people to fight for **the** rescue of **the**ir companions. **The** DC heroes are fully assembled and continue to show extraordinary strength. Superman and Wonder Woman teamed up twice. Aquaman held **the** trigeminal enthusiasm and joined **the** passion. **The** Green Lantern boarded **the** spacecraft at **the** last minute and headed for **the** destination at full speed. Batman shows **the** strength of **the** super-powerful tongue, deep into **the** enemy camp, fiery battle mad shells, and instantly wins and forgets. Queen Watevra Wa'Nabi comes with a king's temper. General Sweet Mayhem is agile and deep in **the** martial arts. Rex holds **the** artifact and is self-defeating. All kinds of spaceships are full of enthusiasm, a variety of stunts come to **the** fore, and **the** atmosphere of **the** swordsmanship is easy to mix and play. Beyond **the** imagination, Superman led **the** disco. beyond **the** limit, **the** villains ga**the**red to open **the** music party. **The** Lego** Movie 2: **The** Second Part is directed by Mike Mitchell. It features Chris Pratt, Elizabeth Banks, Will Arnett, Charlie Day, Alison Brie, Nick Offerman, and Will Ferrell reprising **the**ir roles from **the** previous film, along with new additions to **The** cast including Tiffany Haddish, Stephanie Beatriz, and Maya Rudolph. It was released in **the** United States and United Kingdom on February 8, 2019, and will be released in China on March 2**2, 2**019.

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