What is the difference between pre-rendering and real-time rendering?


3D Rendering

Pre-Rendering vs Real-time Rendering

"Avatar" directed by James Cameron spent four years and nearly 500 million US dollars to open a new world of science fiction for everyone. The CGI characters, Names, in the film look exactly the same as the people in the real world. And the realistic sci-fi scenes are shocking. However, these wonderful images are inseparable from the CG artists and pre-rendering technology.

In order to solve the rendering tasks of "Avatar", the Weta Digital supercomputer processes up to 1.4 million tasks per day to render movies, running 24 hours a day with 40,000 CPUs, 104TB memory and 10G network bandwidth. It took 1 month in total. Each frame of "Avatar" needs to be rendered for several hours, 24 frames per second. Hence, the powerful rendering cluster capability is really important to the CG studio.

What is pre-rendering?

Pre-rendering is used to create realistic images and movies, where each frame can take hours or days to complete, or for debugging of complex graphics code by programmers. Pre-rendering starts with modelling, using points, lines, surfaces, textures, materials, light and shadow, visual effects and other elements to build realistic objects and scenes. Then, computing resources are used to calculate the visual image of the model under the action of factors, such as viewpoint, light, and motion trajectory according to the predefined scene settings. The process is called pre-rendering. After the rendering is completed, the frames are played continuously to achieve the final effect.

It is mainly used in the fields of architecture archive, film and television, animation, commercials, etc., with the focus on art and visual effects. In order to obtain ideal visual effects, modelers need to sculpt various model details during the production process; animators need to give the characters a clever charm; lighting artists need to create various artistic atmospheres; visual effects artists need to make visual effects realistic. Commonly used pre-rendering softwares include 3ds Max, Maya, Blender, Cinema 4D, etc., which are characterized by the need to arrange the scene in advance, set the relevant rendering parameters, such as shadow, particle, anti-aliasing, etc.), and then use a PC or render farm to render with unsupervised calculation.

BTW, you can use a local machine or a cloud render farm for rendering. Fox Render**farm can provide render**ing technical support for the software mentioned above.

Each frame in the pre-rendered scene is present. Once the rendering is started, each frame takes several seconds, minutes or even hours to render. A large amount of memory, CPU/GPU, and storage resources are consumed during the rendering process, which is a computing resource-intensive application. Especially in film and television projects, there are usually scheduled requirements so that rendering tasks need to be completed within a specified time. Currently, tasks are basically submitted to cloud rendering farms for rendering. Cloud rendering farms, such as Fox Render**farm**, are professional service companies that can provide massively parallel computing clusters.

After pre-rendering, the task is basically the finished work that has been rendered. If you want to calculate and see the scene in real time on an operable online service or online game, we have to talk about real-time rendering.

What is real-time rendering?

In August 2020, a live demonstration of the action role-playing game "Black Myth: Wukong" produced by Game Science Corporation from China became popular in Chinese social networks. The top-notch pictures, rich details, immersive combat experience, and sufficient plot interpretation in the demonstration restore an oriental magical world. Every beautiful scene in the game is rendered in real time.

Real-time rendering is used to interactively render a scene, like in 3D computer games, and generally each frame must be rendered in a few milliseconds. It means that the computer outputs and displays the screen while calculating the screen. Typical representatives are Unreal and Unity. Games like Game Science are built using Unreal Engine 4. The characteristic of real-time rendering is that it can be controlled in real time and is very convenient for interaction. However, the disadvantage is that it is limited by the load capacity of the system. And if necessary, it will sacrifice the final effect, including model, light, shadow and texture, to meet the requirements of the real-time system. Real-time rendering can currently be applied to 3D games, 3D simulations, and 3D product configurators and others.

Real-time rendering focuses on interactivity and real-time. Generally, scenes need to be optimized to increase the speed of screen calculation and reduce latency. For the user, every operation, such as a finger touch or click the screen, will make the screen to be recalculated. And the feedback needs to be obtained in real time. Thus, real-time rendering is very important. In simulation applications, the data shows that only if the latency is controlled within 100ms, people will not obviously perceive the inconsistency of video and audio.

