These Factors Will Affect The Cloud Rendering Time

Nowadays, the 3D CG production process is more and more complicated, involving more and more software and plug-ins. Film production requires a lot of time in the rendering step. Even though the render farm has powerful hardware, I can still hear some people complaining: why the rendering speed is so slow , and why the rendering time is so long?

Since the rendering is done by dividing the screen, the complexity, lighting, and detail textures that need to be colored in different blocks are different, so the rendering speed will be very different. Today we will analyze, in addition to the hardware problems, what’s the factors that will affect the length of the cloud rendering time.
In general, these factors can be divided into two categories: the factors in making the rendering file and the renderer.
The factors that make the file
Model face, material, light, hair, rendering settings.
1. Model factors:
Models include polygons, fluids, etc., and the rendering speed will drop dramatically when the total amount of models is too large. This problem can be said to be "hardware damage." Sometimes due to design needs, complex models cannot be avoided. Therefore, such objects can only be seen in the camera's field of view as little as possible by reasonably adjusting the angle of the camera. Of course, this depends on whether the object is the subject of the user's performance.

  1. Material
    The effect of the material is generally divided into two parts: the texture type of different materials and the precision of the texture.
    In order to get real rendering results, each texture's texture contains Color Map highlights, reflection maps, bump maps, displacement maps, and more. Different materials have a great impact on rendering speed.
    The 3D model of the movie must be more accurate than the animated character. The more accurate the model, the more the number of faces, the higher the fineness, the more the number of textures needed. And the texture may be expanded from 1024 to 2048, or even larger, which undoubtedly adds difficulty to rendering.
  1. Lighting
    Unreasonable use of lighting, excessive use of light sampling parameters and quantity will increase rendering time. The intensity and amount of light also affects rendering speed.
    It should be noted that this problem exists not only in the light intensity, but also in the rendering engine (secondary bounce) intensity and (skylight) illumination intensity. And the higher the subdivision value, the slower the speed, but the shadow effect is more delicate.
    Floodlights are now more frequently used. They calculate many unwanted shadows, so their resource usage is very large. Unless it is necessary, try to minimize its use and use spotlights instead.

4. Hair
Hair rendering has always been a big problem in the CG industry. To get realistic hair effects, rendering speed is definitely time consuming. Even if the hair just adds reflection, slow reflection and highlights, its rendering speed is almost twice the time of the model. If you add transparency to the hair, the rendering time will be doubled. Even Hollywood's top animation studios, such as the Blue Sky or Pixar, are as optimized as possible for hair problems.

  1. Rendering settings
    In rendering settings, the concept of anti-aliased sampling refers to an algorithm for sampling and filtering, and produces the final set of pixels to complete the rendering of the image. Strictly speaking, no matter which sampling method is used, the rendering time is increased, so consider For different situations, using different rendering resolutions for different scenes is one of the most important rendering settings.
    And in order to avoid repeated rendering, it is usually done first test rendering. The larger the image size, the better the quality and the slower the speed, so it is necessary to set the image size according to the size of the 3D scene.

Renderer factor
Different software uses different renderers and there are differences in rendering time. The Arnold effect is the most stable, but the speed of rendering transparent objects in glass is simply crashing. Octane is also a GPU-based renderer, and if a slightly larger scene is solved with PL, the efficiency will drop.
Although the V-Ray renderer is stable, there are too many setting parameters, especially in terms of material adjustment and lighting performance, which makes the rendering speed slow overall.
Because many factors will affect the speed of rendering, so whether in the production or before the rendering settings, we must optimize.

