3D Maya Tutorial: How to Make an Old-growth Forest in Maya (2)

3D Tutorial How to Make an Old-growth Forest in Maya -6

This tutorial shared by your TPN-Accredited cloud rendering service provider, Fox Renderfarm. It tells us how to make an old-growth Forest in Maya, including the entire process of modifying mountains and stones and making trees. This article undertake the part one.

After inspection, the main reason is that when using auto-map UV, the interspersed in the model structure caused the uneven UV distribution.

3D Tutorial How to Make an Old-growth Forest in Maya -15

So here we need to use Delete by type/History to re-dissolve all merged mountain models.

3D Tutorial How to Make an Old-growth Forest in Maya -19

The texture after clearing the history information is shown below.

3D Tutorial How to Make an Old-growth Forest in Maya -8

Adjusting the parameters of the program texture snow, and the refreshed view will be displayed as shown in the figure below.

3D Tutorial How to Make an Old-growth Forest in Maya -10

Change the texture color to black and white, and add particle emitters to all surface hills.

3D Tutorial How to Make an Old-growth Forest in Maya -16

Change the particle emitter type to surface and the emission rate to 10000; apply the texture to the particle emitter to control the range of emitted particles; and turn on the enable texture rate option.

3D Tutorial How to Make an Old-growth Forest in Maya -21

Using the program shown in the figure, you can quickly set the properties of all transmitters uniformly. Select all-mountain models and use the program as shown in the figure to set the texture connection for their transmitters uniformly.

3D Tutorial How to Make an Old-growth Forest in Maya -17

The particles in the following two regions are too dense. This is caused by uneven UV distribution. Adjust the emission rate of the particle emitter in this area individually to ensure uniform emission of the particles as a whole.

3D Tutorial How to Make an Old-growth Forest in Maya -24

Create a V-Ray Dome light to simulate the global effect; set the sampling subdivision to 8, create directional light, and set the light tracking shadow; select the tree model used, and create a proxy for Vray.

3D Tutorial How to Make an Old-growth Forest in Maya -12

In the settings panel, set the path of the Vray object, and automatically import the options in Maya. The particle distribution after emission is shown in the figure.

3D Tutorial How to Make an Old-growth Forest in Maya -18

Set initialization for particles, save particle state and set particle replacement. Add the attributes of the particle substitution control, INstancerId, scalePP, rotatePP.

3D Tutorial How to Make an Old-growth Forest in Maya -2

In the expression editor, entering the expression when the particles are created because there are many proxy objects. Therefore, the amount of dynamic memory of Vray needs to be increased.

3D Tutorial How to Make an Old-growth Forest in Maya -5

The final rendering effect is shown in the figure.