In recent years, with the improvement of GPU performance, the speed of real-time calculation is getting faster; and the accuracy of the calculation images is getting higher. Especially with the application of Ray-tracing and other technologies, the effect of real-time rendering becomes more realistic. These top technologies are also obvious trends in future production. If you want to learn more about the real-time rendering, please feel free to contact us.

Best Offers From Render Farm This Summer


Render Farm

The current situation with the spread of infection does not greatly stimulate the field of computer graphics regarding interesting news. Especially good ones. Nevertheless, it is necessary to be able in different situations to look for something positive and new ways and opportunities.

We have repeatedly noted that the skill and experience of using online render farms are very useful, even if you are involved in simple architectural visualizations and your computer can easily cope with rendering. At some point, quality requirements can go off-scale or tighten the deadlines, and here the render of the farm will always come to the rescue. There’s nothing to say about animation - instead of rendering for days, you can pay a reasonable amount of money and hand over the project in 1 day, to do something else.

Among the excuses that I often heard about the impossibility of using render farms, the following were most often mentioned:

  • There is no time (well, ok, now everyone has abruptly enough time)

  • I have my own render farm at work (now many studios will be reduced and maybe it’s worth preparing for work on freelance)

  • Now there is no need (when the need arises, it is usually too late one hour before the project is completed to learn something new)

In short, dear friends, we strongly recommend that you pay attention to the best offers of farm renderings that we have to provide and recommend.

Fox Render**farm** Special Offer

Fox Render**farm is one of the most famous and successful farms, noted not only for quality services for studios and freelancers from around the world but also for participating in large-scale full-length projects! Our render** farm allows you to send to the render both through the software installed on the computer or web and through your personal account, which, by the way, has become much prettier after the latest updates both in design and functionality.

Almost any popular 3D software, GPU, or CPU rendering - Fox Render**farm will easily render** any project in a short time because they have Alibaba Cloud Computing as partners.

Usually, Fox Render**farm offers new users $ 25 when registering, and if you are a student or educator, freelancers, you can easily apply and get your special discount and exclusive offer from our render** farm.

Welcome to have a free trial and get your special discount.

The Witcher 3 Character Model Making Process


3D Rendering

Fox Renderfarm, the best render farm** in the CG industry, will bring you sharing about character model making process and ideas. Many people will encounter a lot of problems when they first come into contact with CG character art. For example, there is now a new character model that needs to be designed. Where should I start? What should it be made of? Even if there are very powerful artists to teach the experience, they will still find it impossible to start.

So how should this situation be resolved? We take the role of Vesemir in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt as an example. Why choose this role? Because Vesemir's body shape, material, clothing, hair, etc. contain many types. The entire case contains a complete process from reference to a complete production process, which can fully meet all project production.


Before production, it is necessary to clarify the production goals: such as the model style, the details of the model, and what kind of quality to achieve in the end, these are very important. Taking the character of Vesemir in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt as an example, you need to find references before making, such as armor reference, material texture reference, etc., even the style of clothing, sewing method, etc., all the things that need to be model need a detailed reference.


The basic structure of the model is very important. Although the character has clothing to cover the body, the structure of the body cannot be ignored. Be sure to ensure the correct body structure. (In the production of other projects, some basic body models can be saved, and some time can be saved here).

The same clothes are worn on different people, and the feeling of dressing is different. The part of the red line is to outline the outline of the desired character and then modify the model.

This is also the most critical step in making a model. If the shape is inaccurate or not correct enough, even if you put on clothes, the model will look fake and the whole will be very uncoordinated.

The picture above is the wrong case! For example, cloth, different materials in different parts, and different thicknesses, the wrinkle direction is different. The model should also consider the volume and structure of those things when making the model.


Regarding topology and UV, the focus is on low polygons. Especially for the human body, reasonable lines and surfaces conform to the direction of muscles and bones. For example, an accessory with a complicated shape, but it is extremely small, so you should not give too many polygons. Compared with the high polygon, the low polygon will always lose little things, so it is necessary to balance between the two.


