Spider-Man: Far From Home Global Box Office Broke $1 Billion


The Spider-Man: Far From Home’s global box office officially broke through $1 billion. Among them, the North American box office was 333 million US dollars, and the overseas total was 672 million US dollars, of which the Chinese mainland market contributed 204 million US dollars.

Spider-Man: Far From Home is the first global box office in the Spider-Man series to break the $1 billion film. It is also the 9th work of MCU( Marvel Film Universe)to break the $1 billion box office mark. It is also the 40th in the global film history, wihic broke the $1 billion box office.

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There was a gossip saying that when Spider-Man returned to the Marvel movie universe, Sony and Marvel signed an agreement. If the second Spider-Man global box office could not pass $1 billion, control would return to Sony. If you can pass $1 billion, then Marvel is entitled to one-third of the supervisory authority. This time it is stable.

Since Disney completed the merger with Flowserve, Sony has become the only company outside of Disney that has the rights to edit Marvel characters, including the core characters of "Sony Marvel Movie Universe" (SMCU) and Spider-Man comics. The copyright of about 900 Marvel characters is critical to expanding the universe of SMCU.

According to Sony's official news, Sony has already started the SMCU development plan for the next 8 years, including not less than 7 SMCU related works such as movies, animations and TV series.

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On the occasion of this great joy, with the Spider-Man: Far From Home multiple special effects comparison chart as follow.

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