FGT3D ‘Hero’ Challenge Is Online NOW!




Fox Renderfarm is excited to announce that FGT3D ‘Hero’ Challenge is online NOW! The 3D challenge theme is Hero!

Come shine your talent and loads of prizes are waiting for you! Learn more about the RULES and PRIZES.

TIME FOR ENTRIES: June 22nd - September 6th, 2020 (UTC+8)

SUBMIT YOUR ENTRY to FGT3D@foxrenderfarm.com

Enjoy your creation and happy render!

Fox Renderfarm Team



Fox Renderfarm News Roundup for May 22, 2020



Top News

Fox’s Got Talent April Winner recreated the Vista of Cliff from ‘UP’

How to create a lifelike spectacular cliff scenery in Houdini? Nguyen Hoang, a VFX Supervisor & CG Artist from Vietnam, creates the beautiful oil-painting-style artwork... Read more...

Exclusive Interview

Interview with Usamah Zaid Yasin, Creator of Ejen Ali Series and Ejen Ali The Movie

Ejen Ali, The Highest-grossing Malaysian Animated Film Surpasses RM30mil Mark

Ejen Ali, Malaysia's beloved 12-year-old super spy is well known by its TV animation series and its first animated feature film broke Malaysian’s box office records and ranked the highest-grossing local animated film ever in Malaysia... Read more...

CG Chanllenge

Creating a Hyper Futuristic Robot Under an AI Generative System in Blender

In the “Baby Robot” challenge, Karel Schmidt, the 3rd prize winner, created his baby robot in a creative way. The image stands out for its simplicity and suggestive quality... Read more...

Lastest Customer Case

Keep In Touch © Memie Osuga

A Senior Thesis Animation Film by Harvard Student, Showing the Communication Between Digital Natives

The ambitious work, Keep In Touch, is a senior thesis animation film created by Memie Osuga from Harvard University and rendered with Fox Renderfarm. Encountering a range of obstacles along the way of making it, finally, the film is here! Read more...

Fox Renderfarm News Roundup for April 30, 2020



Fight COVID-19 With CG Art

What is the shape of COVID-19 in your mind? During the quarantine period, the CG artists confront coronavirus in their creative ways. Fox Renderfarm collects some creative 3D rendering artworks and the inspirations behind...

Read more

Making Machinery Style Coronavirus in Blender

Have you ever seen machinery style coronavirus? Artist Kyle Yeap from Malaysia created an artwork named COVID-19 Mine. The shape of a naval mine implies that the virus will explode at any time if people bump into it...

Read more

‘The War on Hoarding' Episode 1: Toilet Paper ©Marien Singbo

The War on Hoarding in Cinema 4D

I made it in Cinema 4D with Redshift. My inspiration came from running out of toilet paper basically. I had to go on pilgrimage over 3 hours, through 4 stores here in London before I finally found some toilet paper...

Read more


Simulating the creating process of artistic Easter eggs in 3ds Max and Substance Painter. Read more

Stay Hungry for the Inspirations and let the Creative Juices Flow Through You. Read more

Never Lose the Passion to Learn and Create Your Own CG Worlds. Read more

Reproducing the Moment of Resurrection in 3ds Max and V-Ray.
Read more




Dear friends,

How are things going?

If you are having a tight deadline and crazy workloads, but working from home and your PC constantly crashing down cause you a headache in the rendering process, massive render nodes at Fox Renderfarm are at your fingertips.

Every new user will receive a US$200 Render Coupon with our compliments after his/her first successful top-up, as long as the top-up amount is greater than or equal to US$1.

In the darkest moment, Fox Renderfarm is staying with you.

T&Cs of using the US$200 Render Coupon:

  • Available for CPU & GPU rendering
  • Validity time: 3 months

Boost your rendering with Fox Renderfarm Recharge Now

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Fox Renderfarm

Your powerful cloud render farm

Fox’s Got Talent campaign keeps going. Welcome to share your artwork rendered with Fox Renderfarm and be our

April winner! Submit Now

Fox's Got Talent March Winner Revealed



Fox's Got Talent March Winner Revealed

  • Final Stand
  • Created by Yaw Onyina
  • Software used: Cinema 4d r19

Congratulations! This artwork took about 2 months to complete! The delicate composition, lighting and details make this artwork prominent.