The production of textures is a very important part. It is necessary to correctly analyze the changes in the real world and then restore them with layers, and understand how the texture controls different attribute nodes of the object. Substance Painter is very easy to use in texture production. Then according to different production processes, they correspond to the normal, color, highlight, glossiness, normal, color, metallicity, roughness, and other attributes of the object.

Make the basic texture in Substance Painter, and then added different details according to different props, such as broken and worn out. And distinguish the texture of props: metal, leather, weapons, etc..

The lighting used a set of previously made lights (which can save some time), and the texture can be produced while testing and observing the effect.

If the final rendering effect is more realistic, then the details are very important.

Why do you need to use a render farm?


3D Rendering

With the rapid development of 3D movies in recent years, VFX movies have also received more and more attention. From the point of view of the box office of European movies, the top 5 movies Avengers: Endgame, Avatar, Titanic, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Avengers: Infinity War. They are almost inseparable from VFX production. And Disney relied on the 3D animated film Frozen series, sweeping $ 2.574 billion in the world, creating a new record for the global animated film box office.

image via internet

Why do you need to use a render farm? Rendering is indispensable behind these movies, and rendering is almost done by various render farms of all sizes.

Rendering is the later part of 3D animation production, and rendering is a very time-consuming step in the later stage. An 80-minute animated movie can often be rendered in thousands to tens of thousands of hours.

In the animated film COCO, 29,000 lights were used in the scene of the train station; 18,000 lights were in the cemetery; 2000 RenderMan practical lights were used in the Undead World. The production team used the RenderMan API to create 700 special point cloud lights, which expanded to 8.2 million lights. These massive lights are a nightmare for the rendering artist. For the production requirements, the test can not complete such a huge rendering. They once tested rendering and found that these light-filled shots actually took 1,000 hours per frame! They continued their research and shortened it to 125 hours and 75 hours. The rendering time of one frame at the time of final production was 50 hours and one frame. The movie is 24 frames per second, 1440 frames per minute, if a movie is calculated as 90 minutes. That 1440 frames 90 minutes = 129600 frames, 129600 50 = 6480000 hours. Converted into adulthood is 740 years?

image via internet

"To render Avatar, Weta Digital used a 10,000-square-foot server farm. There are 4,000 servers with a total of 35,000 processor cores. The average time to render a single frame is 2 hours, 160 minutes of video. The overall rendering time takes 2880000 hours, which is equivalent to 328 years of work for one server! "

image via internet

If the rendering work is only on a general computer, this is almost impossible. So the production team created its own render farm, powerful machine performance and huge number to complete such a huge amount of work.

For small teams, studio, freelancer, and individual producers, rendering take the same time. If they want to spend a lot of time using the computer for rendering work, this is undoubtedly a time-consuming thing, and they are unacceptable. These various reasons, coupled with uncontrollable factors such as computer crashes, special effects artists often cannot complete the work within the time specified by the producer due to rendering problems. Moreover, the labor, material, and electricity required to maintain computer rendering. The cost is also a big fee for the production company!

So it is very necessary to work with some render farms. Not only can it save the time of the production staff, but also can use a large number of machines in a limited time to complete the work in a short time.

The emergence of cloud rendering technology makes the render farm more mature. Cloud rendering is to upload materials to the cloud and use this cloud computing system of the rendering company to render remotely.

Another advantage of cloud rendering is that small studios can also be responsible for rendering high-quality materials. In the film industry, this technological change is no less than the change that cloud computing itself brings to the IT industry.

Taking Fox Render**farm as an example, no matter where the special effects technician is, they can use cloud rendering services to complete the "trilogy": 1. Upload your project; 2. Wait for the rendering to complete; 3. Download to the local machine. In addition, they can call more machines according to their urgency, and they can arrange the order of rendering and monitor the progress of rendering at any time. At the same time, the price is relatively low, which is accepted by many film and television special effects companies, rendering studios, and individual designers. So, why not have a free trial on Fox Render**farm now? to experience the amazing cloud rendering services to speed up your rendering.

