The film, Thomas & Friends: Big World! Big Adentures! The Movies, will be released in China on May 31. Today, the film reveals a Chinese style poster, the picturesque Great Wall monuments, and Zhangye Danxia Rainbow Mountain, which has used as the representative of the Chinese element in the poster and film, witnessed and accompanied Thomas's dream-seeking journey.   Throughout the Thomas Train Universe, the thirteenth major film in its series, Thomas & Friends: Big World! Big Adventures! The Movies, successfully opened up a new adventure for Thomas.
Thomas, who has never left the "Tordo Island", met the newly-launched partner sports car Ace. With the encouragement of Ace, Thomas has the dream of "being the first locomotive to travel around the world", although it has been questioned from others, but Thomas still stick to its heart, resolutely left home, embarked on a journey to explore the unknown world.     It is understood that in Thomas & Friends: Big World! Big Adventures! The Movies, in addition to "being guest" several famous scenic spots in China, Thomas and friends have also "punched" five continents, including Africa, South America and Central America, covering deserts and jungles, snow mountain and so on, to bring unprecedented challenges.

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