Making a Japanese-style Scene in 3ds Max(3)

Making a Japanese-style Scene in 3ds Max

Continue the Making a Japanese-style Scene in 3ds Max(1) and Making a Japanese-style Scene in 3ds Max(2), the fastest GPU & CPU cloud rendering services provider, Fox Renderfarm still shares with you Making a Japanese-style Scene in 3ds Max(3).

Model placement

After the low model is completed, place it according to the set camera angle in the entire scene. The position and size of the model need to be exactly the same as the original image. After the placement, the ID is separated according to the material. Note that the name of the material needs to be the same as the name of the model. Then add a shader, and finally export the scene resources to Substance Painter to make textures.


Before making the texture, we need to make all the UVS of the low mode well. Note that the accuracy of the UV needs to be consistent with the whole scene. After dividing the UVS, match it with the high-poly to make the two models completely overlap and bake the normal, And then open the exported model resources in Substance Painter, and bake the remaining textures in Substance Painter.

It should be noted that the texture of the house needs to be made with seamless textures, while the billboard UVS needs to be done in Substance Painter for the content and colors of the advertisement, and then mapped to the model.

Let's share the basic process of material with the shark head.

  1. For the production of basic colors, the shark head is divided into several parts, eyes, teeth, black part, and white part of the shark head, as well as the tongue, gums, and oral cavity.
  2. Create different layers and give black masks, and use the UVS fill in the geometry fill to select the range. It should be noted here that when the model is made and when the UVS is split, it is necessary to think about the wiring between different materials on the same object in advance. When making shark heads, there is the wiring between different materials, so that we can cut along the line when we develop UVS. And we can choose the range while making the material. We can also add a brush tool to draw after using the mask, select the range or make the ID map in 3ds Max, and select the color in Substance Painter. Specific materials are selected according to different models and materials.

In the basic step, not only the color, roughness, and metallicity of the model shall be adjusted, but also filters, color levels, etc. shall be added to the background color according to the material of the object to enhance the texture of the object. Use some procedural textures or masks, combined with brushes to draw dirty marks. Carry out some detailed descriptions, through procedural textures, generators, etc., to increase some surface details such as scratches, damage, stains, dust, etc., which can be adjusted by adding a brush.


Making a Japanese-style Scene in 3ds Max

Making a Japanese-style Scene in 3ds Max

Due to a large number of scene props, the workload is heavy. The Marmoset toolbag was used for test rendering at the beginning, but the effect was not very good, and the screen display was slightly shiny and rendered. There is also a certain difference between the atmosphere of the whole scene and the original painting. Finally, the V-ray renderer is used, and the still frame rendering scheme is adopted, which can improve the rendering quality of the scene.

After learning some basic rendering operations of V-ray, I decided to rearrange some parts.

  1. Texture: Due to the difference between the V-ray texture process and Substance Painter's PBR scene channel, it was tested many times in the early stage, and finally the texture was mapped to the correct path one by one.

Lighting: V-Ray has a rich variety of lighting. The main light source I use is V-Ray Sun, and there are some auxiliary light sources, area lights, and point lights. I encountered many problems when adjusting the light, such as choosing the type of light, controlling the intensity of the light, and the placement of the position. The most important thing is to gradually test the effect of the shadow.

Texturing effect:

Making a Japanese-style Scene in 3ds Max

Environment fog: The environment fog is a difficult problem in the scene. The environment fog is arranged in the last step before rendering. The parameters are also very complicated. After debugging for a long time, I also asked the teacher some questions, and finally found that the main thing is to adjust the height of the fog. The three parameters of distance and color are arranged to have an effect similar to the original painting.