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How To Use Fox Renderfarm for 3ds Max
How To Use Fox Renderfarm for 3ds Max
This is a tutorial show you how to submit 3ds Max project for rendering on render farm of Fox Renderfarm. Maybe we published it before, but we have an updated recently, so we should do it again, hold it can help you soon. Firstly, there are several kindly notes, please pack the scene and all the assets before uploading. After uploading is completed, please unzip the package and then submit the job. Root directories can't exceed 22 folders. Please name file name in English, do not use special characters. Step 1: LoginEnter your email and password, then log in. Step 2: Upload Assets Click ‘Assets' button. Click ‘Upload' button, choose Upload file or Upload folder. Download and install transfer plugin. Refresh the page, click your file to upload.Step 3: Create New Tasks Click ‘New Job’to start. Choose the render 3D software, select the asset directory and render scene files. Add render software and plugin version, then save the config (Notice: Config name is required.), and click "Go analyze" to start to analyze files. Step 4: Analyze Job After job analysis done, there may be for results: Analysis Done: Job analysis is completed, without errors or warnings The analysis is done(with errors): Job analysis is completed, but the file exists errors. Please correct the errors according to the advise and analyze again. the analysis is done(with a warning): Job analysis is completed, but the file exists warnings which may result in render abnormal. You can choose to correct the warning according to the advise and analyze again or ignore the warnings and forced to submit. Analysis failed: The analysis was abnormally interrupted. You can analyze again or contact us directly to check the log.Confirm the scene file parameters, and click submit to start rendering. Render settings(optional) Pre-test frames: Which frames you want to test previously. Advanced settings introduction(optional)Project name: An account can have numerous projects to track usage and cost. The administrator can share a project with sub-account. Frames per task: How many frames to bundle in a single task. Timeout alert: When one frame renders timeout, the job ID will be remarked as yellow. Instance RAM type: What kind of instance you want to use, now we have two types,64GB RAM(Standard) and 128GB RAM(Extra 40% cost). Step 5: Start Render If you need to render photon, your job will be separate to 2 jobs, one is a photon, the other is the final image, final image job will start automatically after the photon is completed. If you want to download specified frames to check previously, you can double click the job, and go to output, select the frames and download.Step 6: Download Image. Tick done jobs, click Download to a local folder. ConclusionWith the best CPU&GPU cloud rendering service provider, Fox Renderfarm, rendering for 3ds Max will be very easy and fast. And now there's a free $25 trial available for everyone who signs up new! Why not give it a try?
O Que é Render Farm? Tudo O Que Você Quer Saber Sobre Render Farm Está Aqui!
O Que é Render Farm? Tudo O Que Você Quer Saber Sobre Render Farm Está Aqui!
O princípio é que a computação paralela distribuída é dividida em paralelismo espacial e paralelismo temporal. O paralelismo no espaço refere-se à execução de computações concomitantemente com múltiplos processadores. Alguns renderizadores já suportam renderização *single-frame split-and-split*. O paralelismo no tempo se refere à tecnologia de dutos. A pesquisa científica de fronteira dos sistemas de computação em cluster é principalmente o paralelismo espacial, e a computação paralela de fluxo no tempo tem sido amplamente utilizada. O Que é Cloud/Online Render Farm?Esta pergunta é realmente bastante simples. Cloud/online render farm renderiza seus arquivos na Web sem a necessidade de download software. A vantagem é que ele não coloca muita carga em seu computador e você pode implementar um serviço de renderização offline com apenas alguns cliques fáceis. Quanto Custa um Render Farm?Cada render farm oferece preços diferentes, então vamos dar uma olhada na Fox Renderfarm como um exemplo para lhe dar uma idéia geral dos preços de renderização.Em primeiro lugar, há muitos render farms que oferecem cupons para os usuários recém-registrados e a Fox Renderfarm não é uma exceção, ela oferece um cupom gratuito de US$ 25 e há planos de desconto adicionais para estudantes, professores e freelancers de computação gráfica.A Fox Renderfarm suporta tanto a renderização de GPU quanto de CPU, e aqui estão seus preços:Preços de GPU:!What is a Render Farm GPU PricePreços de CPU:!What is a Render Farm CPU PriceConfiamos que você já tenha uma idéia geral do preço da prestação, para mais informações você pode clicar na página de preços. Seja o preço caro ou barato para você, ele é digno do serviço que oferece, pois é rápido, seguro e poderoso. Quando Devo Usar um Render Farm?1. Quando você precisa renderizar seu documento rapidamente;2. Quando você precisa renderizar arquivos muito grandes;3. Quando você precisa renderizar cenas complexas ou cenas de alta qualidade;4. Quando