The exclusive interview is on the way, please stay tuned!

Why not shine your talent and be our next Fox's Got Talent winner! Submit Now!

FGT3D 'Easter Egg' Challenge Winners Announced

We are happy to announce the winners of the Fox’s Got Talent 3D Challenge themed on 'Easter Egg'!

1st Place - The Art of Easter Eggs

  • Artists: Ritam Chatterjee & Surjendu Das
  • Artwork Name: The Art of Easter Eggs
  • Software and plugins used: 3ds Max 2019, Substance Painter, Vray Next, Photoshop

    2nd place - Easter Land

  • Artist: Sai Dinesh Komanduri
  • Artwork Name: Easter Land
  • Software and plugins used: Blender, ArmorPaint and Photoshop

    3rd place - Wrong Easter Egg

  • Artist: Maged Atef
  • Artwork name: Wrong Easter Egg
  • Software and plugins used: Blender, Zbrush, Substance Painter

Congrats to the winners, and thanks to everyone for participating.
Who’s our next winner? We hope to see you in the next FGT3D challenge!

Learn More → FGT3D 'Easter Egg' Challenge Winners Announced

3D Astronauts’ Escape Story Made in Blender

In our exclusive interview, Sai Dinesh Komanduri, Fox’s Got Talent February Winner, shared with us how he formed the ideas and realized them in a 3D render step by step, and the considerations behind to make the image delicate and balanced.

Fox Renderfarm: Have you met any difficulties? And how did you solve it?

Sai: There aren't many difficulties with this artwork but I've learned a lot while making this... read more → Fox’s Got Talent February Winner Revealed: 3D Astronauts’ Escape Story Made in Blender

Fox Renderfarm News Roundup for March 27, 2020



FOX Renderfarm Has Your Back Against COVID-19

Dear friends,

I know what you've been going through! Fox Renderfarm has your back against COVID-19!

Our cloud rendering services are still available and accessible for you as easy and fast as it was before the outbreak.

In the hard time, Fox Renderfarm is willing to and trying our best to help and support. We’ve mailed packages of masks to European and Asian countries including Spain, India, Malaysia, etc.

Moreover, special offer to support the community is going to be provided to you soon. Please stay tuned!

Stay home! Stay safe! Stay creative! Fox Renderfarm is staying with you! By holding our hands together, the victory will come very soon!

Learn more → Fox Renderfarm Has Your Back Against COVID-19

Latest Desktop Client Is Released for Your Better Experience

Submit your render job from inside your 3ds Max & Maya, boosting efficiency with just one click.

In addition to swifter submission, convenient features like drag-and-drop batch submission and automatic download rendered jobs are ready to improve your workflow as you like.

  • Ready For Windows
  • Supported Software:Maya 2015 64bit+ / 3ds Max 2014 64bit+ DOWNLOAD NOW

  • New way to submit: You can start your render job from inside 3ds Max or Maya.

  • Upload and download automatically: After the submission from inside your 3D software is completed, the rendering will automatically start and the rendered jobs will be automatically downloaded to a local folder as chosen.
  • Improve workflow: Streamline workflow, save your render time, make rendering faster and easier. For Tutorial

    March Inspiration Highlight

A WebVR Kitchen Tour: Immersive Tech is Bringing Vigour and New Possibilities to ArchVizRead more

A WebVR Kitchen Tour: Immersive Tech is Bringing Vigour and New Possibilities to ArchVizRead more

Shine Your Talent & Win Prizes | Cloud Render Farm



Fox's Got Talent 3D Challenge Feb. 26th - Mar. 30th, 2020 (UTC+8)

Spring has sprung, Easter is coming soon. Speaking of Easter eggs, you may have the image of rabbits holding colorful eggs, or you may think about the variety of candies and chocolates. And if you are a movie fan, lots of hidden surprises will conjure up in your mind… Whatever Easter Egg means to you, set your imagination free on cloud render farm, create a 3D render, and tell us your story.