3D Tutorial How to Make an Old-growth Forest in Maya -6

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Make an Environment Scene in Speedtree And Use Maya Rendering
Make an Environment Scene in Speedtree And Use Maya Rendering
Natural vegetation is an indispensable element in games and scenes in the film and television animation industry! The production of some vegetation can almost add true feelings to the film. Fox Renderfarm, your TPN-Accredited cloud rendering service provider and safe render farm, shares with you a tutorial about how to make an environment scene in Speedtree.For the game masterpiece "Mysterious Sea", the scene production, from plants to objects, including objects, stickers and other details are close to the real, comparable to the general production of film and television movies.!Mysterious Sea!Mysterious SeaThere are also many scenes with vegetation in the film. For example, in the movie "Fantasy Forest", the large-scale vegetation scenes in the lens brought shocking visual effects to the audience, and almost all of them came from the realization of CG technology.!Fantasy ForestCompared to the realistic vegetation of "Fantasy Forest", the fantastic scenes of the movie "Avatar" many years ago have shocked everyone.!AvatarThen let's have a look at the technology behind the vegetation scene!Tools used: SpeedtreeAt present, there are much vegetation making tools. Speedtree is definitely one of them. It has been used in many games, movies, CG animations.The working principle of Speedtree is to generate branches through bones and generate trees through node connections. For example, the trunk is generated first, then small branches are generated on the trunk, and so on, and finally leaves are grown on the branches.Its editing function of upstream is powerful and convenient. It can quickly adjust the length, thickness, bending, quantity, and random deformation of vegetations through parameters; it can create almost any type of vegetation in reality with a good model. At the same time, Speedtree also provides the animation function, which can generate the effect of natural wind and growth animation; the new version also adds the adjustment of the four seasons, which can control the process of leaves from green to yellow.Speedtree is a really good tool for the environment artist!!How to Make an Environment Scene in SpeedtreeZhang Wei is an environmental artist and vegetation artist of a film and television animation company. He has participated in the production of many animation projects. He is good at researching and producing any kind of film-level and television-level special vegetation. Here, he will introduce the production of a single tree. ZBrush High Model CreationIn ZBrush, the blockout of the trunk, roots, and ground is quickly made. After the shape of the tree is completed, the overall posture of the tree can be adjusted and details added. These details include bark, bumps, etc., all of which are completed with a basic brush.The final thing vegetation needs are the shape of the tree. It is best to mix several different shapes together to make the shape of the tree more natural.!How to Make an Environment Scene in Speedtree UVS and TexturesUse ZBrush's plug-in Decimation Master to reduce the surface of the model; export it to RizomUV VS; adjust the problematic points with Maya; split the UV and map in Mari; texture the stone and bottom and moss in Substance Painter. Then the production is completed.!How to Make an Environment Scene in Speedtree Creates Assets in Speedtree I use Speedtree to modify unique shapes. Leaves, vines, roots, grass, and other local shapes can also be made, including adding details to the tree, making realistic plant maps, etc.At first, I only made the texture of the tree, but in order to make the tree and the ground better, I added some vines to the tree and planted some grass around the ground, and added some decorative stones around the stone and grass.!How to Make an Environment Scene in Speedtree Maya RenderingThen all the files are combined into a MAYA file. After the texture of the trunk and stones is built, the atmosphere of the scene can be adjusted while performing the light test.After determining the final effect, it’s time to carry forward layered rendering. The last step is to put it into Photoshop to adjust the color and contrast.!How to Make an Environment Scene in Speedtree ConclusionNow you should know how to make an environment scene in Speedtree. Fox Renderfarm is an excellent cloud rendering services provider and CPU&GPU render farm, so if you need to find a render farm, why not try Fox Renderfarm, which is offering a free $25 trial for new users.
A Melhor Cloud Rendering para Maya de 2022
A Melhor Cloud Rendering para Maya de 2022
Como Render na Fox Renderfarm?Se você fez um projeto de interiores e quer renderizá-lo a 3600 x 2500. Um computador normal levará pelo menos 3 a 6 horas, mas com um serviço de cloud rendering, o tempo de renderização pode ser inferior a 1 hora simplesmente carregando o arquivo para a área de trabalho. Cloud rendering é várias vezes mais rápido do que a de uma render farm doméstica. E não ocupa a máquina do produtor durante o processo de renderização. E para o produtor, você não precisa estar sempre em frente ao seu computador, você pode ver os resultados da renderização a qualquer hora, em qualquer lugar. Vamos ver como renderizar com Maya render farm!Tomemos como exemplo o processo de submissão na web do Maya, apenas 4 passos no Maya render farm: submit > analyze > render > download. Primeiro você precisa se inscrever na Fox Renderfarm, depois você será levado para a página de cloud rendering.!Fox Renderfarm cloud rendering!Cloud Rendering for Maya 3Passo 1. Clique no botão "Submit" à esquerda, selecione o software para submissão> definir um caminho de projeto (Nota: selecione um caminho de projeto para mapear o caminho local do projeto Maya)> selecione o documento para renderização, depois disso, clique em "Next".!Cloud Rendering for Maya 4Passo 2. Adicionar a configuração do software após o envio do trabalho (Nota: seleção do sistema de renderização), clicar em "Go Analysis" e aguardar pacientemente que a análise seja concluída.!Cloud Rendering for Maya 5Passo 3. Clique no trabalho com "Analysis Done", defina os parâmetros de renderização e depois submeta-o para renderização (Nota: a renderização realmente começa apenas neste trabalho).!Cloud Rendering for Maya 6Passo 4. Na página de renderização, click the job > export the file > download.!Cloud Rendering for Maya 7Aqui estão alguns projetos que também utilizam um serviço de cloud rendering. ConclusãoUma boa cloud rendering para Maya pode tornar seus arquivos renderizados mais rápido e melhor. Sem mencionar que a maioria dos serviços online cloud rendering oferecem vouchers gratuitos de renderização. É bem sabido que a Fox Renderfarm é um excelente render farm no mundo de CG, então se você precisa encontrar um render farm, por que não experimentar a Fox Renderfarm, que está oferecendo um teste gratuito de $25 para novos usuários?Obrigado por ler!
Any Free Render Farm for Cinema 4d, Maya, 3ds Max?
Any Free Render Farm for Cinema 4d, Maya, 3ds Max?
I think you always search for a free render farm for Cinema 4d, Maya, 3ds Max, but you will find that a completely free render farm does not exist, to be honest, most of the platforms needs to charge due to the reasons below.!Server Fox Renderfarm 1. Hardware costThe bigger the render farm network, the quicker the rendering speed. According to the top render farm companies such as FoxRenderfarm, they have over 30,000 physical servers, you can calculate the hardware cost. 2. Maintaining CostNeed to rent a room in the data centre to place all of the rendering nodes. It would also be a large expense every year. 3. Human Resource CostNeed a lot of specialists in customer service, technical support, research & development, marketing.However, you can find out which render farm is the cheaper one, at the same time, you can get a free trial from the render farm. I would like to introduce Fox Renderfarm, the best cloud rendering service in the world. It has high compatibility, supports most mainstream software and plugins, including 3ds Max, Maya, Arnold, V-Ray, Redshift etc.Fox Renderfarm is a leading cloud rendering service provider in the industry. Since the operation in 2011, Fox Renderfarm has earned a good reputation for its quality performance, great customer service, and flexible pricing scheme. With over 20 years of experience, the pioneering core team served more than 200,000 users and top leading visual effects companies and animation studios from over 50 countries or regions, clients including multiple awards and Oscar winners. Web-based Rendering PlatformThe picture is the web-based interface of the platform,1. The upper right corner is message, guide, setting and account info;2. The left is rendering steps;3. The middle is the dashboard of render info.!cloud based rendering platform Desktop ClientThe picture is the desktop client interfaceReady for Windows and Linux users;Drag-and-drop batch submission;Submit your jobs inside your 3D software.*!desktop client of cloud rendering*Ready For Windows*Supported Software:Maya 2015 64bit+ / 3ds Max 2014 64bit+ Fox Renderfarm's Data Center is powered by 100% green, renewable energy:Hydro Wind turbinesPUE 1.2!Fox Renderfarm's Data CenterThe users of Fox Renderfarm are making a big contribution to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and protecting our environment. If you want to learn more about Fox Renderfarm, we offer a US $25 free trial and now our evergreen program is on, welcome to take an experience.!Two Important Things Zync Render Users Need to Know 9Enjoy your journey with Fox Renderfarm!What is Rendering? How to Accelerate the Rendering Speed?What is cloud rendering?
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