render farmservice

What is a render farms?

Render farm, also called renderfarm. In fact, we should call him "Distributed Parallel Cluster Computing System", a supercomputer built with off-the-shelf CPU /GPU, Ethernet and operating system. It enables mainstream commercial computer hardware devices to reach or approach the computing power of supercomputers.

The principle is that distributed parallel computing is divided into spatial parallelism and temporal parallelism. Parallelism in space refers to the execution of computations concurrently with multiple processors. Some renderers already support single-frame split-and-split rendering. Parallelism in time refers to pipeline technology. The frontier scientific research of cluster computing systems is mainly spatial parallelism, and the flow parallel computing in time has been widely used.

Where can I get a render farms?

You can rent a render farm service, don’t need to spend huge amount of money on purchasing hardware. Using a render farm service, save money and time, secure, easy to use, convenient.

Most of the render farm companies will sign the NDA with their clients and promise they will never disclose any materials with the 3rd parties. So NDA terms is a necessary factor you should consider before choose the right render farm service.

Generally speaking, the render farm supports most of the mainstream 3D software and plugins, they can even help install it according to your unique requirements.

When you submit your rendering project to foxrenderfarm, just a few minutes to finish it. Sign up for $20 free trial now~

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