JOIN US Shine Your Talent and Win Prizes!Waiting for you

Learn more

Top Story

Fox’s Got Talent January Winner Exclusive Interview

Jelly by Stefan Kang & Grace Hori Reaves

The winning artwork - Jelly, is a 15-second short video filled with sophisticated details. Stefan and Grace did a lot of experiments on the technical and aesthetic aspects during production. Encountering some “happy accidents” and overcoming them, they rendered their artwork with Fox Renderfarm and achieved the stunning final result.

Fox Renderfarm: Jelly has a technological and oceanic vibe, what’s the inspiration behind Jelly?

Stefan & Grace: It started out as a pure fascination towards jellyfish... read more→

Latest News

Over 200 SCAD alumni and students contributed to 21 Academy-Awards-nominated films for 2020Read more

5 Key Features in Blender 2.82 that Boost Your Creation ProductivityRead more

Tanhaji, Rendered with Fox Renderfarm,Became the Highest-grossing Bollywood Film of 2020Read more

Fox's Got Talent January Winner Revealed!



Fox's Got Talent

Jelly by Stefan Kang

2020 January Winner

Congratulations to our first winner of Fox's Got Talent 2020! The science-fiction jelly is so inspiring. We will have an interview with Stefan and his team, talking about the process for the Jellyfish Project, so please stay tuned with us! Learn more→

Top Stories

Telling the Legendary Story of F1 Driver Ayrton Senna through 3D Artwork

Courage by Daniel Vesterbaek

Daniel Vesterbaek described a dramatic F1 story through his 3D artwork Courage.Read more

Making an Eye-catching Vintage Mustang Look Strong and Smart in 3ds Max

The Retro Masterpiece by Surjendu Das

The powerful Mustang with exquisite lighting of the artwork won the Fox Renderfarm Team Choice. Read more

Latest News

Creating Photorealistic Marseille Oceanic Views in Cinema 4D

1 L'Odyssée, Naissance d'une Cité Subaquatique by DIORAMA

The nominated artwork is a breathtakingly beautiful ArchViz short film featured the underwater world as its theme. The interview revealed how the team had made the ambiental underwater scenes and the calm architecture views into reality in Cinema 4D. Read more→

Interactive Design in UE Empowers ArchViz with More Possibility

Master Bedroom by Jesús Gómez San Emeterio

Interactivity is a new way of experimenting unbuilt Architecture. Jesús revealed how he finally made interactive design in UE empowers ArchViz. Read more→

Interview with Cristina Martinez Benita: Contrast between Strength and Lightness in ArchViz

LAKEHOUSE by Cristina Martinez Benita

Composition and lighting determined the visual effects and the viewer’s engagement of an image. Cristina attempts to make her ArchViz image rational and focused while illustrating the contrast between strength and lightness. Read more→

BIG PRICE CUT for Cloud Rendering! Recharge More, Save More!



BIG PRICE CUT for Cloud Rendering! Recharge More, Save More!

Greater Value, Lower Price!

Weve cut the price to better meet your needs!Boost your rendering with Fox Renderfarm.Recharge More, Save More!

Learn more

6-year Exploration in Blender of a 16-year-old 3D Artist Interview with the 3rd place winner in the CGBOOST challengeRead more

Facebook 5K Follows Rewards 5 winners will be chosen, and each will receive a $50 Render CouponKnow more

Fox Renderfarm News Roundup for January 21, 2019



New Version Announcement

Dear Friends,

The latest version of Fox Renderfarm Desktop Client, version is released!

Let’s check out what's new in it!

