How to choose the best cloud render farm, briefly summarized as three major points

Cost-effective. This is undoubtedly the first choice. In fact, many platforms have free trials, such as the new user registration of Fox Renderfarm is $20 rendering coupons, and many platforms will often hosts events, just like the upcoming holiday, Christmas. Fox Renderfarm invite you to participate in the Christmas-spinning Game, the award-winning overview is high. 2.    Good services. You can fully experience the actual situation and the technical perfection of the platform during the free trial, the technical content and service level, the professional level of the customer service staff, the technical staff, etc. Real experience assessment.
3.     Compatibility and security, whether the platform is complex to use, which Software, Plug-ins can be supported, security when the platform is used, and so on.
As the leading cloud render farm in China, Fox Renderfarm can be used as your preferred platform. With more than ten years of technology precipitation, the stability of the platform is undoubted. The first feeling after many users use it is fastest! Because we has more than thousands of rendering nodes, it is flexible to schedule, no waiting necessary.
Fox Renderfarm provides GPU & CPU rendering services, and is a rare platform that supports both services. User-friendly interface design, users can see the rendering progress in real-time, and fully support mainstream CG software and plugins such as 3ds Max, Maya, Arnold, V-Ray, C4D.
For security, the rendering platform data center is ISO27001 certified. It implements security and encryption measures with reference to the security specifications recommended by the MPAA (American Film Institute). It has professional transmission services, uploading, rendering, and downloading.
The customer service of our render farm is 24/7 hours online. We have exclusive TD and customer service for your all-weather service, so if you click on the consulting service to jump out of a message window, no one will reply immediately, it should be China's New Year. Think of a customer service brother said: playing games are not as fast as I go to work, with a full-screen cascading consultation window.
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