Maya Tutorials: Production Process of 3D Artwork Crazy Fans(2)

3D Artwork Crazy Fans 24


Part of the role modeling is basically done in ZBrush. But before ZBrush, a low-poly model is made. Most of the scene props are done in Maya. In terms of characters, I decided to exaggerate at the beginning, so I can’t make the character too realistic. If it is too realistic, the expressive power of the picture will be greatly reduced. Therefore, in the production of the character, I will exaggerate its characteristics abnormally, but I cannot. If it is too much, it will become too cute which is not what I want, so I positioned the picture as a cartoonish realistic style.

The prototype of the fans referenced Paul Bell, the greatest manager in WWE history, and then made some modifications on his basis.

3D Artwork Crazy Fans 1 3D Artwork Crazy Fans 27

The clothes are basic models made in Maya, then imported into ZBrush and sculpted using ZRemesher.

3D Artwork Crazy Fans 11

Hamburg still uses the previous brushes, but with an extra Alpha. The drink is carved with InsertSphere and Dynamesh.

The body still uses those brushes, and finally puts them together.

3D Artwork Crazy Fans 15

The role of the player is based on the French team’s Ribery. In order to be similar to him, I collected a lot of his information and added more exaggerations when carving the model.

3D Artwork Crazy Fans 25

The method of making player roles is the same as that of fans. The shoes are done in Maya.

3D Artwork Crazy Fans 8

the football referee-Colina is a reference to the role of the referee, I believe everyone who likes football knows him.

3D Artwork Crazy Fans 21

Since he is far from the lens in the picture, the carving is not very detailed.

3D Artwork Crazy Fans 2

3D Artwork Crazy Fans 13

Those fans who are farther away are even more omitted because they are too small and there is no need to make them too detailed.

3D Artwork Crazy Fans 19

The scene is made in reference to the Maracanã Stadium in Brazil, and the style is also a bit more cartoonish.

3D Artwork Crazy Fans 14

The fans first made a set of very low-poly models, and then shuffled, copied, and copied them. Don't place them too neatly and randomly.

3D Artwork Crazy Fans 22

The clouds in the sky are made using materials in Photoshop and then pasted on a flat surface. The airship is first modeled, and then rendered(Fox Renderfarm suppports Maya cloud rendering) separately for later compositing.

3D Artwork Crazy Fans 3


After the model is finished, start testing the lights. The time is daytime, so the light first uses a surface light to simulate the sunlight source, then turn on GI, turn on the physical skylight of VRay, and control the light intensity.

3D Artwork Crazy Fans 4

3D Artwork Crazy Fans 23


Photoshop and Mudbox are used in this part of texture making. Before casting, it is best to choose those with few highlights and shadows or trim off the highlights and shadows.

3D Artwork Crazy Fans 18

Continue to modify and adjust until you are satisfied.

3D Artwork Crazy Fans 10

Make bump highlights by color, plus the normal map baked before, and use these for basic textures. There is no difficulty in making clothes and props. The main thing is to control the highlights of different materials, and the texture will be different.

3D Artwork Crazy Fans 28

3D Artwork Crazy Fans 26


The system is mainly produced by Hairtrix. There are many ways to make hair, but I am more accustomed to using Hairtrix, and personally feel that this is pretty easy to use.

3D Artwork Crazy Fans 20

Layered rendering

3D Artwork Crazy Fans 5

Compositing & Post-production

The main thing in the post-production is to control the atmosphere. Just look at the excellent works of art, movies, magazines, photography, etc., to enrich your control of the atmosphere of the picture and the feeling of color. This also requires long-term accumulation.

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How to Set Up a Maya Render Farm
How to Set Up a Maya Render Farm
Maya is an excellent 3D production software owned by Autodesk. It is very famous in the animation design industry and belongs to the top design and production software. Especially in animation production, game characters, film special effects. For example, Blue Sky's animated movie Spies in Disguise in 2019 and Netflix's science fiction series Lost in Space. The issue of rendering is inevitably involved in animated film production. I believe that many people are worried about the rendering time is too long and the delivery time is too tight, but using the render farm is a good choice, so how to set up a Maya render farm?Spies in DisguiseLost in SpaceHow to build a Maya render farm? First of all, there are many issues to consider when setting up a render farm, such as the number of machines, the configuration of the machines, the network, labor, software, purchase of Maya's license, time cost, security, and your budget. You can refer to the following article: Is Building Your Own Render Farm The Best Option?If the project budget is tight, and you don't want to spend too much time on setting up and managing the render farm, you can consider using a commercial Maya render farm. After all, it can be used anytime, anywhere, and there is no project or the project has not reached the rendering progress when you don’t need to vacate your resources or ask someone to maintain it. Especially in the process of using your local render farm, if you encounter unexpected problems, you can also get the assistance of professional technicians. You don't have to spend time researching the problem yourself until you find a solution. During this period, if you are in a commercial Maya render farm, Some projects are estimated that you have finished rendering.The Top Benefits of Online Render FarmsOf course, choosing a commercial render farm also requires choosing a large and well-known professional online render farm, which guarantees safety. In addition to security, the number of machines and the quality of service can be provided very well. For example, the TPN-Accredited cloud render farm, Fox Renderfarm, in addition to providing massive rendering nodes, 24/7 services, there are professional TD personnel to solve technical problems for you at any time. At the same time, Fox Renderfarm is the rare render farm in the CG industry that supports both CPU and GPU rendering. Various mainstream software, renderers, and plug-ins are supported, as well as personalized customization services. Fox Renderfarm provides multiple submission methods for users to choose from. In addition to web page upload, rendering, monitor, and download, offline software applications can also be used for asset uploading, rendering, monitoring, and downloading. It's very easy to use and it only takes a few steps.If you are still hesitating to build local Maya render farm or use a commercial render farm, why not directly get a free trial of $25 on Fox Renderfarm, which can be used as a real experience reference.
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