Minuscule 2 Mandibles From Far Away Will Be On-Screen In China On August 23

Minuscule 2 Mandibles from far away Will Be On-Screen In China On August 23 -1

The French animated film Minuscule: Mandibles from far away(minuscule les mandibules du bout du monde) is officially announced will be on-screen on August 23rd in mainland China. The jungle version of the poster was also exposed in the news.

Minuscule 2 Mandibles from far away Will Be On-Screen In China On August 23

It is reported that Minuscule: Mandibles from far away comes from the original team - directed by Thomas Szabo, Helene Giraud. The story tells of the friendly ladybugs Cox and Junior to help the friend black ant Mandible escape the interception of red ants, unfortunately from the snowy France to the summer of the South American Caribbean. They used their courage and wit to escape the claws of the spiders in the rainforest, and met the local ladybugs, and together with the caterpillars, they drove away the humans who invaded their homes. At the same time, Junior's bravery is also a harvest of love, hoping to stay in the beautiful Caribbean. What choices will Cox and Junior make?

The TV series of Minuscule: Mandibles from far away is an encyclopedia of the insect world. The first film Minuscule: Mandibles from far away connects a variety of insects in the jungle from the perspective of a ladybug, showing the audience a wonderful microscopic world.

Minuscule 2: Mandibles from far away follows the previous timeline and the new adventure is about to begin. The sequel still focuses on the tiny but not small lives in our lives. It not only continues the real scene + CG picture presentation mode of the "small insect big world", but also strengthens the plot on the basis of the previous work, enriching the relationship between the characters. Emotional association conflicts make the character image more full.

It is worth mentioning that the film adheres to the style of without dialogue. This is the temperance expression of the anthropomorphism of the animal and the restoration of animal life.

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