  1. Allocate GPUs (cards)
  2. Batch adjust jobs priorities
  1. Download speed, packet loss, network latency were added in Line Speed Test
  2. The number of concurrent Upload or Download files is adjustable
  1. Predict the upload and download time
  2. Resubmit Timeout frames
  1. Rights Management for Sub-account
  2. Render Parameter Setting for Houdini

Read more →

Windows versionUPGRADE Linux versionUPGRADE

Exclusive Interview

Creating the Sophisticated Chevrolet Corvette 1960 in 3ds Max

Hum 3D ‘Car Render Challenge’ is one of the fantastic render challenges. As the sponsor, Fox Renderfarm is so glad to have an interview with the first prize winner Mr. Ehsan Darvishi. Read more →

Hum 3D Car Render Challenge is one of the fantastic render challenges. As the sponsor, Fox Renderfarm is so glad to have an interview with the first prize winner Mr. Ehsan Darvishi.Read more

Most-Viewed Stories

TOP 116-year-old 3D Artist's 6-year Exploration in Blender

TOP 2Disney Studio CG Supervisor Revealed the Production Secrets of Frozen 2

TOP 3Creation Process of Gorgeous Gladiator-style Centaur

TOP 4Interview with SIGGRAPH 2021 Conference Chair, Pol Jeremias-Vila

Fox Renderfarm News Roundup for January 10, 2020



Fox Renderfarm Unveils a New Look

Hello, dear friends! We are happy and proud to announce the launch of the new Fox Renderfarm logo as part of the ongoing evolution of our brand.

Fox Renderfarm has grown and evolved over the years with the endeavor of our devoted teams and the love and support from every one of you. At the beginning of 2020, we have altered our logo that reflects who we are and symbolizes our brand culture and the bright future ahead.

Starting today, you will see the new look everywhere. Meanwhile, our business partners are welcomed to use the new logo. The new logo and usage guidelines can be downloaded here.

Finally, Fox Renderfarm is so thankful for your trust and love, our friends. And we look forward to a better future together with you! Learn more

Fox Renderfarm Highlights 2019 At the beginning of 2020, lets look back at our journey in 2019Read more

Interview withPol Jeremias-Vila SIGGRAPH 2021 Conference Chair, A Man of Many ResponsibilitiesRead more

Fox Renderfarm News Roundup for December 25, 2019



Dear Customers,

Thank you for your support and love this year!

Fox Renderfarm is wishing you a happy holiday and a wonderful start of 2020!

Best Regards,

Fox Renderfarm

Top News SIGGRAPH Interview

Jensen Huang announced RAYVISION Cloud Rendering supercharged by NVIDIA RTX

Ernest Petti Revealed the Production Secrets of Frozen 2

NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang strongly recommended Fox Renderfarm as the largest cloud rendering platform in Asia.read more Ernest Petti, Studio CG Supervisor at Walt Disney Animation Studios, has devoted to the production in Frozen 2, the biggest-worldwide-opening animated film of all time.read more

SIGGRAPH Interview SIGGRAPH Interview

How Digital Humans will Affect our Lives

What Can We Expect for SIGGRAPH Asia 2020

Mike Seymour is a Digital Humans researcher who researches on new forms of effective communication and education using photoreal, realtime computer generated faces.read more Jinny Choo, Chair for SIGGRAPH Asia 2020 talked about her experience of organizing numbers of festivals and conferences.read more

Fox's Got Talent Fox Interview

3D Artist of Foxs Got Talent: Jeffrey Frias

How Futuristic Architecture to Save the Last Nature

Jeffrey Frias, a Junior 3D Generalist at PIXOMONDO, shared his making of the awarded artwork with us.read more Patrick Vogel, a Multidimensional Designer, told us his answer through a futuristic 3D architectural work.read more

25 Nov. 2019 - 31 Dec. 2019

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Recharge and get 1X CPU coupons or 0.3X GPU coupons.

E.g., recharge US$500, get US$500 CPU coupon or US$150 GPU coupon.

Render NOW!

Welcome to join us

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Corona Renderer Learning - Denoising


Arnold\ V-Ray\ Octane\ Conora\ RedShift, Which Renderer Is The Best?


Is This Simulated By Houdini? No! This Is Max!


Arnold Render Farm | Fox Render Farm




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