Three Kinds of Paintings Get Together, Animated Films Explosions Come?

In 2018, the Chinese film market successfully broke through 60 billion in the carnival and confusion, heat wave and cold winter, and set a new record. Among them, animated films have become the most stable year in the past years. Although there are not many works that make people shine, they bring unexpected surprises to the audience.
Although the number of animated films has decreased a lot compared with previous years, the number of works with over 100 million box office has reached 4 (the best in the past years), and domestic animated films have gradually developed into fine products.
The film market, which has just entered 2019, is also very lively, and 14 films will be released at the same time on the second weekend of January. Fox Renderfarm's three animations recommended today are not only well-made, but also unique, and are likely to become the 2019 explosion! Let's take a look!
White Snake
A Chinese-American co-production animation with Chinese mythology as the background. The theme of the film is "Yangqi", which focuses on the story of the White Snake and Xu Xian's past life. Although it is rooted in the well-known IP of White Snake, the content and plot are based on ancient books. Originality carried out. Produced by Light Chaser Animation Studios and Warner Bros., the film takes advantage of CG technology and not only creates an oriental aesthetic world in the work but also the first attempt to target adults. Judging from the feedback from the previous period, the film is likely to become the highest-selling work of the follow-up animation box office. Director Huang Jiakang said that it is actually quite difficult to complete an animation project. Warner gave the team some objective opinions and valuable resources in the production process of each edition, which made every link very smooth. At the same time, they will also create a sequel based on the box office performance.
The Breadwinner
Adapted from the world's best-selling novel The Breadwinner, produced by Cartoon Saloon, the film won the 90th Oscar nomination and defeated Coco in the Los Angeles Film Critics Association Awards to win the Best Animated Feature Film Award. The production team has become one of the most respected animation studios in the world in an amazing hand-painted style.  The protagonist of the story is an Afghan girl, Parvana, whose family lives under the control of the Taliban. The father was a scholar. He was unemployed under tyranny. He was accompanied by his 11-year-old daughter, Parvana, and wrote letters to the market. One day, his father was forcibly taken to prison by soldiers. In order to make a living, Parvana decided to cut her hair, transform herself into a small magnolia, secretly dressed in men's clothing, buy water, buy food, and make money on behalf of her father. Director Nora Twomey created this unique girl image. “Afghan children’s sense of responsibility towards family and friends is completely different from our individualistic culture. This story is very fresh to me and is very common in that environment.” There are many social realities, and the subject matter is deep and suitable for adults to watch.
Fate/stay night: Heavens Feel The film is the third plot line in the text adventure game Fate/stay night: Heaven’s Feel released by TYPE-MOON, referred to as “HF” or “Sakura Line”. The Fate/stay night series is a national-level IP in Japan. Since 2004, the series has launched different forms of derivative works such as games, animations, comics, and novels, creating a broad and imaginative world view. The film was released in Japan for two days, harvesting 413 million yen at the box office, winning the first week of the box office champion, and actively promoted the film in the B station to become the first series of works on the mainland cinema, currently occupying the pre-sale box office on the day of release Top of the list. However, the audience of the film is mainly fans, and the general audience may have a certain threshold.
In addition to animated films, there are many other types of works that are rushing to release at the beginning of the year, so let's get together with your friends! 

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Hi, North America, Australia, New Zealand, Ne Zha is Coming
Hi, North America, Australia, New Zealand, Ne Zha is Coming
Ne Zha, China’s Biggest-Ever Animated Movie, rendered by Fox Renderfarm, is coming to North America, Australia, and New Zealand. Ne Zha will meet the audience in North America on August 29th with its IMAX 3D version, and will fully release on September 6th. And he will also be showing on screens in Australia and New Zealand from August 23rd and 29th respectively. Ne Zha says: If the destiny is unfair, then I am the destiny. Let’s see what his ‘destiny’ will be like in North America, Australia, and New Zealand! !Ne Zha 3 !Ne Zha 2 !Ne Zha 4Ne Zha(2019), is about a young boy, Ne Zha, is birthed from a heavenly pearl by the Primeval Lord of Heaven. Born with unique powers, Ne Zha finds himself as an outcast who is hated and feared. Destined by prophecy to bring destruction to the world, the young boy must choose between good and evil in order to break the shackles of fate and become the hero.Here is the official trailer,On August 22, 2019, Ne Zha ranked as the NO. 3 at the China box office, 27days after release in China, the film has reached more than 4.24 billion yuan at the box office (over US $601 million), surpassing Avengers: Endgame, listed NO.3 at China box office, and the NO.1 animated film! The current top 3 box office smashes in China: Wolf Warriors 2, The Wandering Earth and Ne Zha, are all rendered by Fox Renderfarm. !NE ZHA's China Box Office We are delighted and honored to provide effective and quality cloud rendering service to help studios around the world to concentrate on the creativity to create beautiful visuals for the world to embrace!
NE ZHA, The First Chinese Animated Film Released in IMAX
NE ZHA, The First Chinese Animated Film Released in IMAX
As the first Chinese animated film released in China's IMAX theater, NE ZHA(哪吒之魔童降世) has assembled China's top domestic animation team, and produced for three years. The film has more than 1,400 special effects shots, nearly 80% of which are composed of special effects shots, and this well-received animated film will be released on July 26, 2019, in mainland China.Ne Zha, which is one of the most rebellious young heroes in Chinese legends, the film NE ZHA is adapted from the classic Chinese mythology, but the subversion of the traditional image has been subtly adapted to tell the story of what happened. The story of the devil Ne Zha, who refuses to admit life. This animated film is directed by Yu Yang (Dumpling), a brilliant director in Chinese animated film industry, launched by Horgos Caitiaowu Pictures Co., Ltd, Chengdu Coco Cartoon Co., Ltd. and Octmedia. At the same time, Fox Renderfarm also provided cloud rendering services for the film, escorting the final result of the production.!NE ZHA - 15The animated film ZE ZHA subverts the traditional image, which has been well received by everyone since its publication, and the production team is really painstaking about this film. As the film's release time is approaching, it has also released official trailer and posters. After the film Monkey King: Hero Is Back and White Snake: Origin, will ZE ZHA become another good work at the Chinse animated film history? Let’s looking forward to the box office.!NE ZHA !NE ZHA - 2 !NE ZHA - 5 !NE ZHA - 1 !NE ZHA - 4 !NE ZHA - 3 !NE ZHA6 !NE ZHA - 7 !NE ZHA - 8 !NE ZHA - 9 !NE ZHA - 11 !NE ZHA - 10 !NE ZHA - 12 !NE ZHA - 13 !NE ZHA - 14
Animation "White Snake 2: The Tribulation of the Green Snake" Tops Chinese Box Office
Animation "White Snake 2: The Tribulation of the Green Snake" Tops Chinese Box Office
Chinese animation "White Snake 2: The Tribulation of the Green Snake," the latest cinematic production centered on the ancient Chinese legend of the White Snake, topped the Chinese mainland box office chart on Wednesday, the China Movie Data Information Network reported on Thursday.Fox Renderfarm is glad to provide cloud rendering service for White Snake 2, animated by China’s Light Chaser Studio and directed by Amp Wong. The 3D CGI pic is a sequel to 2019’s White Snake, which earned $61.6M worldwide on top of a global festival run which included screenings at Annecy, Fantasia, Animation Is Film and Sitges.
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