See You In India's Largest Digital Entertainment Festival

Indiajoy 2019

See You In Indiajoy 2019

India's Biggest Media & Entertainment Festival

Fox Renderfarm's Indiajoy 2019 invitation

Indiajoy 2019 is the largest congregation of gaming, animation, VFX, E-Sports and entertainment events in India. Fox Renderfarm will have a booth at VFX Summit, India's First exclusive VFX event, on November 20th -21st in HICC, Hyderabad.

Anyone who plans to come to VFX Summit 2019 can enjoy 10% off for tickets by using Fox's exclusive coupon code: VFX10.

Indiajoy VFX

Fox Renderfarm is wishing Indiajoy 2019 a great success and we are looking forward to seeing you there. Visit us at Booth No.20 and see more from Fox Renderfarm. Please contact us for appointments:

Mr. Bin Yao | BD Manager

Tel: +86 133 8033 0370

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Exclusive Interviews with winners


__The CGarchitect Architectural 3D Awards__, sponsored by Fox Renderfarm, is the largest and most prestigious awards event for the architectural visualization industry, attracting entries from top studios, freelancers and students from around the world.

Cheng Lei
Telling a Dream about Travel in Architectural Visualization

  • Cheng Lei
  • 3D Instructor
  • From: China
  • School: SAN WEI KONG JIAN (3D Space)

Fox Renderfarm is honored to introduce the winner of the Film/Animation(Student) category, Mr.Cheng Lei and his team from China who love animation.

Award-winning Work

With the passion of animation, the students in the team spent a total of two months discussing creative details, storyboards, models, material and light rendering, and post-production editing. Finally, they finished the original 3D architectural animation, which received international recognition.

Fox Renderfarm: The scenery sites shown in the video are designed to illustrate the word "TRAVEL", any ideas behind that?

Cheng: Before the production, we asked the students to make the animation as delicate as possible. About the shown architecture made, we did refer more→

Carlos Costa Blanes
the Nominator who Dares to Dream and Make a Difference

  • Carlos Costa Blanes
  • 3D artist at Pictury Archviz
  • From: Sevilla, Spain
  • School: Nuevas Profesiones

We are also honored to talk with Mr. Carlos Costa Blanes, nominee for Student (Image) Category, who steps into the Archviz industry from a student of Archaeology. He tells us how he makes the shift and more about his nominated artwork.

Carlos Costa Blanes Misty Woods

Nominated Work

Fox Renderfarm: What’s your inspiration for this amazing project? Why did you select this artwork to participate in the competition?

Carlos: I made the artwork with the idea of submitting it to the competition, so from the very start, I knew this would be the image. When looking for inspiration for a project, the amount of ideas and possibilities can be overwhelming. So, I more→

Alvaro Arroyo
Creating a Melancholic Atmosphere in ArchViz

  • Alvaro Arroyo
  • 3D Artist
  • From: Spain
  • School: School-ing

We go on our exploration in the creation of ArchViz by talking to Mr. Alvaro Arroyo, nominee for the Student Image category. Alvaro's work delivers a sense of melancholic atmosphere while the composition is with coherent layers.

project by Alvaro Arroyo

Nominated Work

Fox Renderfarm: Could you introduce the light design and the composition of this project?

Alvaro: The light design is just based on a foggy HDRI, and I used the Vray environmental fog to mitigate the light and exposure of that HDRI. In terms of more→

Please stay tuned with Fox Renderfarm, more interviews of the winners and nominees for CGarhcitect Architectural 3DAwards 2019 and industry insights will be brought to you on our website and social media channels!

Fox's Got Talent!

Fox's Got Talent!

Show off your impressive 3D artwork which was rendered at Fox Renderfarm by entering Fox's Got Talent! We are offering over $10,000 in prizes for entire 2019 and these perks are waiting for you right now! know more→

Fox's Got Talent

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Cyberpunk Art, ArchViz Render, Blender Tutorial & More
Let’s give it up for the FGT Art February Winner, 2021! Congrats! The project, Cyberpunk Neo Dharavi, is created by Rahul Venugopal, a Matte Painter at Framestore. An Exclusive Interview is on the way, please stay tuned! Who’s our next FGT Art winner? Shine your talent and win great prizes! Submit Now How To Interpret The ‘Underwater’ New Home Of The Blue Whale Skeleton In 3D: Introducing ArchViz Artist, Sonny Holmberg What a perfect 3D interpretation of the ‘Underwater’ new home of the blue whale skeleton! In the exclusive interview, we can find out how Sonny created the beautiful artwork and his experience of being an outstanding artist and the founder of an architect studio. Read more... We Love ‘imperfections’: Introducing Award-winning Archviz Studio, Imperfct* Have a look at the strong contrast and excellent composition. In our exclusive interview, Massimiliano, CEO & Founder of Imperfct*, told us how they made the impressive contrast between the cold exterior and the warm interior. Read more... How to Make an Appealing Snow Fairy in Blender Besides Olaf, Yeti and Sid, what can you think of when it comes to snow creatures? Here’s the exclusive interview with Jesse, revealing how he demonstrated the anatomy beauty of muscle and bones. Read more... FGT3D Explorer Challenge is now calling for submissions! THEME: EXPLORER TIME FOR ENTRIES:March 1st - May 9th, 2021 (UTC+8) Learn More: Enjoy your creation and happy render! Fox Renderfarm Team Submit now
3D Art, Character Design, 30% Discount For Freelancers & More
3D Art, Character Design, 30% Discount For Freelancers & More
Shifting the Boundary of Physical and Virtual Worlds in 3D Art: Introducing Designer & Director, LIU Xin LIU Xin, an excellent Designer & Director, always thinks out of the box, experimenting with creative approaches, no matter the physical or the digital ones. The distinctiveness and uniqueness in his artworks help him win praise and awards in the industry. Phygital Shopping Cart is one of them, and got the 2020 CGarchitect Awards in the Student (Film) category sponsored by Fox Renderfarm. Read more... How to Create 3D Stylized Characters: Introducing Freelance Artist, Jorge Yepez The amazing 3D Stylized Characters are created by Jorge Yepez, an excellent 3D artist based in Ecuador. Here’s the exclusive interview with Jorge, one of our accredited freelancers of the GoCreation Program, revealing how he created these dedicated works and his CG journey. Read more... Welcome to be our accredited freelancers and enjoy the render discount up to 30% off and earn up to $2000 render coupon To empower CG Freelancers to create more excellent CG artworks, Fox Renderfarm is willing to provide preferential prices and subsidies for CG freelancers through our “GoCreation Program”. Apply now Discovering The Greatest Wish Of All In Wish Dragon Receiving cumulative revenue gross of US$25 million at the Chinese box office, Wish Dragon, the first original feature developed and animated by China’s Base Animation, co-financed by Sony Pictures Animation, rendered with Fox Renderfarm, hit Chinese theatres nationwide on January 15th and will be released on Netflix internationally later this year. Read more... FGT3D Explorer Challenge is now calling for submissions! THEME: EXPLORER TIME FOR ENTRIES:March 1st - May 9th, 2021 (UTC+8) Learn More: Enjoy your creation and happy render! Fox Renderfarm Team Submit now
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