We know that the nature of roughness is due to the unevenness of the microscopic surface, so the anisotropy is generated, and the unevenness of the microscopic surface must be avoided.
The general microscopic surface, because of the randomness of its irregularities, shows that the high light diffusion is uniform in all directions. We used a whiteNoise to simulate this effect. Let's take a look at this picture and feel the microscopic surface roughness of the object, random and uniform. ; But there are also some surfaces on the object that are another form, such as: This microscopic surface has extremely strong regularity and directionality. Once this structure is present, the macroscopic reflection of the object will be anisotropic.
This kind of microstructure is the essence of anisotropy.
Still use the same brute force approach to reproduce this process in the renderer.
The shader on the left is only adjusted for the anisotropy value, from 0 to 1. (Each renderer may be different. For example, arnold needs to be adjusted with the roughness value. The light adjustment anisotropy parameter is useless. Here only the principle is used, and the details are not expanded.) ;
The shader on the right uses a bumper map that was just generated using the anisotropic_noise node in the Substance designer.
Also repeat 300 times and insert bump to force the reflection blur, the animation is still the bump strength of k. This time, it is a reflection blur with anisotropic! Let's take a look at the picture and see what this bump map is like on the model.

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