Making a Japanese-style Scene in 3ds Max

Making a Japanese-style Scene in 3ds Max

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How to Create a Stylized Cheongsam Girl in ZBrush and 3ds Max (2)
How to Create a Stylized Cheongsam Girl in ZBrush and 3ds Max (2)
How to create a stylized Cheongsam girl in ZBrush and 3ds Max? In this article, the best render farm and cloud rendering service provider, Fox Renderfarm will share with you the tutorial. For part one:How to Create a Stylized Cheongsam Girl in ZBrush and 3ds Max(1) High polygon model/face/hair/clothing wrinkles When you've carved to a certain extent, you're going to ZBrush to make a high-polygon model. First of all, I add a new hem to the model that needs to be added with subdivision carving. Most of the automatic hem of ZBrush can already meet our manufacturing requirements. If there is some dissatisfaction, it can also be matched with part of the edge ring hem of ZModeler.When carving wrinkles, I usually turn on the Lazy mouse function, which can make the carved lines more smooth, avoid intermittent lines, make the cloth look cleaner and more beautiful, and can also be matched with some Alpha brushes, so that the wrinkles are more detailed and richer.!How to Create a Stylized Cheongsam Girl in ZBrush and 3ds MaxWhen making hair, it is recommended to use simple geometry first, with the SnakeHook brush to quickly make the outline of the hair, for the subsequent hair production to provide a good basis. When using the SnakeHook brush, you can also turn on Sculptris Pro mode in conjunction with it, so that there is no obvious distortion in some places where there is a large change. !How to Create a Stylized Cheongsam Girl in ZBrush and 3ds MaxAfter adjusting the simple outline, you can use the hairbrush to brush the hair out in clusters. Before brushing the hair, make sure that curve mode is turned on, lock the starting point, and then it takes a lot of patience. Of course, the best way is to observe how the real person's hair twists so that the hair will naturally look good. Details need to pay attention to the scalp coverage and to avoid some places "bald" off. In this case, the hair production is not close to the tangent of the scalp, but first grows up, and then falls down. Paying attention to these details, the hair will naturally look good.Finally, we use the "Automatic grouping" in the "Polygon group" to get rich, well-rooted hair, and then use the Move Topological brush to pull out some of the hair and make small broken hair floating outside to make the hairstyle look more vivid and flexible. It should be noted here that the hair pulled out should still float away according to the direction of the overall hairstyle, do not let the separation distance or angle be too large, otherwise, it looks easy to fake or not natural enough.!How to Create a Stylized Cheongsam Girl in ZBrush and 3ds Max RenderingSo far I've only made models, not added materials. In this case, Keyshots are generally used for rendering, because the model without materials rendered by Keyshots will look more delicate and have a good light and shadow effect. Normally, I will first set a warm light main light source from 45° down from the upper left, and then match a cold light auxiliary light source from the back to the front from the right, so that the structure is more vivid.!How to Create a Stylized Cheongsam Girl in ZBrush and 3ds Max
RAYVISION Offers Its Clients a Variety of Pricing Options Along With a Free Trial
RAYVISION Offers Its Clients a Variety of Pricing Options Along With a Free Trial
The cloud rendering services previously known as Fox Renderfarm, have rebranded themselves as RayVision. They now offer their clients a variety of suitable and affordable pricing options along with a free trial.Their pricing system has been called “remarkably accurate” by clients; and studios find it easier to trust them with their graphics because never charge for unsuccessful jobs. The website itself has a “Calculate Your Cost” section, which allows clients to calculate their prices by entering their rendering time per frame, the number of frames and the unit price. This transparency in pricing has made it easier for them to build a reputation and ensure a good customer base.Their pricing is divided into three categories to make the whole process easier for the clients. A VIP customer is charged $0.57 per node, per hour. Gold customers are charged $1.03 per hour, and ordinary customers are charged $1.36 per hour. The company personally claims that their charge is accurate up to seconds. Furthermore, for rendering film class projects; it offers further discounts, the details of which are available on the website.Image and video rendering projects generally require a high level of accuracy, and the quality expectations of the client are also quite