seu próprio computador não consegue lidar com os requisitos de renderização;5. Quando você não precisa se preocupar com o custo e quer renderizar automaticamente. Render Farm Vale a Pena?Render farm vale a pena?A resposta é um Sim. Quando você tem um cronograma de projeto apertado, um render farm pode acelerar a renderização de seu projeto, reduzindo significativamente o tempo de renderização e fazendo com que seu projeto seja concluído antes do cronograma ou dentro do prazo. Um render farm também é uma boa opção quando sua máquina local não consegue lidar com as exigências apertadas de renderização. Ele pode reduzir seus custos, mão de obra e recursos, mas ainda assim alcançar os resultados desejados. Quando sua máquina local não funciona bem para suas necessidades de renderização, você não precisa atualizar seu equipamento, usar um render farm como Fox Renderfarm, é fácil de usar a qualquer hora em qualquer lugar. Render Farm é Seguro?Todos os render farms lhe dirão que ele é seguro, mas que prova existe de fato? No entanto, a Fox Renderfarm é uma exceção. Com os incansáveis esforços e compromisso de construir um render farm mais seguro que proteja melhor a privacidade dos clientes, a Fox Renderfarm completou com sucesso as Melhores Práticas de Segurança de Conteúdo da MPAA e se tornou oficialmente uma TPN Parceiro de Confiança em 2021.Portanto, em geral, a Fox Renderfarm é mais segura em termos de segurança. ConclusãoEm resumo, acredito que você tenha uma compreensão mais clara do que é um render farm, então por que não experimentar um desses render farms você mesmo e ver exatamente o que você recebe, pois há cupons de renderização gratuitos a serem obtidos de qualquer maneira.
What is a Render Farm? The Latest and Full Answers to Questions About Render Farm in 2022
What is a Render Farm? The Latest and Full Answers to Questions About Render Farm in 2022
The principle is that distributed parallel computing is divided into spatial parallelism and temporal parallelism. Parallelism in space refers to the execution of computations concurrently with multiple processors. Some renderers already support single-frame split-and-split rendering. Parallelism in time refers to pipeline technology. The frontier scientific research of cluster computing systems is mainly spatial parallelism, and the flow parallel computing in time has been widely used. What is a Cloud/Online Render Farm?This question is really quite simple. It renders your files on the Web without the need to download software. The advantage is that it doesn't put too much burden on your computer and you can implement an offline rendering service with just a few easy clicks. How Expensive are Render Farms?Each render farm offers different prices, so let's take a look at Fox Renderfarm as an example to give you a general idea of the rendering prices.First of all there are many render farms that offer coupons for the newly-registered users and Fox Renderfarm is not an exception, it offers a free US$25 coupon and there are additional discount programs for CG students, teachers and freelancers.Fox Renderfarm supports both GPU and CPU rendering, and here are their prices.GPU Pricing:!What is a Render Farm GPU PriceCPU Pricing:!What is a Render Farm CPU PriceWe trust you have a general idea of the price of the rendering, for more information you can click on the price page. Whether such a price is expensive or cheap for you, he is worthy of the service it offers, because it is fast and secure and powerful. When Should I Use a Render Farm?1. When you need to render your document quickly;2. When you need to render very large files;3. When you need to render complex scenes or high quality scenes;4. When your own computer cannot cope with the rendering requirements;5. When you don't need to worry about the cost and want to render automatically. Are Render Farms Worth it?Are render farms worth it? The answer is a Yes. When you have a tight project schedule, a render farm can speed up the rendering of your project, significantly reducing rendering time and getting your project finished ahead of schedule or on time. A render farm is also a good option when your local machine can't cope with the tight rendering demands. It can reduce your costs, manpower and resources, yet achieve the desired results. When your local machine doesn't work well for your rendering needs, you don't need to upgrade your equipment, use a render farm, it's easy to use anytime, anywhere. Are Render Farms safe?All the render farms will tell you he is safe, but what proof is there actually? Fox Renderfarm is an exception though. With the relentless efforts and commitment to build a more secure cloud render farm that better protect the privacy of customers, Fox Renderfarm has successfully completed MPAA’s Content Security Best Practices and officially become a TPN Trusted Partner in 2021.So overall, Fox Renderfarm is more secure in terms of security. ConclusionIn summary, I believe you have a clearer understanding of what a render farm is, so why not try out one of these render farms yourself and see exactly what you get, there are free render coupons to be had anyway.
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