The Dragon Force: So Long, Ultraman, directed and produced by Wang Wei, render by render farm of Foxrenderfarm. It is a Chinese Action Animated Film, based on animated series Dragon Force since 2012 , has already announced the "Ultimate World War I" version of the trailer and the posters of the whole staff in China.
The trailer is the ultimate battlefield between the Big Devil. Among the war, the secret behind the Ultraman's Cube is also beginning to emerge. The story of Dragon Force: So Long, Ultraman takes place in a highly technologically advanced future world. The Global Security Base(GSB) boss, Ite, has taken away the Creation Spar, which has the power to destroy the earth, he want to be an enemy against all humans. The human partner super hero Ultraman and a boy name Lele, together with the Justice League formed by the Steel Dragon team, fights with the Yi Te Group to guard the earth at a critical moment.   It is reported that the film will also be released in the Chinese cinema on January 12 and 13, 2019. The Ultraman doll model will airborne in the major studios, waiting for everyone to meet at the weekend.

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