The Knowledge About The Material In The Rendering

In the early days of learning 3D max to produce interior renderings, many people will be more or less exposed to rendering. When it comes to rendering, it will involve “material” and “lighting”. Many people don’t understand “material”. The light is to be thorough, and the root cause of this problem is that there is no special item to learn the relevant material knowledge. In this article, the material in the renderings, you have to understand the content.
Material, we can simply understand what the object looks like, in the rendering of the effect can be subdivided into color, texture, smoothness, transparency, reflectivity, refractive index, luminosity, etc. These can be collectively referred to as the visual properties of their surface.

1. Color Mapping
Color refers to the color of an object in our naked eyes, red or yellow or other colors.
2. Texture Mapping
Texture refers to the texture, pattern, etc. of the object. Here, you need to pay attention to a knowledge point. The "diffuse reflection" in the renderer is composed of texture and color. The reason is because it can pass Reflect the "function" to control the "color" and "texture" aspects.

3.Bump mapping
"Smoothness" in the Corona renderer or Vray renderer and even in other third-party rendering plug-ins, it means "gloss", which is an important parameter for determining whether a substance is rough or not, and "smoothness" It also indirectly affects the highlight range.
4. Reflection mapping
The percentage of radiant energy reflected by an object, which we call "reflectivity", the reflectivity of different objects is also different, and the range of reflectivity is always less than or equal to 1.0, so readers are using the Corona renderer. At the time, you will find that the level of reflection intensity in the performance of CoronaMTL cannot be adjusted beyond 1.0. The reflectivity can be used to judge the nature of the object, whether it is metal or plastic.

5. Translucent texture
"Transparency" is a numerical value commonly used for the identification of crystals. "Transparency" is divided into three levels: transparent, translucent, and opaque. Here, CoronaMTL, the "standard material" of the Corona renderer, is used as an example. "The "translucent" and "transparency" are in two or two different positions, and the adjustment of "translucent" and "transparency" in the "standard material" is identified by the naked eye, so When setting and adjusting the material properties of this aspect, it is very important to find a good effect reference. Only in this way can it be closer to the real effect. 6. Refraction Maps
Refractive index refers to the ratio of the speed of light in a vacuum to the speed of light in a material. The higher the refractive index of a material, the stronger the refractive index, and the higher the refractive index, the perceived feeling is the thickness. The reduction, so the refractive index can also affect the visual thickness of certain materials, such as: glass.

7. Emissive
"Luminance" refers to light intensity in reality, and the "luminance" I want to say is the self-illumination in the material properties. Self-illumination can also be used as a light, but the diffusion effect of the light is not as good as the real light. Therefore, it can only be used as an indirect auxiliary light source.
We have sorted out here, the properties of the material in the renderings, of course, this kind of mixed, some real-life pointing, all the material adjustment and setting is not difficult to understand is inseparable from certain knowledge theory, right The observation and in-depth exploration of things is the key. Finally, I hope that my article can help you to further understand the material.

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