How to Use 3ds Max to Create A Brave Warrior

Some test renders - Bravehearts - Reya Alankandy


Bravehearts © Reyaz Alankandy

Have a look at the amazing mood, lighting and composition!

The work, Bravehearts, is created by Reyaz Alankandy, a freelance 3D artist based in India. It’s a proud tribute to these brave warriors for their selfless hard work through the pandemic.

In “My own 2020” Evermotion Challenge 2020, Reyaz Alankandy, the champion of the competition, shows his own 2020 by creating the artwork “Bravehearts”.

In this artwork, Reyaz portrays a railway station that used to overflow with bustling life, but during the pandemic, it emptied all except the sanitation workers busy in the task.

Made with 3ds Max, Corona Renderer, Photoshop, the award-winning artwork shows a proud tribute to these brave warriors for their selfless hard work. As Reyaz said, while the world hid, some rose to fight back, to stand a chance against the virus.

As a freelance 3D artist specialized in architectural and interior visualization, Reyaz created many excellent artworks, and he adores every challenge and new opportunity along his archviz journey. In the interview with Fox Renderfarm, the largest cloud rendering services provider in the CG industry, Reyaz talked about how he created the work and his career experience.

Reyaz Alankandy

  • Reyaz Alankandy
  • Freelance 3D Artist
  • 3D Visualizer

In our exclusive interview, Reyaz introduced how he created this amazing piece.

More about interview detials Tribute To Bravehearts In My Own 2020: Introducing 3D Artist, Reyaz Alankandy

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