Best Cloud Rendering Services


cloud rendering

Maybe you are always wondering when your face so many render farms, which one should you choose? You want to find the best cloud rendering services to use, which always mean your standards, like easy to use, safe, affordable, fast, smart, good services and more.

Fox Render**farm is worth consideration. We supports powerful but affordable render** farm services, both GPU and CPU rendering are available and fires up thousands of rendering nodes instantly. As the TPN-accredited cloud render farm, Fox Render**farm** has earned a good reputation for its quality performance, great customer service, and flexible pricing scheme.

Fox Render**farm has an outstanding team with over 20 years’ experience in the CG industry. Team members are from Disney, Lucasfilm, Dreamworks, Sony, etc. With professional services and industry-leading innovations, they serve leading special effects companies and animation studios from over 50 countries and regions, including two Oscar winners. In 2015, Fox Render**farm formed a global strategic partnership with Aliyun (Alibaba Cloud Computing) to provide global visual cloud computing services. Also, you can have a look at some testimonials from our beloved customers,

"I used Fox Render**farm for the first time for rendering this image. It was great. I got the 4K render** in just half an hour, in my PC, it would take 6 hours."

  • Surjendu Das(3D Artist)

"It’s a really efficient render farm with one of the best support I have seen. During the time in which I had to render my stuff for my demo reel, I found myself not being able to use my school’s computers because other students were hogging all the other PC's. And since the deadline for our reels were coming close, I managed to render out all of my things in time with Fox (Render**farm), with just a simple upload and letting it render overnight and start compositing, while the others were still trying to find render**able PC's at school."

  • Jeffrey Frias(Winner of Fox’s Got Talent)

"We have tried Fox Render**farm recently, rendered a couple of animations and the scene… Even though we have been very skeptical as we had the experience from the other render** farms especially with such high resolution, we were surprised that the image was successfully rendered without any problems on the GPU-based platform. The website seems very well organized, and the farm quite affordable."

  • Uros Vukovic(Director of DIORAMA)

It was a pleasant surprise to work with Fox Render**farm. We had to outsource some parts of the render in order to deliver on time and Fox Render**farm allowed us to meet our deadline. Sure we will work again with them if we need to.

  • Spanish animation studio Blow Studio

Wanna know more testimonials about the best cloud rendering services provider Fox Render**farm**, please visit HERE.

Render Farm Reviews from Indian Well-known Movies


3D Rendering

As a leading render farm and the largest online render farm in the CG industry, Fox Render**farm has earned a good reputation for its quality performance, great customer service and flexible pricing scheme. We have provided our best cloud render**ing services for over 160,000 happy customers from 50+ countries and regions.

Fox Render**farm** frequently receive good reviews from our customer. On this page, we will showcase some testimonials from our beloved Indian clients.

Mission Mangal

It’s been a breeze having Fox Render**farm as render** partner. The service has always been very prompt on the requirements. However, I wish we were always given an average of higher number of blades.

——Asif Sayed, the Vice President Operations at Famulus Media & Entertainment

Baahubali: The Beginning

2015 India's top grossing blockbuster. 2015 India’s top budget historical epic movie.

“Fox Render**farm have been very helpful to us during our crunch time on the feature. The pricing structure offered to us was competitive for the quantity of work we were producing with render nodes being always available to us for use. Within around a month we rendered approx. 80,000 frames, totaling 27,000 render hours on the Fox Render**farm render farm.”

——Subhrojyoti Banerjee, the senior VFX artist of Makuta VFX

——A K Madhavan, the Founder & CEO of Assemblage Entertainment

The Advantage And Disadvantage of Using Cloud Rendering


Render Farm

Maybe lots of person wonder if I need to use a cloud rendering in my projects, today, as a famous render farm, Fox Render**farm will let you know the advantage and disadvantage of using cloud render**ing.

The advantage of using cloud rendering

  1. Save Times

The top render farm companies have at least 3000 rendering nodes, like Fox Render**farm, can fire up to thousands of rendering nodes instantly, can powerful supports CPU & GPU. It could definitely save your time on the render**ing process.