high. Ray Vision aims to address this concern by allowing the clients to assess their services through a free trial. This makes it much easier for the clients to understand if their expectations will be met.A spokesperson for the company was reported to have said, “Our company has an exceptionally client centric approach. We view each of our customers as individuals and we make sure that their expectations are met. We understand that they are the most important part of our business and make sure that they are satisfied, in terms of price, quality and customer services.” About the Company: Rayvision was formed in 2010, and was the first company to offer a cloud rendering platform to customers. In fact, the company is known to have pioneered “self service cloud rendering”. The internet technology company specializes in cluster rendering, parallel computing technology, and provides the computing services needed for cloud rendering. Some of the company’s reputable customers include DreamWorks, SKG, Magic, and American Industrial Light.
How to Make The Hard Surface of Firearms
How to Make The Hard Surface of Firearms
The production of high poly is an important part of the 3D modeling, especially for the production of hard surface models such as inorganic materials. There are many ways to achieve it. Fox Renderfarm, your TPN-Accredited render farm and cloud rendering service provider share a article about How to Make The Hard Surface of Firearms. In this article, I will explain how to use Zbrush and 3ds Max to create a hard surface model of the high poly M500 revolver.The final effect of M500 revolver:!How to Make The Hard Surface of Firearms 17!How to Make The Hard Surface of Firearms 4!How to Make The Hard Surface of Firearms 11The production process is divided into three parts, including 3ds Max and Zbrush for high poly, Keyshot for rendering, and Photoshop for post-processing. In this passage, the production of the pistol runner model will be introduced in detail. Runner model productionSoftware used: the ZBrush Spotlight!How to Make The Hard Surface of Firearms 181. Find the Spotlight tool in Light: 5 sets of preset Alpha templates, choose an entry tool, and convert the generated model to ploymesh 3D.!How to Make The Hard Surface of Firearms 0Press Z key: select the desired Alpha, add to the model position, then mask. The Spotlight tool can freely control operations such as displacement, scaling and rotation, copying, and Boolean operations.!How to Make The Hard Surface of Firearms 2Generate the model: Operate in Front View to ensure that the Alpha graphics are selected, and the yellow frame is selected.!How to Make The Hard Surface of Firearms 5Click the Z key to exit the mask editing and edit the model. Shift+Z hides the extra tools. After making the first root, then continue to generate other models. The placement can be according to the reference picture.!How to Make The Hard Surface of Firearms 9Use the Array array tool to rotate the copy model. The array can control the number of copies and the distance between them at will.!How to Make The Hard Surface of Firearms 10Alpha menu can add custom Alpha graphics, black and white images made in PSD format, add to Spotlight to generate a custom Alpha-model. we can first create a black and white image in Photoshop and import it into Zbrush for use.!How to Make The Hard Surface of Firearms 7The triangle model used ZBrush's Spotlight to generate the model, imported 3DS max to copy the two rows of models, and then use the bend modifier to rotate and bend to fit outside the circle. This model fits better and is easy to operate.!How to Make The Hard Surface of Firearms 12Make a diamond-shaped convex structure, then present array and bending effect in the max.!How to Make The Hard Surface of Firearms 15!How to Make The Hard Surface of Firearms 3The model before the Boolean operation is ready. 2. Boolean use of ZBrushUse Boolean to create the desired shape on the model of the main body. Here is one thing to note that it is best to put the model in a folder for Boolean.!How to Make The Hard Surface of Firearms 14After Boolean is used, the model will be automatically grouped. The resolution of danymesh is higher as 512-1024.!How to Make The Hard Surface of Firearms 8If you want the edges of the model to be soft, you can blur the Mask on the edges of the model a little bit, and then flip the mask.!How to Make The Hard Surface of Firearms 13The overall adjustment is almost complete, and the model can now be smooth.!How to Make The Hard Surface of Firearms 6Finally, use a smooth brush to adjust the effect.!How to Make The Hard Surface of Firearms 16The details can be modified according to needs. The runner model is almost complete. we can see that the effect of the hard surface is very good now.
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