  1. Cost Effective

Compared with the self-building render farm, cloud rendering would be much more cost effective especially for the big project. You don't need to spend too much money to purchase hardware and maintain the network, and don't need to hire people to manage it.

  1. Easy to Use
    Some render farms has its own system, which has a lot of great features, such as automatically analyze and render the project, download the rendered frames with a few simple clicks, customized cloud rendering solution etc.

  2. 247 Customer Service and TD Support

Around the clock customer service and technical support could always be a lifesaver if we met any problem when rendering but don't know how to solve it. The professional service team could totally help you on that.

Besides the advantage, now it is the disadvantage’s time

  1. Security

Some small render farm will not sign the Non-Disclosure Agreement with customers, so you'd better find some high reputation company who had worked with big producing companies on famous films, if ever worked with OSCAR winners would be the best, like Fox Render**farm**, it is compliant with MPAA security standards for content protection, data confidentiality and encryption. Also, it is ISO 27001 certified to keep your assets and information secure.

  1. Software, Render and Plugin Compatibility

Different people would have different habits, so the more software, render & plugin the render farm supports, the better, like Fox Rendefarm, supports most popular 3D software, renderers and plug-ins all over the world, like 3ds Max, Maya, Cinema 4D, Sketchup, Blender, LightWave, Softimage, V-Ray, Redshift, Mental Ray, RenderMan, Corona, etc. But if the render farm can even support custom's own plugin, it would be a great added-value service.

  1. Paid Service

The company need to buy hardware and rent persons to manage it, so there is no full-free render farm, but you can get free $20 on Fox Render farm when you register.

Are render farms worth it?


Render Farm

Are render farms worth it? The answer is sure, YES. When your project is tight, the render farm can accelerate the rendering speed of your project, greatly reducing rendering time, and allowing your project to be completed ahead of or on time. Render**farm is also a good choice when your local machine can't meet the urgent rendering needs, reducing your cost, labor, and resources, but achieving the desired results. When your local machine doesn't fit your rendering needs well, you don't need to upgrade your device, use the render** farm, it's easy to use anywhere, anytime.

Are render farms worth it? Why it's worth using, first let's understand what a render farm is. A render farm is a large group of computers designed and organized to meet rendering services, each called a node. The calculations that occur are called parallel calculations because each node can be given a specific and unique task, so their calculations can occur in parallel (simultaneously).

Typically, the task of the host computer is to assign tasks to each render node, and the software application that does this is called rendering management software or queue manager, and each render farm has its own management software.

The job assigned to each node by the host computer can be a series of images, a shot, or one of the layers (channels) or other parts of a shot. The host computer must be able to intelligently assess the needs of the entire job, the capabilities of each node, and the current network state. Once the render node has finished rendering, immediately assign another task and keep the busy state of all nodes.

Render farms have more than one hundred rendering servers compared to the normal rendering process, and even have greater scale and adjustability. And the software, renderers and plug-ins that the render**farm can support are richer. Professional commercial render** farms require professional staff to coordinate and solve problems encountered in various renderings. Even with greater rendering requirements, the render farm can complete the rendering work as time demands.

Are render farms worth it? When you use a normal computer to complete a rendering task, it may take hours or even days to complete them. A powerful render**farm with multiple render nodes can be rendered in a few minutes. Using Fox Render**farm as an example, sometimes your local computer takes 1 month to complete the rendering task, but only 5 mins or less to complete the rendering task with Fox Render**farm. And in the process, if there is any problem occurred, the render**ing software will find and issue an alert to let the staff know, instead of the artist always staring at the computer.

So the render farm is better able to control the time and labor costs in the production, helping the artists to focus on the creation. For rendering? Please hand it to the online render farm.

How does a render farm work


Render Farm

Rendering is a very important part of 3D production. This step will generate the final image including information such as models, scenes, textures, effects, and lights.

Rendering in film and television special effects is computationally intensive and requires a lot of server computing, especially for animated film production, where rendering time is almost a big challenge. So for the producer, render farm is a good choice. Cloud rendering is based on render farms that are more convenient and efficient for rendering.

So how does a render farm work and why choose it?

The render farm is also called the distributed parallel cluster computing system. It refers to the calculation method of a supercomputer built with an existing CPU /GPU, Ethernet, and operating system. The render farm is made up of thousands of servers.

Cloud rendering is an upgrade on the render farm. We can upload the material to the cloud and use the cloud render farm for calculations remotely. And the server will distribute the files to multiple servers and render them according to the uploader's choice.

For example a 10-second special effect lens, 10 hours for a single machine rendering, then if you use 10 machines to render, then the rendering time becomes 1/10.

Cloud rendering has the following advantages:

  1. No geographical restrictions, wider market scope, lower idle rate, and cost savings.
  2. Render farm with better server configuration to ensure user safety and efficiency.
  3. User can control the rendering progress anytime, anywhere.

The emergence of cloud rendering has almost swept the entire production industry, which is the trend of the times. It not only brought great changes to the production industry but also provided strong support. For the fast-paced modern, it is more convenient and convenient, which is why more and more people choose the cloud render farm.

Can my PC be turned off when using a renderfarm?


Render Farm

Cloud rendering is based on the cloud render farm, users can package their own files, then upload, rendering and download on a render**farm. There are two ways can be chosen to submit your rendering task, in addition to the webpage, the packaged file can be uploaded to the cloud rendering server via the desktop client. So, can the PC be turned off when using a render**farm desktop client or web? Can I disconnect from the network during transmission or after the transfer is completed?

So let's first look at the way how your rendering task be transmitted on cloud render farm.

When users use render**farm, they need to pack their own files with various settings and upload them from the client /webpage. However, when the upload is still not completed, it is not possible to turn off the computer, and it cannot be disconnected. Take Fox Render**farm as an example. If the network is disconnected or the computer shut down during the upload process, the upload will be interrupted. However, when you open the render**farm** desktop client /webpage again or connect to the network, you will resume the breakpoint.

When the user has uploaded all the files, and the render**farm has shown that all files has uploaded completely, the computer can be turned off or disconnected from the network. Render**farm will render in its own server. Users' operations on their own computers will not affect the uploaded files, and there are many ways to query the rendering progress of their files. After the files uploaded, if you have WeChat installed on your mobile phone, you can query the rendering progress and results at any time in the WeChat Mini Program. →Tutorial: Fox Render**farm** Mini Program in WeChat.

By the way, the difference between Fox Render**farm**'s desktop client and web page as follows:

Via Desktop Client

  • Business: Video businesses such as movie and television, advertising, special effects.
  • Submission: By dragging
  • System: Windows, Linux
  • Software: At present, the software supported by Windows version is 3ds Max, Maya, etc. The software currently supported by Linux has Maya, more software supported, and we are also stepping up research and development.
  • Quantity of frame: Single frame or multiple frames
  • Features: Intelligent analysis,uploading and downloading. Bulk submission supportable.

Via Webpage

  • Business: Video businesses such as movie and television, advertising, special effects.
  • Submission: Via webpage
  • System: Windows, Linux, MacOS
  • Software: 3ds Max, Maya, Cinema 4D, Blender, VR Standalone, Clarisse, etc.
  • Quantity of frame: Single frame of multiple frames
  • Features: Uploading the elements first, and then cloud-enabled intelligent automatic analysis and rendering. Bulk submission supportable.

Using the render**farm, whether you choose the web page or the desktop client, your render task doesn’t take up your local machine during rendering. You can also shut down the local machine during the rendering process and don't have to worry about network disconnection, which can greatly improve work efficiency and time saving. Finally, thank you again for choosing the best render**farm in the CG industry, Fox Render**farm**. If you encounter any problems during the process, we provide 24/7 service, professional customer service staff and TD staff to serve you.

How To Submit 3ds Max Task On Render Farm

How To Submit 3ds Max Task On Render Farm


Render Farm

This is a tutorial show you how to submit 3d Max project for rendering on render farm of Fox Render**farm**. Maybe we published it before, but we have an updated recently, so we should do it again, hold it can help you soon.

Firstly, there are several kindly notes, please pack the scene and all the assets before uploading. After uploading is completed, please unzip the package and then submit the job. Root directories can't exceed 22 folders. Please name file name in English, do not use special characters.

Step 1: Login

Enter your email and password, then log in.

Step 2: Upload Assets

Click ‘Assets' button.

Click ‘Upload' button, choose Upload file or Upload folder.

Download and install transfer plugin.

Refresh the page, click your file to upload.

Step 3: Create New Tasks

Click ‘New Job’to start.

Choose the render 3D software, select the asset directory and render scene files.

Add render software and plugin version, then save the config (Notice: Config name is required.), and click "Go analyze" to start to analyze files.

Step 4 Analyze Job

After job analysis done, there may be for results:

Analysis Done: Job analysis is completed, without errors or warnings

The analysis is done(with errors): Job analysis is completed, but the file exists errors. Please correct the errors according to the advise and analyze again.

the analysis is done(with a warning): Job analysis is completed, but the file exists warnings which may result in render abnormal. You can choose to correct the warning according to the advise and analyze again or ignore the warnings and forced to submit.

Analysis failed: The analysis was abnormally interrupted. You can analyze again or contact us directly to check the log.

Confirm the scene file parameters, and click submit to start rendering.

Render settings(optional)

Pre-test frames: Which frames you want to test previously.

Advanced settings introduction(optional)

Project name: An account can have numerous projects to track usage and cost. The administrator can share a project with sub-account.

Frames per task: How many frames to bundle in a single task.

Timeout alert: When one frame renders timeout, the job ID will be remarked as yellow.

Instance RAM type: What kind of instance you want to use, now we have two types,64GB RAM(Standard) and 128GB RAM(Extra 40% cost).

Step5 Start Render

If you need to render photon, your job will be separate to 2 jobs, one is a photon, the other is the final image, final image job will start automatically after the photon is completed.

If you want to download specified frames to check previously, you can double click the job, and go to output, select the frames and download.

Step6 Download Image.

Tick done jobs, click Download to a local folder.

Softimage Render Farm Services by Fox Renderfarm

Softimage Render Farm Services by Fox Render**farm**



This is also a good news for everybody who has used Softimage, Fox Renderfarm has supported the Softimage render farm** services, not only 3ds Max, Maya, Cinema 4d, Blender, and so on.

Open the Fox Renderfarm** official website -login - select Softimage

Complete the above steps to be a member of the private render farm's prestigious Softimage user throne. We also prepare ten methods for you to easily use the Softimage in cloud render**ing, directly skip the bronze to become the king, like you play a games.

Note on submitting Softimage files:

  1. Check the integrity and reduce the error rate before uploading the file;
  2. The relevant textures, caches, etc. should be placed according to the sub-files corresponding to the project directory. For example, the textures are placed in the Pictures directory, and the cache is placed in the Simulation directory.
  3. The settings of the Render Manager are set in advance, whichever is in the file;
  4. Please package the complete project directory (.scn file in the Scenes directory, cache file in the Cache directory, etc.) The following is the standard project directory of Softimage:
  1. About the scene map, save the path, please use disk non-A-D (disk A-D node machine has been used) to avoid mapping conflicts.

Analysis about the failed:

  1. Check if the right Softimage version is installed in the analysis machine image;
  2. Check if you or your customers has used the path of the A-D;
  3. Please compare the file size with the customer local, confirm whether the upload is complete, it is best to package the complete project directory upload.

About the failed rendering:

  1. Check if the corresponding Softimage version is installed in the analysis machine image;
  2. Check with the customer the version information such as the renderer and plugin, and configure the corresponding version on the web page.

The rendering effect is incorrect:

  1. Texture problem: Check if a special symbol is used in the corresponding directory or texture;
  2. Whether the renderer or plugin is configured with the corresponding version;

The raiders have been put on both hands, when you follow the methods, you are the “king” of the Softimage render farm services in Fox Renderfarm.

Welcome to join us

render farm free trial

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    Global Agent Contact:Gordon Shaw

    Email: gordon@foxrenderfarm.com

    Marketing Contact: Rachel Chen

    Email: rachel@foxrenderfarm.com